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Biden’s shifting ‘red line’ allows Israel to keep getting away with murder

Biden threatened Israel with pulling military aid if it invades Rafah, but Israel is attacking anyway. It won’t face consequences so long as Biden remains vague on what amounts to sufficient grounds for suspending military aid. Source

NATO Member Ukraine, Israel Bombing Aid, AI Assassination & The US’ Rapidly Shifting Israel Coverage

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/5/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Shifting Alliances and Building Tribes

Church leaders didn’t want me there. The minister had even called me into her office to ask me to stop passing out anti-war flyers and articles on the Iraq War. Why? Because I led a church peace group that was calling for the church to take a public stand against the illegal, immoral US government-led […]

Shifting Gears: Dealers Urge GM To Prioritize Hybrids Over EVs 

Two months after thousands of US auto dealers warned President Biden to reconsider the pace of electric vehicle mandates, citing waning demand for those vehicles, a new report from The Wall Street Journal reveals dealers are pressing one major automaker to include a broader range of hybrid models, over fears of losing customers. General Motors’ top auto dealers have […]

Insiders warn shifting to green energy could disrupt power grid reliability

(NaturalNews) A major power grid operator that supplies energy to millions in the mid-Atlantic region has raised concerns about the impending shutdown of the… Source

Identity Crisis: Shifting Government Policies

Part 3: Shifting Government Policies   Part 3 of Identity Crisis continues as we examine the recent shift in medical policies regarding Transgender medical interventions. Before we look at the various forces behind the promotion of gender ideology, let’s take a look at how the conversation appears to be shifting across Europe and the United […]

Gaza’s shifting seafood culture under Israel’s blockade

It all starts on a Gaza beach at dawn. Fishermen end a full night’s work by displaying the fish they caught that night on the dock. Fish traders wait by Gaza’s seaport to advertise their freshly caught wares. A government employee, known as “al-Dallal,” organizes the process of exchange between fishermen, fishmongers, and potential customers. […]

The Arab world is shifting towards a policy of healthy aging

The world is currently experiencing an aging population, which will necessitate increased government spending in the coming decades to ensure an acceptable standard of living for older adults. As a result, officials and policymakers must adapt to shifting priorities by focusing on a comprehensive strategy for healthy aging. An in-depth examination of the Arab World Demographic […]

‘Soft-Robots’, Shape-Shifting ‘Terminator’ Robots Becomes Reality

STRANGE DAZE: ‘Soft-Robots’, Shape-Shifting ‘Terminator’ Robots Becomes Reality SM  Source – “…You may remember that terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenngger, now playing a newly reformed “good” terminator robot, battling his upgraded version played by a young Robert Patrick that can literally shapeshift and “flow”, like a liquid, through bars in prisons, and for that […]

Turkey’s energy strategy as a means of boosting security and shifting the balance of power

In today’s world, the security of a country consists of various components, where energy plays a crucial role. The effectiveness of a country’s energy security is determined by its resource capabilities, its scientific and technological base, its geographic location and its access to strategic communications. Turkey does not possess all of these components in equal […]

Shape-Shifting Climate Science

Climate alarmists alternate between claiming global warming causes more snow and global warming causes no snow. Source

The Environmentalist That Was Censored For Shifting His Opinion On Climate Change

The Environmentalist That Was Censored For Shifting His Opinion On Climate Change byJoe MartinoOctober 21, 2022 Censorship seems like the West’s version of sending someone to a ‘re-education camp.’ “Agree with us or you’re not allowed to have a voice.”Michael Shellenberger, a long time environmentalist who has been in the trenches helping to save the world’s […]

Shifting To Australia As An International Lawyer

Additionally, getting hired at a reputable agency is more about who you understand, not what you realize, especially in Australia and New Zealand, the place many certified legal professionals never actually end up working in regulation. The finest way to secure a job in Australia or New Zealand is to get excellent grades at a […]

Lebanon’s Elections And The Ever-Shifting Narrative Of Western Propaganda

In the buildup to the Lebanese elections, which took place on May 15, Western media predicted a landslide victory for Hezbollah and its allies, painting an eerie picture of what could be afoot for Lebanon. However, now that the results have painted a different picture, a new narrative has emerged for the time being, one […]

Poll: Majority of Voters Oppose Shifting to Remote Learning, Vaccine Passports

A majority of U.S. voters oppose draconian coronavirus policies, including shifting schools to remote learning, vaccine passports, and mandatory booster shots. According to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll released on Monday, 65.5 percent of respondents say they “oppose shifting schools to remote learning.” Nearly 73 percent are against a six-week worldwide shutdown “to end the […]

The World As It Once Was: The Shifting Baseline In Iconic Megafauna

Centuries of trophy and commercial hunting, isolation in captivity and poaching, have caused a baseline shift in the perception of iconic megafauna such as Asian and African elephants, which should actually be benchmarked with their species of 3,500 and 150 years ago, respectively. The shifting baseline syndrome can be defined as “ a gradual change […]

The Shifting Narrative in ‘Vaccine’ Efficacy

Two minutes in the hall of the vaccine king is more than enough. This video shows how quickly the narrative around COVID shots has changed. Link Share now! Source

Jimmy Dore Interview – The Shifting Political Landscape Of The COVID-19 Deception

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS Joining me today is Jimmy Dore, here to discuss his evolving perspective on COVID-19, the many ways in which we are being deceived around it, and what we see coming just around the corner. ( [embedded content] Source Links: […]

‘Simply put, I call things as they are’: Mohammed El-Kurd on shifting the Western discourse on Palestine

The following interview by the Metras Editorial Board with Palestinian activist Mohammed El-Kurd was originally published in Metras on July 16th, 2021.   Israelis have long oriented their rhetoric towards the West through an intentional program of political propaganda referred to as “hasbara”. In contrast to this, Palestinians have had few comparable successes, and none […]

Robert Inlakesh Interview – Israel’s Shifting Political Landscape & A Rising Palestinian Revolution

Joining me today is Robert Inlakesh, here to catch us up on what has been taking place in occupied Palestine, the new developments taking place in Israeli government politics, as well as the possibility of a massive Palestinian uprising being driven by incessant Israeli government violence.   ( Click HERE For Super U [embedded content] Source […]

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