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Ranchers vs. CDC: The Bird Flu Showdown

Originally published via Armageddon Prose: Via Politico (emphasis added): “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is at odds with state officials and the dairy industry over its on-the-ground response to the avian flu outbreak spreading among dairy cows, complicating President Joe Biden’s efforts to track and contain a virus that has the potential to sicken millions of people. Many […]

Texas Governor “Prepared” for Border Showdown With Joe Biden

Following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on Monday, authorizing U.S. Border agents to remove razor wire and barriers, Texas Governor Greg Abbott drafted a letter not just to the Biden administration but to the world. Part of it reads: “Under President Biden’s lawless border policies, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern […]

Super PAC’s $500K boost for Haley in NH: A bid to tip the scales in GOP showdown

In New Hampshire, a state known for its open primary system, this financial push is seen as a strategic move to bolster Haley’s visibility and appeal among independent voters. Source

Starbucks And Its Worker Union Are Suing Each Other In Legal Showdown

Starbucks and the union organizing the company’s baristas filed lawsuits against each other on Wednesday after the union rejected the company’s demand to stop using its name and logo. Starbucks is suing the union for trademark infringement, while the union is suing Starbucks for defamation. Starbucks sent a cease-and-desist letter to the union’s president on […]

AOC’s advice to Joe Biden on the debt limit showdown

And they had easy access to the White House with Ron Klain as Biden’s chief of staff. Now they are in the minority and far from the negotiating room where Joe Biden is trying to make a budget deal with Kevin McCarthy to get him to raise the debt ceiling. Their main fight is trying […]

Sumo Showdown: Tears and triumphs return in Japan’s Baby Crying Contest!

Traditionally, the babies have been held aloft by genuine sumo wrestlers, but due to concerns over COVID-19, this year they were carried by their parents. Source

Calif. Power Prices Soar to Highest in 2 Years; Showdown Over Nasdaq Board Diversity Rule | NTD Business

Power prices in California surge to a two-year high, as the state’s power grid comes under serious pressure in the middle of a heat wave. The Securities and Exchange Commission appeared in federal court to defend itself, after being accused of supporting discrimination. Iran could receive hundreds of billions of dollars under the new Iran Nuclear Deal, […]

Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 136: Pennsylvania Showdown: Interviews with Kathy Barnette, Dave McCormick

Host Alex Marlow interviews Republican Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidates Kathy Barnette and Dave McCormick ahead of tomorrow’s primary election.

Trump team polls Perdue vs. Kemp Georgia showdown

In a hypothetical primary matchup, Kemp would lead Perdue and a number of other challengers — but he’d be shy of the majority of the vote needed to avoid a runoff with Perdue. But the poll also tested a prospective scenario in which Trump endorsed Perdue in a primary against Kemp and found the former […]

Titmus Downs Ledecky in First Showdown, ‘Re-Peaty’ Gold for Britain

TOKYO—Australia’s Ariarne Titmus defeated five-time Olympic gold medallist Katie Ledecky of the United States to grab gold in a thrilling women’s 400m freestyle final on Monday. Britain’s Adam Peaty repeated his gold medal success from Rio in the 100m breaststroke while Canadian Maggie MacNeil stormed to victory in a close women’s 100m butterfly. Ledecky has […]

Iranian presidential candidates face off in final showdown

TEHRAN— Seven presidential candidates gathered at the IRIB building on Saturday to discuss their plans and elaborate on their views on “people’s concerns” in the third and final presidential debate. The candidates arrived at IRIB building at 3:30pm to prepare for the third debate. The candidates arrived in turn, based on the drawing of lots […]

Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko meets Vladimir Putin amid EU showdown

Belarus’ authoritarian leader heads to Russia Friday to seek assistance amid a bruising showdown with the European Union over the diversion of a flight to arrest a dissident journalist. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is set to meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin at his Black Sea residence in Sochi for talks on closer economic ties, according […]

Showdown at the DC Corral as the Demonrats make their Last Stand

Showdown at the DC Corral as the Demonrats make their Last Stand Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis / Benjamin Fulford The coming week is expected to be historic as opposing forces will have a showdown in Washington DC on January 6th. The outcome will determine the survival of the Constitutional Republic with Donald Trump finding […]

Troops Rally Around Trump as Final Showdown Begins

Troops Rally Around Trump as Final Showdown Begins Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis / Benjamin Fulford Events are coming to a head in the United States and worldwide as information warfare morphs into kinetic warfare, Pentagon, MI6, and FSB sources agree. The U.S. military and intelligence agencies are now rallying around President Donald Trump because […]

Syrian Showdown: Trump vs. the Generals

Editor’s Note: Pat Buchanan, The Unz Review, 6 April 2018. Please note that Pat Buchanan’s article was published two days before the fake chemical attack. With ISIS on the run in Syria, President Trump this week declared that he intends to make good on his promise to bring the troops home. “I want to get […]

Watching The Hawks – Alabamas GOP Showdown with Steve Malzberg

Watching The Hawks – Alabamas GOP Showdown with Steve Malzberg Watching The Shocking the Republican Establishment, Judge Roy Moore defeats sitting Senator Luther Strange in an Alabama GOP primary. Behind the scenes of a simple election, though, is a bitter battle for the heart of President Trumps agenda and the Republican Party led by […]

US And Russia Converge On ISIS In Dangerous Showdown

One wouldn’t know it by reading establishment media headlines, but the Russian air force and the U.S. air force are about to come head to head in Syria in a battle that has been brewing for some months now. Only the Independent, a U.K.-based media outlet, aptly phrased the looming encounter for what it was in an […]

San Francisco a "sanctuary city," takes DOJ to court in showdown over federal grants

     San Francisco, a “sanctuary city,” stands to lose $1.5 million in police-related federal funding, but now the city and California are suing the US Department of Justice over this rule. Some $500,000 of the funding is distributed by the federal government. On Monday, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera slapped the US Department of […]

Catalonia’s Independence Strife Turns into Financial Showdown

Will Spain’s central government blink (again)? By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. Madrid’s standoff with Spain’s north eastern province of Catalonia, which plans to hold a forbidden referendum on national independence on October 1, grows more and more complex by the day. Just in the last week alone the […]

Qatar-Saudi showdown reveals Western terrorist propaganda outlets

     The spat between Saudi Arabia and Qatar gives us some amusing entertainment. Both countries spent billions to arm and supply tens of thousands of brutal Takfiris to fight the Syrian government and people. They also spent millions to buy this or that “western” think-tank and/or writer. Now that the two Wahhabi dictatorships are fighting […]

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