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27 Seconds of Horror in ‘Israel’: What if Hezbollah Sniper Opened Fire at Halevi? (Video)

 July 20, 2023 Al-Manar TV correspondent in South Lebanon, Ali Shoeib, posted via Twitter a video that shows the Israeli chief of staff Herzi Halevi, accompanied by the commanders of the northern region as well as Galilee and the eastern sector. inspecting Al-Abbad site off Houla town. Channel 14 reporter Noam Amir considered that the […]

The DC Sniper, Another Government False Flag

The DC Sniper, Another Government False Flag by Gordon Duff. July 10th, 2012 In the fall of 2002, 17-year-old Lee Malvo and Gulf War veteran John Muhammad terrorized the D.C. region with a series of “random” shootings from inside the trunk of a blue Chevy Caprice, killing 10 people and injuring three. So Obvious […]

Israel justifies murdering a Palestinian child by saying its sniper used a “low muzzle velocity”

On Friday, Palestinian teenager Ali Abu Alia was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers, shot in the abdomen. It was during a demonstration at his home town of Al Mughayyir, against a nearby Jewish Israeli settlement expansion. According to Defense for Children International Palestine he was on the sideline, merely “observing clashes” . Now if you […]


South Front In a reminder that Iran opposes any further Azerbaijani ambitions in Nagorno-Karabakh and beyond, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released an interesting photograph. It shows Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in the sights of an Iranian sniper, while he was visiting the Khodaafarin bridge at the Karabakh-Iran border. Earlier, on November 16th, Iranian […]

Palestinian medic, 21, is killed by Israeli sniper as she tends wounded in Gaza

“Thousands Attend Funeral of Palestinian Medic Killed by Israeli Army in Gaza Protest … Thousands of Palestinians are attending Saturday the funeral of a volunteer medic killed by Israeli soldiers during protests along the Gaza border fence on Friday. The funeral procession for Razan Najjar, 21, departed from her hometown of Khuza’a and will conclude […]

Former Israeli Sniper Says IDF Crossed A “Red Line” By Firing On Gaza Protesters

A former Israeli sniper says that soldiers had crossed a ‘red line’ in Gaza, one that he thought was never going to be crossed Nadav Weiman, who was with an Israeli sniper unit a decade ago, told Sky News: “We see IDF snipers shooting at unarmed Palestinians when they are 300m away from the fence….That’s […]

From Targeted Assassinations to Sniper Fire, How Israel Eliminates Palestinian Resistance

GAZA — Palestine’s Great Return March protests at the Gaza border, which commenced with the commemoration of Land Day on March 30 and are set to continue until the Nakba anniversary on May 15, have propelled Israel’s penchant for killing Palestinians to the fore. So far, 45 Palestinians have been killed by snipers and over […]

UK Moves to Ban Knives—As They Simultaneously Sell Israel Sniper Rifles to Kill Palestinians

By Jay Syrmopoulos London, United Kingdom – While British politicians have increasingly “declared war on knives,” recently moving to ban the kitchen utensil in the name of keeping citizens safe from knife violence, since the 2014 war in Gaza, the UK government has approved the sale of $445 million in arms to the state of Israel. […]

‘I didn’t think my leg would be like this’: Gazan who lost limb in IDF sniper fire talks to RT

The youths relayed their story as the massive Great Return March entered its fifth week. Both athletes were present at the rallies to mark the mass exodus of Palestinians from their land in 1947 ahead of the establishment of the State of Israel. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga) { […]

Avigdor Liberman backs IDF sniper in video, slams soldier who filmed shooting

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Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian through rifle scope– and celebrates

A video clip in which an Israeli sniper filmed himself shooting an unarmed Palestinian across the Gaza fence and then celebrating drew international outrage last night. The two Palestinian targets in the video appear simply to be walking around near the fence. In sharing the video, Jewish Voice for Peace says the shooting took place last […]

‘I came today to tell the Israeli sniper we are not afraid of him’: the Great March of Return continues in Gaza

Despite the fact Yousef Abu Eida, 26, was shot in the leg last Friday during the Great March of Return in Abu Safia, he was back today using crutches and a metal brace. Abu Eida, who studies law in al-Azahar University, said: “I came today despite the pain and weight of the device that breaks […]

IDF’s tweet threatening children with sniper fire enrages social media

Avichay Adraee, the IDF Arabic spokesman tweeted the image on Friday, which appeared to be stamped with red letters reading, “We see you very well.” “Whoever thinks he can evade the lens of our forces is wrong, we see you clearly, and we will not allow anyone to threaten security of #Israel and the citizens […]

Watching The Hawks – The American Sniper Settlement with Jesse Ventura

Watching The Hawks – The American Sniper Settlement with Jesse Ventura Watching The A story involving Navy SEALs, the mainstream media, the countrys most famous pro-wrestler turned politician, and an all-out battle over the meaning of fake news all this and more came to an apex with a long-awaited settlement of Governor Jesse Venturas […]

“Lone Sniper” in White House “Wounds” Secretary of State Tillerson

25 Years Ago the Federal Govt Changed its Rules to Launch a Sniper Attack on Off-Grid Family

Renegade Editor’s Note: It is encouraging to see a writer who is not a racial nationalist covering this important piece of our history. By Claire Bernish Randall and Vicki Weaver and their children wanted nothing more than to be left to live an isolated life in peace in their cabin enclave on a northern Idaho mountaintop […]

Family of Washington Man Killed by Police Sniper is Awarded $15 million

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Four Saudi soldiers killed in Yemeni sniper fire in Jizan, Asir

Press TV- Yemeni army snipers have targeted military bases in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern regions, killing at least four Saudi troops. The Arabic-language al-Masirah television network reported on Sunday that the Yemeni sniper fire claimed the lives of three Saudi soldiers in the Asir region and one more at the al-Farizeh military base in Jizan region. The al-Zaqilah base, also situated in […]

Beltway Sniper Has Life Sentences Thrown Out By Federal Judge

The Beltway Sniper who murdered 10 people in Washington D.C. during a bloody three week period in 2002 has had his life sentences thrown out Friday by a federal judge, because he was 17 at the time of the attacks. Lee Boyd Malvo was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the sniper attacks committed […]

Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh

“Have you ever been to a demonstration?” a resident of Nabi Saleh asked me, trying to judge my level of experience. So far I had only attended demonstrations in Canada and Europe, which as I was about to find out, are worlds apart from what a demonstration in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi […]

Russian military adviser killed by sniper fire in Syria – MoD

The adviser, identified as Lt. Col. Alexey Buchelnikov, was in Syria training local military personnel when his death was announced Tuesday. “Alexey Buchelnikov was in Syria as part of a group of Russian military advisers, carrying out his mission of training Syrian artillery unit personnel,” Interfax quoted a defense ministry spokesperson as saying. “During a […]

By the Numbers: How Dangerous Is It to Be a Cop?

Defenders of police militarization, such as that on display in Ferguson, Missouri, often claim that it’s necessary to provide military gear to cops, given how dangerous law enforcement has become. Indeed, in the name of the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, the federal government has provided thousands of pieces of military-grade body […]

40,000 Sign Petition to Have Black Lives Matter Officially Listed as a Terrorist Organization

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 9, 2016 There is a petition at to have the Pentagon (kek) declare Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization. The petition reads: terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims”. This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, […]

Talking Monkey Says Talking Monkeys are the Real Victims

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer July 8, 2016 “How can we live like this?” Protestors have HAD it with #policeshootings: — Fusion (@Fusion) July 8, 2016 This was filmed just before the sniper attack in Dallas. Have you ever seen someone look more like a monkey? I don’t think I have. Source Article from

When Clearing Clinton, FBI Accidentally Proved She Committed Perjury

Apparently inviolable Hillary Clinton might have been let off the hook by the FBI in its bewildering but unsurprising refusal to recommend the Department of Justice prosecute any number of violations relating to her private email server and account, but that by no means indicates she isn’t guilty. To the contrary, FBI Director James Comey’s […]


by Zeiger from the Daily Stormer Don’t worry goyim. Letting Mexicans run your economy will be good for you, huehuehue. NAFTA was basically a scam from the get go. The purpose was to allow (((corporations))) to get richer by relocating their operations in Mexico and reselling the products in the US and Canada without having to pay […]

Clinton Foundation Exposed

A thread on 4chan with an FBI insider confirms everyone’s worst suspicions.  The Hillary Clinton email server was merely a distraction from the Clinton Foundation and most of DC is in up to their necks in what could be the biggest scandal of all times.  This inside info from someone claiming to be a high […]

Cop Suspended for Facebook Comment Says He Would Have Shot Philando Castile Five Times

is a writer living in Iowa City. Besides helping to expose the growing police state, he also writes fiction and does a bunch of other creative stuff, which you can find at his website-Advanced Ape To learn more about Joshua, click here to view his profile. If you enjoy my work please consider donating to […]

Homeowners Not Allowed to Activate Solar Panels that are “Too Powerful”

Retired Southern Californian couple, Ron and Sarah Hall, found out the hard way that the state frowns upon homeowners installing powerful solar panels. SoCal Edison did not allow the Halls to activate their solar system because “it exceeded state standards for energy production,” according to an NBC Los Angeles report. Hoping to reduce […]

Russian Federal Tourism Agency relies on increase in tourist flow to Iran

The head of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency, Oleg Safonov, hopes for an increase in the tourist flow from Russia to Iran after the easing of the visa regime. “Our tourism ties are actively developing, Iranian tourists visit the Russian Federation very actively. The tourist flow from Russia to Iran is not that big, but […]

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