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Dear Colleagues: We Must Revive Sound Science

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Subject: A call to repair two years of immense damage to science, with important current implications – an open letter Quick links: Your comments/remarks/feedback in response to this letter: web form, email  List of academicians, scientists, medical practitioners who supported some or many of the various official Covid-19 measures: Electronic […]

Pink Noise: Can Ultrasonic Sound Deactivate the Bacteriorhodopsin Operating System?

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM More and more, it looks like Pink Noise is the ultimate weapon in defense of […]

Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production

(NaturalNews) The following analysis of today’s Brighteon Broadcast News audio program is created by “Neo,” our in-house Language Model that’s currently being… Source

UN Chief Invokes Rare Article To Sound Alarm Over Gaza’s Humanitarian Catastrophe

“Nowhere is safe in Gaza,” wrote U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, repeating his calls for a permanent ceasefire in the region. Source

Vizio’s Powerful Sound Bar Is Almost 50% Off for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Listen, we don’t have any time to waste here. John Wick 4 and Fast X are out for rental, a new Wes Anderson movie just dropped on Netflix, you still haven’t finished Twin Peaks (wow, embarrassing), and, seeing as winter’s almost here, your yearly revisiting of The Sopranos is nigh. Before long, it’ll be time […]

Afraid of Leaked Nudes? This Storage Service Says They’ll Be Safe and Sound

Every friend group has one: the hot person with a tote bag full of Elf Bars, a dog-eared copy of The Four Agreements, and no more storage space left on their phone. That last issue really sucks all the time, but especially when they have to delete those precious thot shots from their phone in […]

REMINDER: FEMA Alert System Will Sound Alarm and Send Emergency Alert on EVERY Cellphone, TV, and Radio on October 4th at 2:20 PM ET

REMINDER: FEMA Alert System Will Sound Alarm and Send Emergency Alert on EVERY Cellphone, TV, and Radio on October 4th at 2:20 PM ET Source

Sound of Freedom’s Tim Ballard Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations By 7 Anonymous Women

Tim Ballard, the real-life inspiration for the summer blockbuster movie Sound of Freedom, has been accused of sexual misconduct by seven anonymous women, according to an investigation by far-left Vice News. According to the Vice […] The post Sound of Freedom’s Tim Ballard Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations By 7 Anonymous Women appeared first on The […]

What the Sound of Freedom Conveniently Doesn’t Mention: CIA & ADRENOCHROME Labs

Hide original message Yes, I’m looking for Finger Lakes stuff ever since I glimpsed it on Telegram about a year ago. What the Sound of Freedom Conveniently Doesn’t Mention Don’t FALL FOR THIS SCAM. The Sound of Freedom was a CABAL Created film from the Get go. #1. No mention of CIA involvement all over […]

Film – The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom Film The Sound of Freedom Is The Sound of Freedom Film an expose or  a tool for the leaders of the child trafficking to ‘get in front of the story’ and control the narrative? This is a fictional story of a former U.S. government agent, who quits his job in order […]

Maestro Ali Rahbari to conduct “Majestic Sound” concert in Hangzhou

TEHRAN-Renowned Iranian composer and conductor Ali Rahbari will conduct a concert titled “The Majestic Sound” in Hangzhou, China, on October 6, performing the works of the famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Source

Was the Me262 the First Airplane to Break the Sound Barrier?

As far as official historians are concerned, Charles Yeager was the first pilot to achieve the great feat of supersonic flight, on board a Bell X-1 in 1947. Source

Afghanistan: activists sound alarm over surge in suicide among women

A teenage girl ended her life last week by hanging herself at her home in Afghanistan's rugged central province of Bamyan, Anadolu has reported. Her family refrained from disclosing any details about her death, but a neighbour told local media that she was particularly distressed about not being able to go to school, a result […]

Nolte: Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ Flops, ‘Sound of Freedom’ Tops ‘Mission: Impossible’

With Haunted Mansion’s dismal $24 million opening, the Disney Grooming Syndicate has been hit with another box office catastrophe. Source

Sound of Freedom: A Movie About Child Trafficking Produced by Child Traffickers?

July 20, 2023 Total Views : 388 by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News I have been vehemently attacked and criticized by some people for daring to publish critical articles about the Sound of Freedom movie, especially the article about the people who funded the movie. See: Sound of Freedom Movie Allegedly Funded by Billionaire […]

July 21- “Sound of Freedom” Funded by Freemasons Who Chip Children

(Tim Ballard. You don’t wear a Masonic tie unless you are a Freemason) Please send links and comments to [email protected] This appears to confirm warnings that this film may have a hidden agenda.  The Freemasons’ MYCHIP program used to track children North American Masonic Lodges have an initiative called the Masonic Child Identification Programme (“CHIP”). […]

‘Sound of Freedom’ Showings Are Being Sabotaged at Movie Theaters

Since “Sound of Freedom” deals with child trafficking and is seen as a right-wing movie, some people (or groups?) have decided to shut down or disrupt showings. Source

YouTube Is Pulling ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Interviews, Reviews

YouTube appears to be removing content featuring or even merely reviewing the movie ‘Sound Of Freedom’ for ‘violating community guidelines’ as censorship of the anti-child trafficking movie continues. Former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor Shawn Ryan posted screenshots of the backend of his YouTube account, showing that a 2 and a half minute preview video of […]

Sound of Freedom Producer GOES THERE on Puzzling Media Attacks: “Maybe They Are the Pedophiles”

Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verastegui: “These guys are lying, but somehow because of their lies people are waking up…these are the mainstream liberal media, they don’t care about children, they don’t care about saving children, they don’t care about anything…maybe they are involved in the crime maybe they are the pedophiles…I don’t know go […]

Global Elite Vow To BAN Anti-Pedophile Movie ‘Sound of Freedom’

A World Economic Forum insider has confirmed the WEF are calling on world governments to ban Sound of Freedom, in an effort to stop as many people as possible from seeing the hit film and learning about the scale of the child sex industry. Even more disturbingly, everyone who purchases a ticket is being placed […]

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