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Sebelius: Unvaccinated Are ‘Like Secondhand Smoke’ — They Can Make Me and My Family Sick

Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine are like “secondhand smoke” in that they can make people sick. Sebelius said, “I think what President Biden has done is balance between what the science says and trying to cajole, […]

The World’s Largest Tree Might Go Up In Smoke

The largest measured tree in the world is a 275-foot (83.8 meter) sequoia known as General Sherman. Estimated at being 2,000 or 3,000 years old, the tree grows in the Sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest, in the southern Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, California. It was one of a group of ancient sequoias that was […]

Smoke alarms go off at the International Space Station

Smoke alarms went off at the Russian segment of the International Space Station in the early hours of Thursday. The crew reported noticing smoke and the smell of burnt plastic. According to the Russian space agency Roscosmos, the incident took place in the Russian-built Zvezda module and occurred as the station’s batteries were being recharged. […]

More smoke bombs by HAMAS (Mossad)

More smoke bombs by HAMAS (Mossad) that always target israel’s roads and the israeli authorities already stopped the traffic beforehand, so they don’t hurt their own people. Just look at the video below, from a different camera. Look how all the other  roads have been blocked by Israeli Police, waiting for the rocket to hit […]

3 young children die of smoke inhalation while trapped in fire at their home

Three young children died of smoke inhalation in a fire at their home on Thursday morning in the Bedouin town of Hura in the south of Israel. The siblings from the Abu Sbeit family — Abrar, 1, Khaled, 3, and Lilah, 4 — apparently suffocated, with some assessments suggesting the blaze could have been sparked […]

In France, if you smoke cannabis you can kill a Jew – Sarah Halimi case goes to high court

In France, if you smoke cannabis, you can kill a Jew. That’s basically what France’s lower court decided in December 2019, after excusing the alleged antisemitic murderer of a Jewish woman from a criminal trial because of his heavy intake of cannabis that supposedly compromised his “discernment,” or consciousness. France’s Court of Cassation (appellate) began […]

US wildfires death toll keeps climbing as smoke chokes West Coast

At least 31 people have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been displaced as wildfires continue to rage across the US West Coast. The fires in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington have obliterated some towns and the smoke now poses a health hazard to millions of people. For people already enduring […]

Third-hand smoke, or the smoke that transfers into surfaces and clothes, can damage your liver

(Natural News) Third-hand smoke, or the smoke that transfers onto surfaces and clothes, is extremely detrimental to health. A study published in the journal Clinical Science found that third-hand smoke can damage the liver. A team of researchers from the University of California, Riverside aimed to determine what health effects can third-hand […]

Netanyahu Rolls out ‘Smoke-And-Mirrors’ Once Again Ahead of Iran Nuclear Deal Decision

One of the attributes of a skilled propagandist is to dress up as a “startling revelation” something which in reality everyone with knowledge of a matter has long known. We had a masterclass in this technique yesterday from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is someone who is not just a skilled propagandist but who […]

Chlorine From Germany And Smoke Bombs From England Found In Syria

Syrian troops have discovered containers filled with chlorine and smoke bombs manufactured in England in the East Ghouta region of Damascus. “In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention […]

Containers with chlorine from Germany, smoke bombs from UK’s Salisbury found in E. Ghouta – Moscow

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention [to this] – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday. The […]

Here’s Why Fragrance/Perfumes Are Being Labelled As The New ‘Second Hand Smoke’

Next Story If you have made an effort to remove as many chemicals from your life, be it in your food, cleaning supplies, personal care products and any other items you purchase, then you may have also found that the more you eliminate the more sensitive you seem to become. Chemicals unfortunately, are all around […]

Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico erupts and sends huge plume of smoke and flaming debris into the sky

     This is the incredible moment a volcano explodes into life sending a huge cloud of smoke into the sky and flaming debris flying. The Popocatepetl volcano, located between the central Mexican states of Morelos, Puebla and Mexico, burst into life. In the video, a huge plume of black smoke can be seen coming out […]

How to cook inside, with no smoke, without gas or electricity

(Natural News) Preppers know that it’s important to have options for various survival scenarios. For example, if you lose power, you will need a way to cook your food, especially if you have to stay indoors. After all, outdoor cooking methods will be hard to use when the weather gets bad. The […]

Smoke rises from debris of Algerian plane crash that killed 257 (VIDEO)

READ MORE: 257 killed as military plane crashes in Algeria The plane went down near Boufarik Airport, the base for the Air Transport fleet of the Algerian Air Force, some 20km from the capital, Algiers, on Wednesday. According to the latest data from the Defense Ministry, 257 people died in the crash. The jet crashed in […]

Thousands demand the right to return as smoke envelops Gaza on a new ‘bloody Friday’

Etaf Abdel-Aal and her five grandchildren could not find a better place to sit for lunch than under a fruitless olive tree to have some Somaqeyya, a traditional dish in Gaza. They just 500 meters away from the fence dividing Israel and the Gaza Strip where thousands of angry youths were protesting during the second bloody Friday of the Great March of Return. By late evening, the […]

WATCH: Hypocrite Police Chief Brags He Can Smoke Weed As They Arrest Others For It

 Police Chief Shane Flynt was recently suspended after a video surfaced showing him obviously intoxicated while smoking cannabis and making jokes about how he was the coolest cop in town. The video shows Flynt smoking a pipe which he repeatedly says is filled with cannabis. In the video, it looks like Flynt is having a […]

A Native Smoke Ritual For Renewal And Clarity

February 17th, 2018 By Nick Polizzi Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you ever noticed that when you walk into any place of worship or sacred ceremony, there is always one repeating theme? Yes, the symbols and prayers spoken may be different, but one thing is universally present – the use of smoke. Beyond its pleasing […]

INTERVIEW: Ken O’Keefe – North Korea Is All Smoke And Mirrors

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Jeff Sessions’s War On Weed Goes Up In Smoke In Nevada

The Las Vegas Sun reports, “Destiny Diaz stood in line for nearly three hours at the Jardin Premium Cannabis dispensary in central Las Vegas to celebrate what some were calling the end of marijuana prohibition in Nevada.” “A local resident for 35 years, [Steve] Evans, 54, said he arrived just before 7:30 p.m. and that the nearly […]

Liberal science denialism exposed: Transgenderism, pot vs. tobacco smoke and chemical castration

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Smoke bombs, flares as 2,000 march in Genoa to protest far-right group’s new HQ (VIDEO)

Over 2,000 people took part in the march “against the fascist and racist organization” and “for solidarity to migrants and against borders” on Friday, heading from Piazza Alimonda to Piazza De Ferrari in central Genoa, local media reported. A red and black banner, reading “anti-fascist Genoa,” was carried at the head of the procession. “We […]

Morgan Freeman On Marijuana: “I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!”

Credit: YouTube It’s impossible to hear Morgan Freeman’s voice and not be seduced into a trance-like state. After all, the authoritative Oscar-winning legend has guided people through alien invasions, the icy plains of Antarctica, and even down perilous streets in foreign destinations (thanks, GPS feature). One thing most people don’t associate the actor with, however, […]

US Election Meddling: Smoke and Mirrors

By Ulson Gunnar For a magician, the greater the illusion attempted, the more showmanship that’s required to distract audiences from the fact that it is indeed just an illusion. For US politics, something very similar applies, particularly regarding the latest, ongoing narrative surrounding alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Having […]

Study Shows Females Who Smoke Marijuana Have Higher IQ’s Than Those Who Don’t

A study conducted by ScienceDaily proves what Rastas have known for years, and that is; Marijuana is the weed of wisdom. By: 18 Karat Rasta/Educate Inspire Change  A study conducted by ScienceDaily proves what Rastas have known for years, and that is; Marijuana is the weed of wisdom. ScienceDaily reports that researchers followed about 8,000 women […]

Smoke grenades at rally against French presidential candidates in Paris (VIDEOS)

Riot police have been deployed at the scene of the rally since the demonstration was not authorized by the city prefecture. “Neither Macron, nor Le Pen,” the protesters have been heard shouting. Students from at least 20 Paris lycees took part in the demonstration, AFP reported, citing educational officials. Protesters were throwing bottles and stones […]

Global Shortage Predicted Yet Americans Now Trash 50% of Food Supply

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times In 2012, a study by the National Resource Defense Council issued the warning that some 40% of America’s food was being tossed in the trash, much of it because it failed the cosmetic standards of the grocery industry. In addition to the wholesale loss of food, the water, land […]

‘Don’t infringe upon our sovereignty!’ China warns US ahead of South China Sea ruling

A phone conversation on maritime issues took place between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday, Chines Xinhua agency reported. READ MORE: ‘Greatest threat to peace & stability’: Beijing criticizes US meddling in South China Sea region The conversation comes less than a week ahead of the ruling […]

‘Exemplary intl relations:’ Russia-China ties at their peak despite Western sanctions

“Together we can become a center that can influence global processes,” Boris Titov, co-chairman of the Russian-Chinese Friendship committee and Russia’s ombudsman for entrepreneurs’ rights, told RT on Tuesday. Moscow & Beijing target $200bn in trade by 2020 – Lavrov While securing funding in the West has become more difficult, the sanctions themselves do not […]

Report: Black people more likely to be casualties, perpetrators in ‘mass shootings’

     Fear of escalating racial tensions may be why much of gun violence goes unaddressed in US society. A new analysis shows that African Americans constituted the majority of both casualties and perpetrators in 358 multiple shootings last year. The Mass Shooting Tracker, a list of incidents where at least four people were injured by […]

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