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Blinken Tells Abbas He Asked Israel To Use ‘Smaller Bombs’ On Gaza

Blinken Tells Abbas He Asked Israel To Use ‘Smaller Bombs’ On Gaza US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on another multi-day tour of the Middle East, where this time Arab leaders have finally acquiesced to meet with him as the Gaza crisis continues, at a moment the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say that Gaza […]

Russians Deploy New Tank That Opens Up To Reveal Consecutively Smaller Tanks

MOSCOW—The arms race between Russia and her enemies is escalating, as the superpower has just unveiled a tank that opens up to reveal smaller and smaller tanks. The variant of the classic T-90 tank has a groove cut right in the middle of it, and it has the ability to open up and release a […]

Three Great Stories Which Reflect the Perception of Smaller Children

Most of the great works of literature have been written from the perception of adult characters. It is seldom that a story with a small child as the main character finds a secure place in world literature, and it is even more rare to find the entire story being told from the perception of a […]

“The White Brain Is Smaller Than The Black Brain”

What you see being presented in this video is pretty similar to what children are being taught in schools these days. It is a complete jewish inversion of reality. Link Share now! Source

Businesswoman who lost control of Israel’s flag carrier sets sights on smaller airline

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Obese people trying to slim down should eat six smaller meals per day instead of the normal three, according to experts

(Natural News) Eating six small meals a day may result in more significant weight loss than eating three large meals, a Greek study revealed. To carry out the research, a team of health experts at the Athens University Medical School examined 47 participants with either type-2 diabetes or prediabetes during a 24-week study period. The participants were instructed to follow […]

LNG glut smaller than predicted: Bloomberg

nsnbc : Research by Bloomberg has found that the global oversupply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be one third less than expected. A […]

ALEPPO: White Helmets Switched Injured Victim for “Smaller, Cuter” Omran in Propaganda Coup

Omran Daqneesh, still living in liberated Aleppo, under the control of the Syrian government. A happy, well-adjusted little boy. © Vanessa Beeley Vanessa BeeleyRT OpEdge Omran Daqneesh, a bewildered, injured child, extracted from the rubble in Aleppo, “the symbol of Syria’s suffering,” has been proven to be a propaganda heist, highlighting the exploitation of children as […]

Stop Having Children: Planet Earth will Benefit from Smaller Families, Researchers say

Editor’s Note: People of White European Heritage across the globe should be encouraged to have more children. In fact, governments across the West should develop comprehensive population policies to incentivise high White birthrates. It would not be difficult for a nationalistic government to run population boosting advertising campaigns to promote a state sponsored baby bonus […]

Stop having children! Planet Earth will benefit from smaller families, researchers say

Researchers from Sweden’s Lund University identified four ways that people can reduce their carbon footprints, with the most powerful one being to simply have smaller families. If families were to have one fewer child, it would save an average of 58.6 tons of CO2-equivalent emission reductions per year, according to the report. Having children may […]

Happy Bier-thday: German beer purity law celebrates 500yrs

What started out as an order in the duchy of Munich became Bavaria’s law of the land on April 23, 1516, after reunification. In 1871 Bavaria insisted on national acceptance before unification with Germany, ending the market for beer from Northern Germany which contained spices and cherries. The law limits the ingredients in brewing beer […]

NATO report slams Afghan army as mission incapable

The excerpts from the classified NATO document obtained by Der Spiegel reveal that despite multibillion-dollar international financial assistance, the Afghan National Army (ANA) remains an entity hardly capable of carrying out the functions of a military force. Out of the total 101 infantry units only one has been characterized by the report as effectively battle-ready, while […]

Climate talks: Do you know your AOSIS from your ALBA?

A woman walks past pillars with the national flags of countries attending the COP 21 UN climate conference, in Le Bourget, north of Paris After years of intense haggling, the best hope for protecting Earth’s climate is contained in a non-paper littered with no-text options on everything from CBDR to mitigation. Say what? For the […]

Green campaigner readies to swim the Pacific

US swimmer Benoit Lecomte (L) stands next to Canadian captain Richard Idiens next to the ship that will accompany him on his swim across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco Never mind the sharks or the swirling ocean debris that await him, Benoit Lecomte is counting the days until his long-distance swim from […]

Battle-weary climate envoys endorse outlines of UN pact

A class of widely used chemical coolants known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) contributes to ozone depletion by a small but measurable amount, countering a decades-old assumption, according to a new NASA study. Source Article from

Los Angeles orders quake retrofit for many older buildings

Thousands of older wood and concrete apartment buildings vulnerable to collapse in a major earthquake would get costly upgrades under sweeping retrofitting rules passed Friday by the Los Angeles City Council. The mandate would affect as many as 13,500 so-called soft-first-story buildings, which are typically wood-frame structures with large spaces such as parking lots on […]

Americans Want Smaller Government

  Just 5% have trust in legislative branch Steve Watson October 4, 2011 Amidst historic lows in approval ratings for the federal government, Americans still have confidence in local and state governments, according to a new Gallup poll, a clear indication that the people are sick and tired of big government over reach and […]

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