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NZ’s Medsafe approves Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds! With 6-11 year olds also in their sights!

Thanks to Mike for alerting me to this info… NZ’s MedSafe have approved the jab for 12 to 15 year olds WITH 6 TO 11 year olds IN THEIR SIGHTS!!. Watch at your schools people … they’ve been KNOWN before to pressure kids in parents’ absence to take jabs. Fact. Be proactive & make sure […]


South Front In a reminder that Iran opposes any further Azerbaijani ambitions in Nagorno-Karabakh and beyond, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released an interesting photograph. It shows Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in the sights of an Iranian sniper, while he was visiting the Khodaafarin bridge at the Karabakh-Iran border. Earlier, on November 16th, Iranian […]

Businesswoman who lost control of Israel’s flag carrier sets sights on smaller airline

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Corona-mafia? Organised crime setting sights on EU Recovery Fund, experts warn

Europol’s Executive Director Catherine De Bolle warned on Tuesday that mafia organisations in Europe may attempt to get their hands on the coronavirus EU Recovery Fund – urging member countries to monitor where such money goes to. In Italy – which is receiving the largest share of the fund, €209 billion – experts are urging […]

Celebs Turn Sights on First Lady: Melania Trump Is a ‘Pretty Sexy Lying A**hole Complicit Pig’

First Lady Melania Trump’s appearance during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday brought out the worst in Hollywood celebrities who used her speech as an opportunity to crack jokes and insult everything from her White House initiatives, including #BeBest, to her status as an immigrant. Stars including Bette Midler, Sarah Silverman, Bradley Whitford, Michael Rapaport, […]

Israeli Ministry Sets Sights on Millions of ‘Potential Jews’ to Improve Country’s Image and Fight BDS

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Israel Preps for Syrian War with Golan’s Oil and Water in its Sights

GOLAN HEIGHTS – Soon after Saturday’s dangerous escalation involving Syria’s downing of an Israeli fighter jet in its airspace seemed to fizzle out, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israel was approaching the de-escalation period as a time to prepare for large-scale war with its northern neighbor by boosting its air defenses. According to those cited […]

Guamanians, Voiceless and Exploited US Citizens, Now In Bomb-Sights Of North Korea

Guamanians protest the use of their land for military exercises and testing. (Photo: Michael Lujan Bevacqua) GUAM — Tensions rose yet again earlier this week between North Korea and the United States as President Donald Trump issued his strongest threat yet to the rogue nation on Tuesday, stating at a press conference that “North Korea […]

Michigan gunman who killed 2 bailiffs faced multiple felony charges

An inmate snatched a deputy’s gun inside a southwestern Michigan courthouse and killed two bailiffs while he was handcuffed, investigators said Tuesday giving new details into the shooting. Officers killed the inmate, 45-year-old Larry Gordon, soon afterwards, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey told reporters. He said Gordon got into a fight with the deputy while […]

Nasser Kandil: Russia and the situation in Syria and the region

مشق المركزي، لا تُعارض روسيا هذا التوجّه، لبل هي تُشجّعه للحُصول على ورقة ضغط بوجه تركيا، علمًا أنّ موسكو جاهزة لتأييد أي خيار يحفظ مصالحها الإستراتيجيّة في مياه البحر الأبيض المتوسّط، حتى لو كان الأمر عبر قيام فدراليّة في سوريا. في المُقابل، تُعارض إيران محاولات الأكراد الإنفصال، خوفًا من تحوّل كامل الأراضي السورية إلى مناطق […]

Intl medical community urges WHO to ‘postpone or move’ Brazil Olympics over Zika threat

“WHO’s declaration of Zika as a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern,’ coupled with new scientific findings that underscore the seriousness of that problem, call for the Rio 2016 Games to be postponed and/or moved to another location – but not cancelled – in the name of public health,” the scientists wrote in a letter addressed […]

Detroit cancer surgeon warning: Watch out for Dr. David Gorski at the Karmanos Cancer Center

(NaturalNews) As a public safety warning to all those seeking a breast cancer surgeon in the Detroit area, I’m offering the following warning in the public interest: Dr. David Gorski is a deranged, mentally ill cancer surgeon who is widely known as a pathological liar. His daily activities are conducted in direct violation […]


The answer is, when the European western civilization fells as Jews are trying to do right now, the entire humanity will be subjugated to Israel forever. Because Africans can never defeat Jewry, Asiatics, Arabs cannot. Only the western people can defeat Jewry if they wake up quickly. Many ignorants support the Jewish plan to destroy […]

Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro – The Big Lie

From: Related: Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields resign from Breitbart over Trump – A Big Hoax Source: RamZpaul YouTube Source Article from 00

Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro – The Big Lie

From: Related: Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields resign from Breitbart over Trump – A Big Hoax Source: RamZpaul YouTube Source Article from 00

Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro – The Big Lie

From: Related: Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields resign from Breitbart over Trump – A Big Hoax Source: RamZpaul YouTube Source Article from 00

‘Better ways for rite of passage’: UN chief calls for end to female genital mutilation

Speaking on Monday at the United Nations headquarters in New York at a meeting to mark the International Day of Zero Tolerance for female genital mutilation (FGM), the UN chief said the practice should be replaced. READ MORE: 1 female genital mutilation case reported every 96 minutes in England “Better ways to mark the rite […]

Israeli group Ad Kan continues attacks on anti-occupation activists with ‘expose’ of Anarchists Against the Wall

Two weeks ago a right-wing Israeli group called Ad Kan released an undercover video that claimed leftist Israeli activists were a driving force behind Palestinian violence. After the footage was aired on a major local news station three people were arrested on charges of conspiracy—one Palestinian and two Israelis. One of the arrested Israelis, the high-profile activist Ezra Nawi, was […]

Your Government Needs You to Dehumanize Foreigners – It’s How They Justify Killing Them

10th January 2016 By John Vibes It seems that in Western countries, the people who follow the mainstream media and public school narrative have a pretty twisted outlook on how people in other countries live. They like to focus on the absolute worst things that happen in that society, and act like that defines the […]

FBI: Macaulay Culkin Victim Of Hollywood Pedophile Abuse

Secret FBI files on Michael Jackson containing over 1000 pages, allegedly detail the sexual abuse of Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin when he was just a kid.  Despite Macaulay Culkin’s courtroom denials, this new evidence points strongly to him being one of MJ’s many victims.  Culkin’s desire to deny being molested by Jackson is easy to understand and […]

First it was Julia, now satirists have their sights set on David

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha would be satirised in the series. Source: AFP THE producers of the controversial sitcom At Home with Julia hope to make a UK version. British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha would be satirised in the series. At Home with Julia provoked outrage with […]

Putin sets sights on Eurasian economic union

Neil BuckleyFinancial Times Aug 17, 2011 Twenty years after the Soviet Union collapsed, Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, may not, as is sometimes alleged, be trying to recreate it. But he is pursuing a different project – to build a “quasi-European Union” out of former Soviet states. A customs union he launched a year ago between […]

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