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*** Election Night Livewire *** Silver, Palmetto States Test Trump’s Power Again, Texas May Foreshadow Red Wave

Voters in several states nationwide head to the polls in primaries and in a special general congressional election in Texas on Tuesday, further testing former President Donald Trump’s endorsement strength and perhaps foreshadowing a looming red wave in November.

Whatever Happened to Blackbeard’s Silver-Plated Skull?

Blackbeard, an infamous pirate from the 1700s, was notoriously an excellent fighter and survivalist. He was so famous, in fact, that after his death his skull was rumored to have been plated in silver and used as a punch bowl for decades.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Myths & Legends Americas History Famous […]

Jewish-styled Alexander Legends Found on Silver Bowl from Tibet

A new paper published in the Bulletin of the Asia Institute argues that an ancient silver bowl found in Lhasa 50 years ago displays in Greek-style reliefs scenes from a Jewish version of the Alexander legends.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Iran’s Javadi wins silver at 2021 World Weightlifting C’ships

TEHRAN – Mirmostafa Javadi claimed a silver medal at the 2021 World Weightlifting Championships on Sunday. The Iranian weightlifter lifted 163kg in snatch in the 81kg weight class and 204kg in clean and jerk and claimed the silver with a total of 367kg. Bulgaria’s Karlos Nasar won the gold medal with 374kg. The bronze medal […]

Yemen: Is There a Silver Lining to This Country’s Bleak Future?

The United Nations has warned that if the war in Yemen continues through the end of 2021, the death toll of the conflict will have reached 377,000 people, with 154,000 succumbed to direct hostilities and violence while 223,000, or almost 60%, will be indirectly caused by it. The report says that of the total deaths, 259,000, […]

Iran’s powerlifter Jafari takes silver at Tbilisi 2021

TEHRAN – Iranian Para powerlifter Amir Jafari Arangeh seized a silver medal at the 2021 World Para Powerlifting Championships on Wednesday. He finished in second place with 193kg. Hocine Bettir of Algeria won the gold medal with 194kg. The bronze medal went to Chinese Zou Yi  who lifted 192kg. The 2021 World Para Powerlifting Championships […]

Second Temple Silver Coin Found By Girl in Jerusalem

A rare silver Second Temple coin belonging to the second year of the Great Jewish Revolt (67-68 AD) against the Romans was found by volunteers sifting through dirt from an archaeological dig organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) at the City of David National Park. The Second Temple coin was found by 11-year-old Liel […]

Rogue Priest Second Temple Silver Coin Found By Girl in Jerusalem

A rare silver Second Temple coin belonging to the second year of the Great Jewish Revolt (67-68 AD) against the Romans was found by volunteers sifting through dirt from an archaeological dig organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) at the City of David National Park. The Second Temple coin was found by 11-year-old Liel […]

2,400-year-old Silver Plate with Winged Scythian Gods Found in Warrior’s Tomb in Russia

A spectacular silver plate, richly adorned with winged gods and griffins, has been discovered inside the grave of a Scythian warrior who is believed to have died 2,400 years ago in Russia. And that is just one amongst the vast array of treasures found inside this tomb in a Scythian necropolis located high among the […]

Huge Roman Silver Hoard Unearthed in Augsburg, Germany

A massive stash of Roman silver dating to the first and second centuries AD has been discovered in the Bavarian city of Augsburg in Germany. The cache, which includes 15 kg (33 pounds) of silver coins, is the largest single ancient Roman silver hoard find in Bavaria. The treasure was discovered by archaeologists digging at […]

Silver Coin from Henry VII’s Reign is Oldest English Coin Found in Canada

Newfoundland is a large island off the east coast of Canada. Recently archaeologists discovered a silver coin there which was minted during the reign of the first monarch of the House of Tudor, Henry VII. This is likely to be the oldest English coin ever found in Canada, if not the entire continent of North […]

Clay Tablets Reveal Persians Paid with Silver Coins… But is it News?

A new research paper claims to reveal new facts about the ancient Persian (Achaemenid) Empire. While headlines tell of the 33 Achaemenid clay tablets determining that Persian laborers were paid wages in silver coins, in 1970 Dr. Paul Naster had already concluded that “Achaemenid laborers were paid with silver coins.” So, although a glimpse into […]

Two talented Iranian youths win silver medal in 2021 Turkish TEKNOFEST Festival

Two talented Iranian youth named “Seyed Salman Seyedein” along with Ms. Zeinab Abedini of Turkish ‘Medwave’ Company won silver medal in 6th edition of TEKNOFEST Inventors Festival held in Turkey’s Istanbul city in Sept. 2021. These two talented youth, who had won silver medal last year due to their knowledge-based and innovative plan in 2020 […]

Iran’s Nokhodi wins silver at 2021 World Wrestling Championships

TEHRAB – Mohammad Nokhodi lost to American wrestler Jordan Burroughs 5-1 in the final match of the 79kg in the 2021 World Wrestling Championships on Monday. Burroughs won his fifth gold medal in the world championships. It was Iran’s fifth medal in the competition. Iranian freestylers Hassan Yazdani and Amirhossin Zare had won two gold […]

Amirmohammad Yazdani seizes silver at 2021 World Wrestling

TEHRAN – Iran’s Amirmohammad Yazdani fell short against Russian Zagir Shakhiev 14-4 at the final bout of 65kg in the 2021 World Wrestling Championships on Monday. It was Iran’s fourth medal in the competition. Iranian freestylers Hassan Yazdani and Amirhossin Zare had won two gold medals in the 86th and 125kg, respectively. Alireza Sarlak had […]

The Vale of York Hoard: The Finest Silver Viking Treasure Find In The UK

The Vale of York Hoard is a Viking hoard dating to the 10th century AD. The hoard, which consists primarily of silver coins, was discovered by a pair of metal detectorists in 2007. The objects in the hoard are from a variety of places, reflecting the international cultural contacts that were in existence during the […]

8 Jars Of Colombian Emeralds, Gold, and Silver Unearthed Near Bogotá

Archaeologists in Colombia have discovered a vast treasure hoard that’s being related to El Dorado, the legendary city of gold. But these offerings of gold, silver and Colombian emeralds have nothing to do with El Dorado, which was a creation of 16th-century conquistador folklore. Eight ceramic jars filled with gold, silver and Colombian emeralds have […]

Tokyo Paralympic 2020: Iranian shot putter Mokhtari takes silver

TOKYO – Iran’s Alireza Mokhtari Hemami claimed a silver medal at the men’s shot put F-53 at the 2020 Paralympic Games on Sunday. He won the silver medal with a throw of 8.48 meters. Gold medal went to Elvin Astanov from Azerbaijan who threw 8.77 meters and also broke the Paralympics record by five centimeters. […]

Ancient Silver “Piggybank” Adds to Viking History Isle of Man

A metal detectorist with a nose for Viking era artifacts has struck gold again. Or more precisely, struck silver. These discoveries have helped to spark a renewed interest in the Viking history of the Isle of Man. Metal Detectorist Strikes Again: Unearthing Viking Isle of Man Treasure Kath Giles, a retired police officer living on […]

Scientists Track Silver Trade From Trojan War to Roman Republic

A team of French, Australian, and Israeli scientists has collected evidence proving there was an active and thriving silver trade network in the eastern Mediterranean region in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age (approximately 1200 BC to 400 BC). Participants in this pre-coinage network included civilizations in the southern Levant (modern-day Israel, Jordan, and […]

Report: Silver Spoon Oligarchs: How America’s 50 largest inherited-wealth dynasties accelerate inequality

Image Credit: The Greanville Post new IPS/ report finds that the U.S. continues to suffer from the extreme and growing wealth and power of inherited-wealth family dynasties – and the growth of their extreme wealth accelerated during the pandemic. The report, “Silver Spoon Oligarchs: How America’s 50 Largest Inherited-Wealth Dynasties Accelerate Inequality,” tracks the 50 […]

Did Charlemagne Pay Off the Vikings With This Silver Hoard?

Archaeologists in Poland have unearthed a coin hoard from the early Carolingian dynasty in a field in the remote north-east of the country. The coin hoard treasure indicates a connection between the ancient Viking trade center at Truso and the Carolingian dynasty to the south, but that might not be the whole story. The silver […]

Sheldon Silver, former NY Assembly speaker, ordered back to prison

Sheldon Silver, the former speaker of the New York State Assembly, is reportedly headed back to prison, just days after being sent home on what officials had described as a COVID-related furlough. The Associated Press, citing a source familiar with the situation, reported that the reversal of fortune came after the US Attorney’s Office in […]

Israeli judokas land 1 silver medal, 2 bronze at European Championships

Israeli judokas snagged a silver medal and two bronze medals at the European Championships on Friday and Saturday. Tohar Butbul won a silver medal after making it to the final and losing his final bout in the men’s under-73kg category to Akil Gjakova of Kosovo. Shortly afterward, Sagi Muki defeated Bulgarian Ivaylo Ivanov to win […]

Freestylers win two gold and one silver in Asian qualifying

TEHRAN – Yones Emami at the 74kg and Mohammadhossein Mohammadian at the 97kg won two gold medals at the Asian Olympic qualifying tournament while Amirmohammad Yazdani claimed a silver at the 65kg on Sunday. Emami took the title when Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (UZB) defaulted, and Mohammadian received a forfeit from Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Magomed […]

Javanmardi takes silver at World Shooting Para Sport World Cup

TEHRAN – Sareh Javanmardi of Iran won a silver medal in the P4 – Mixed 50m Pistol SH1 of the World Shooting Para Sport World Cup on Tuesday. She claimed the silver medal with a score of 223.4. Manish Narwal from India seized the gold with 229.1. Nawal’s score surpassed the previous world record of […]

Israelis Win Gold, Silver At World Sailing Championships

Israel on Saturday dominated the mixed-gender category at the 470 World Championships, with Gil Cohen and Noam Homri winning the gold medal at the sailing tournament in Portugal. Also winning a medal were fellow Israelis Tal Sade and Noa Lasry, who took silver. Nitai Hasson and Tamar Saar finished seventh in the category. “This is […]

Mollaei takes silver in Tel Aviv

Day Two of the Tel Aviv Judo Grand Slam was a special day for international sport and for Israel, with all eyes on Saeid Mollaei, who is our man of the day. Trademark raw passion from Mollaei The 2018 World Champion was on great form with his usual powerful style of judo. The counter-attack specialist […]

The Mysterious Codex Argenteus: Famed Silver Bible of the Goths

The Goths, one of the major Germanic tribes of ancient times, were a key player in the events that marked the downfall of the Western Roman Empire. Although their era lasted only a few centuries, their conquests nonetheless contributed greatly to the emergence of the early medieval period. They were also the very first of […]

Iranian judoka, cheered on by Israeli fans, snags silver medal at Tel Aviv tournament

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