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Take your smoothie to the next level: 10 Superfood powders that will boost your nutrition

(Natural News) One way of easily filling up your daily nutrient needs is by drinking smoothies. Here are 10 superfood powders for your smoothie that will boost your nutrition (h/t to Waking Times, link above): Moringa – Moringa is rich in nutrients. It is very powerful that even only about one tablespoon of moringa powder […]

Trinity’s Spiritual Wellness Smoothie with Hemp, Maca & Moringa – A Recipe to Nourish the Soul

May 30th, 2017 By Trinity Bourne Contributing writer for Wake Up World Every morsel we eat plays a role on our spiritual journey. The energy of our food becomes a part of our being, it goes soul deep – flooding into our cells; directly impacting our vibration by either lowering or raising it (depending on what […]

In a World Where Cops Shoot First, Should Combat Robots Take Over?

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Waiting just 45 minutes after negotiating for 2 hours with Micah Xavier Johnson, Dallas Police Chief David Brown gave the order to his SWAT team to “come up with a creative plan to neutralize the suspect without putting another officer in […]

#RTD5: What’s the hardest job in the world?

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ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…


There’s More Going On in a Baby’s Consciousness Than We Are Aware Of

Soren Dreier, GuestWaking Times Recently, I was approached by a couple who just had their third child. The baby was in agony and they couldn’t find a reason. The 3-month old baby couldn’t seem to rest. Was it the milk? Was it pain? What was it? In my experience, some babies are having a hard […]

If You Ever Notice A Black Dot On Someone’s Palm, Call The Police

If you see a person who has a black dot on the palm, you should call the police immediately. The black dot means that this person is in trouble. The Black Dot Campaign started on Facebook and its purpose is to recognize the victims of domestic abuse. The black dot on their hand signifies a […]

ISIS Uses Turkey For Trafficking Heroin To Europe

“ISIS fighters are controlling certain territory,” Viktor Ivanov was quoted as saying by TASS. “Now it is targeted by the Russian Air Force, but until recently the terrorists enjoyed great freedom there. Trafficking illegal drugs was one of the major sources of their income.” Ivanov added that so far the heroin transported to the European […]

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