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No Smoke without Fire – The Green King – Part 4 ; link below; extremely interesting; highly recommend

No Smoke without Fire – The Green King – Part 4 ; link below; extremely interesting; highly recommend  Tue 10:24 pm +01:00, 9 Apr 2024  4 posted by danceaway Lighting the fuse once again, Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans continue their voyage of discovery to find out who King Charles III thinks he is, […]

Black Smoke Spotted Over Lincoln Memorial Causes Scare

Black Smoke Spotted Over Lincoln Memorial Causes Scare Source

‘Sovereign-Citizen’ is Smoke and Mirrors Bull S#it

If one is Sovereign it means there is no higher power above self ownership of a human but the Creator God. If one is a citizen, it means one is owned, a slave to the entity one is a “citizen” of. People who claim they are “Sovereign Citizens” are ignorant clueless indoctrinated owned humans who […]

Smoke & Mirrors Shuck and Jive-TEXIT Progress: Secession Question Expected To Appear on 2024 Texas Primary Ballot

‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a sub corporation of the ‘UNITED STATES’ corporation. Anything the clowns of the ‘UNITED STATES CORPORATION say or do has no legal substance for the illegally militarily criminally occupied Republic of Texas or REAL Texicans. The Republic of Texas has been illegally, militarily, criminally occupied for 158 years and counting. […]

Up In Smoke: California’s Largest Pot Distributor Collapses Amid $17 Million In Unpaid Taxes

HERBL, California’s largest pot distributor, has completely imploded in a turn of events that’s expected to have ripple effects throughout the industry. In mid-May, as rumors of the company’s dire situation swirled, CEO Mike Beaudry insisted “these rumors are categorically not true.” HERBL completely collapsed less than a month later, following in the footsteps of […]

Lebanese army says it exchanged tear gas, smoke bomb fire with Israel

Lebanon’s army said it fired tear gas at Israeli forces over the border on Saturday in response to smoke bombs fired at its troops, though Israel said Lebanon started the confrontation, Reuters reports. Tensions have flared along the frontier this summer, with rockets fired at Israel during flare-ups of Israeli-Palestinian violence, and members of the […]

SMOKE & MIRRORS: NWO Geoterrorists, Pyroterrorists and Ecoterrorists working overtime to stage OPERATION TORCH CANADA so that the American audience will stay fully captivated by the dramatic Climate Change show.

___ Source

Forecasting Models Show Third Round Of Canadian Wildfire Smoke Headed To US

(ZH) Air quality levels in the Northeast and Midwest could deteriorate next week as The Weather Channel forecasts another round of Canadian wildfire smoke. This would mark the third round of toxic smoke from our neighbor to the north in a month. Computer models forecast a U-shaped “trough” of low pressure will develop next week in eastern […]

About that Smoke…


“It’s Really Unprecedented”: Solar Power Generation Cut In Half Due To Canada Smoke

For the sake of solar power, let’s hope Canada can bring its rampaging arsonists to heel. Source

SMOKE MIRRORS: Anti-TikTok “bill” is actually secretive legislation to help US government censor US citizen’s right to free speech and free press

(Natural News) Beware: The censorship boot is now on the neck of all Americans. The new “Restrict Act” is a massive truth censorship campaign cloaked as anti-TikTok legislation that has been introduced by communist sympathizers Mark Warner and Tom Thune. The claim is that this will help protect our national security from communist China (CCP),… […]

PELION: Hotel note for pet lovers goes viral – “We never had a dog smoke in bed or set fire to blankets”

Animals are more than welcome at the guesthouse of Milina in Pelion, northern Greece. This is evident from the note found at the entrance of the guesthouse.  Animal lovers everywhere, when they go on vacation, one of the things that concern them is how they will transport their “best friends” or whether they will be… […]

Australians Smoke and Vape More During Early Stage of Covid-19, Researchers Say

Pandemic public measures such as lockdown may have made it harder for Australians wanting to quit smoking and even led people to resort to smoking as a way to reduce stress during the early stages of COVID-19. That is the speculation of a group of researchers from the University of Queensland’s Queensland Alliance for Environmental […]

Atlanta Skyscraper Fire Sends Smoke Billowing From Rooftop

ATLANTA—A fire broke out on the rooftop of a skyscraper under construction in downtown Atlanta on Wednesday, bringing dozens of firefighters and police officers to the site near Centennial Olympic Park. Flames were visible on the roof of the 32-story tower, sending a dark column of smoke into the sky as more than 20 construction […]

New Zealand to ban future generations from buying cigarettes in bid to become ‘smoke-free nation’

New Zealand plans to increase the purchase age for cigarettes in a bid to become a “smokefree nation”. The Smokefree Action Plan introduced by the government on Thursday plans to slowly increase the purchase age from 18 currently to 21 or 25 by 2025. The government argued this will make it harder for teenagers under […]

Smoke Detector Carefully Selects 4 AM On Weeknight To Malfunction

RAWLINS, WY—Seeing the family sleeping peacefully in their beds with a busy weekday ahead of them, a local smoke detector judiciously chose 4 am as the perfect time to malfunction. “REEEEE-REEEEE-REEEEE-REEEEE-REEEEE,” blared the smoke detector, jolting the panicked family awake in the perfectly smoke-free house. It looked down with pride from the ceiling as two […]

The ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ Billionaires Tax

Above photo: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during an event in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Friday, March 12, 2021. Jim Lo Scalzo | Bloomberg | Getty Images. And 15% Minimum Corporate Tax Proposals. After a well-choreographed internal party policy debate dance this past summer, Biden and party leaders, Pelosi […]

Sebelius: Unvaccinated Are ‘Like Secondhand Smoke’ — They Can Make Me and My Family Sick

Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine are like “secondhand smoke” in that they can make people sick. Sebelius said, “I think what President Biden has done is balance between what the science says and trying to cajole, […]

The World’s Largest Tree Might Go Up In Smoke

The largest measured tree in the world is a 275-foot (83.8 meter) sequoia known as General Sherman. Estimated at being 2,000 or 3,000 years old, the tree grows in the Sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest, in the southern Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, California. It was one of a group of ancient sequoias that was […]

Smoke alarms go off at the International Space Station

Smoke alarms went off at the Russian segment of the International Space Station in the early hours of Thursday. The crew reported noticing smoke and the smell of burnt plastic. According to the Russian space agency Roscosmos, the incident took place in the Russian-built Zvezda module and occurred as the station’s batteries were being recharged. […]

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