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Discovery of Mass Grave of 215 First Nations Children Shines Spotlight Onto Uncomfortable Truths

The facts show that the injustices of the past have not disappeared, but merely changed forms over the past decades and continue to distort and traumatize in lesser understood modes through the present day. by Matthew Ehret Ugly truths which some had preferred be kept in the dark have been pulled into the light of […]

Jebel Sahaba Shines Light on Horrors of Earliest Human Warfare

13,400 years ago individuals were engaged in armed conflict on the east bank of the Nile in what is now northern Sudan. A fresh analysis of human remains from the prehistoric cemetery of Jebel Sahaba reveals the sporadic and recurrent nature of violence at one of the earliest sites linked to human warfare. Research just […]

Brazilian musician shines a light on the intersection of sexuality and Judaism

Alma via JTA — Brazil is a diverse and complex country. For 32-year-old Assucena Assucena, who is trans and Jewish — of Moroccan and Sephardic descent — that complexity is intensified. To be Jewish in Brazil already means that you’re one of an estimated 120,000 Jews living in a predominantly Catholic country with a deep […]

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Reckless Gestapo-Like Search Shines Light on Today’s FBI

If you aren’t familiar with the story, Pelosi’s laptop – which  was used “only for presentations” – disappeared from her office during the Capitol riot on January 6. Back in January, a woman was arrested in connection with the laptop, though it has yet to be recovered.  Marilyn Hueper, owner of Homer Inn & Spa […]

Exclusive — Bishop Aubrey Shines: White Liberals Think Blacks Are Too Stupid to Obtain Voter ID

Leftists view black people as lacking necessary intelligence to obtain photo identification, Bishop Aubrey Shines, founder and pastor of G2G Ministries in Tampa Bay, FL, and founder of Conservative Clergy of Color, told Breitbart News on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret […]

HAMRAHE AVAL, MCI, Shines in Zanjan Province: ICT Minister

The operation ceremony of national information network projects of Zanjan Province was held at the venue of Administrative Council of this province on Monday Feb. 8 in the presence of Minister of Communications and Information technology (ICT), governor general and Friday prayers leader of Zanjan province, representatives of this province in Parliament as well as […]

Israeli Deni Avdija Shines In NBA Preseason Game

The play-by-play announcer of Sunday night’s NBA preseason game between the Washington Wizards and the Brooklyn Nets was so impressed with Israeli basketball star Deni Avdija’s performance that he made one of the more memorable Jewish sports puns in recent memory. “It’s the mensch off the bench on Hanukkah!” said the Wizards announcer Justin Kutcher, […]

Bette Midler shines as an angry Jew in HBO’s ‘Coastal Elites’

(JTA) — HBO debuts playwright Paul Rudnick’s “socially distanced satire” film “Coastal Elites” on Saturday — and the star of the show is Bette Midler, whose Jewish character symbolizes the divide between America’s liberal cities and its heartland. The film is built on five remotely filmed monologues from characters based in either New York or […]

Iranian female referee shines at Int’l football events

Qorbani is also reluctant to talk about her outfit in foreign matches. Although nowadays all eyes are on Alireza Faghani because of his presence in FIFA World Cup in Russia, Mahsa Qorbani is at the centre of attention, too, due to her presence in international football competitions. She is the first Iranian lady who has […]

Russia shines light on the shady anti-Syrian coalition of the US, Kurds and jihadists

Russia shines light on the shady anti-Syrian coalition of the US, Kurds and jihadists Russia has made a statement with only two logical conclusions: Either the US and its Kurdish proxies are lying about the nature of an alleged strike on SDF positions or otherwise, the Kurdish led SDF is embedded among ISIS. Russia has […]

Young Palestinian photographer in Gaza shines a light on fishermen’s struggle

A young Palestinian photographer in Gaza exhibited his work last week in a location that highlights both the ancestral food cultures of the Strip as well as the daily threat posed by Israeli siege and occupation–a Palestinian fishing boat in Gaza City’s harbor. Khalid Hashem Abu al-Jedian’s photographs were taken as he accompanied the fishermen […]

Chelsea Manning’s Persevering Spirit Shines In Interview

Above Photo: Still image from ABC News interview with Chelsea Manning (Fair use). Source: Whether in an imperfect or hostile setting, Chelsea Manning’s persevering spirit and humanity never fails to shine. That was certainly the case in her exclusive interview for “Nightline” on ABC. The United States Army whistleblower describes her military prison life at Fort […]

The sun also shines … but not equally on all

Ryan Rodrick Beiler Rights and Accountability 6 May 2017 A solar panel in Susiya, a village in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank, was installed as part of a Comet-ME project, 16 of which are threatened with demolition. Yotam Ronen ActiveStills With an abundance of sunlight, Palestinians should be in prime position to […]

Four scenarios ahead of Yemen’s Ansarullah in future

Alwaght- Following Yemen’s 2011 political developments and subsequent Saudi-led Arab military coalition’s air campaign in Yemen, the Ansarullah movement, as a key force leading the resistance camp of Yemen, has turned into a significant and influential player in the county’s political and security developments. There are a lot of analyses on the resistant movement, significantly […]

France FUNDED Syrian Rebels, AKA Radical ISIS Terrorists, To Overthrow Assad

France FUNDED Syrian Rebels, AKA Radical ISIS Terrorists, To Overthrow Assad 21st Century Wire says… How many times will history have to repeat itself before something changes? Watch a video of this report here: Take a moment to read this short extract from The Guardian’s 2012 article, entitled ‘France funding Syrian rebels in new push […]

Desalination study authors explore fabricated membrane

Credit: Tiago Fioreze / Wikipedia Have scientists found a new way to purify sea water with materials that don’t rely on electricity and are cheap enough to be manufactured in most countries? Might their work contribute to the search for a new, inexpensive water source? The paper drawing interest among news sites is titled, “Desalination […]

A Taste Of Soulful Connections Beyond Generations

In most modern conventional belief the notion of a “Soul,” if considered at all, is seen as a timeless nonmaterial property of a human being.  New Age thinking generally talks about the soul expressing or manifesting throughout one’s life, and then one returning to an ethereal soul state upon death. In this context no effort […]

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