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RFK Jr. Reveals What the NIH Isn’t Telling You About Mass Shootings

Independent presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. stirred up an eye-opening conversation on the Glenn Beck Podcast that will surely never make its rounds in the mainstream media. The topic: What’s really behind the catastrophic increase in mass shootings in the United States? According to Kennedy, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is “not allowed to […]

Tennessee’s bold move: Arming educators as a countermeasure to rising school shootings

The Tennessee Senate’s recent partisan vote to advance legislation allowing educators to carry concealed firearms has ignited a firestorm of controversy. This decision comes on the heels of a harrowing incident at Nashville’s Covenant School, where a community was shattered by gun violence. The proposed bill has galvanized gun control advocates, educators, and families, catalyzing […]

The Decades of Evidence That SSRI Antidepressants Cause Mass Shootings

How Dangerous Must a Drug Be Before it is Pulled from the Market? A MIDWESTERN DOCTOR NOV 3, 2023Most holistic doctors consider Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) anti-depressants to be one of most harmful mass-prescribed drugs on the market (it typically makes their top 5). However unlike the other drugs, which are just unsafe and […]

Corporate Media Publishes Graphic Images Of Mass Shootings In Campaign For Gun Control 

Submitted by Gun Owners of America, The Billionaire-owned Washington Post and New York Times continue to push for gun control by any means necessary. On November 16, The Washington Post published “Terror on Repeat.” The report contains graphic images of the aftermath of highly publicized mass shootings in the United States. The full effects of the AR-15’s catastrophic force in mass […]

How many more false flag terrorist bombings and mass shootings will the Khazarians pull off between now and the New Year?

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Blaming mass shootings on mental illness doesn’t address either issue

Since a gunman went on a rampage in Lewistown, Maine, killing 16 people, we’ve learned a few things about the shooter, Robert Card, who was found with a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound after a two-day manhunt. A member of the Army Reserve, Card had recently been committed to a mental health facility after he reported hearing voices […]

A grim Halloween: Surge in mass shootings exposes America’s enduring gun violence crisis

The broad geographic distribution of these incidents underscores the fact that no region is immune to this ongoing crisis. Source

MASS MANIPULATION! Aren’t these transparently staged, false flag mass shootings getting out-of-control.


3 Killed In Shootings At A Hospital And Apartment In Rotterdam

Police in the Netherlands say a lone gunman wearing a bulletproof vest killed three people, including a 14-year-old girl. Source

Israeli Forces Execute Palestinians In The West Bank, Prompting Shootings Against Settlers

Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank have carried out a number of brutal executions against Palestinian civilians across the territory, after deciding to once again operate undercover units inside the city of Jenin. The ferocity of the onslaughts then led to two fatal shooting attacks against Israeli settlers. Instead of attempting to remedy the […]

RFK Jr.: Seizing lawful firearms will not STOP mass shootings

(NaturalNews) Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) stood firm on his stance of preserving the Second Amendment and refusing to take… Source

Juneteenth Marked by Mass Shootings Across America

This year’s Juneteenth celebrations were marked by yet another series of mass shootings across America leaving dozens injured and multiple dead. Source

The DISTURBING Connection Between Mass Shootings & Microwaves

Apr 13, 2023 — Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview We have seen an unprecedented rise in mass shootings in America, but what is the real cause? Joining us today is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to help connect the dots. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A […]

Trump and Pence compete for ovations at the NRA after a rash of mass shootings

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Vice President Mike Pence and former President Donald Trump occupied the same stage at the National Rifle Association’s annual leadership summit on Friday, but only one of them received an extended entrance standing ovation Lee Greenwood crooned in the background. “I was proud to be the most pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment president you’ve […]

Covid Vax-Triggered Mass Shootings Difficult to Distinguish from Gladio-Style False Flag Terrorist Attacks

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The Hill Claims 600+ ‘Mass Shootings’ for 2022 Using Misleading Data

On Thanksgiving Day, The Hill pointed to misleading data and claimed there have been over 600 “mass shootings” in 2022. Source

The Argument for Fake Mass Shootings in USA (and the West)

In August 2022, Alex Jones, a notable Conspiracy Theorist, was supposedly sued for millions of dollars for claiming that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting never happened. Other Conspiracy Theorists such as Miles Mathis had taken a similar position in 2013 itself (1, 2), and it appears that Jones was merely repeating Miles’ claims (without […]

Oakland Police Chief Decries ‘Horrific’ Shootings After 5 Killed in 3 Days

Oakland Police Department Chief LeRonne Armstrong has decried what he calls a “horrific” series of shootings in the city after five people were murder in three days, bringing the total number of homicides this year to 83, near last year’s pace.

YCP – Antidepressants Cause Mass Shootings   The post YCP – Antidepressants Cause Mass Shootings appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Two Mass Shootings Happened on Sunday, Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear About the One in Denver

The shooters’ faces weren’t plastered all over the television and internet because the bullets that struck three women and two men — were taxpayer funded. Source

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