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‘Splintering Babylon’ Trailer – Jekyll Island

If you’d like to support this project and get screen credit, we’re offering three tiers of rewards, or you can choose your own participation amount. ‘Splintering Babylon’ shines a light on how the tyrannical Babylon Beast system will come to an end, per biblical prophecy thousands of years ago. Please donate at to help pay for […]

Splintering Babylon: Kerry Cassidy Interviews Alexandra Bruce and James Grundvig

Kerry Cassidy had James Grundvig and me on her show last Tuesday to talk about our new documentary film project,  ‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan. Revelation. The Path to Freedom’, which is about how COVID PSYOP inadvertently revealed the hidden history of the past 80 years: That the United States did not win World War II; […]

Splintering of Babylon & Black Nobility | Conversations on the Fringe with James Grundvig and Alexandra Bruce

Four months ago, Sarah Westall had me on her show, in early January, after the story I posted about the infrasonic tracks discovered in ‘Leave the World Behind’ went semi-viral. I had just been fired by AMP and I was losing money, due to being blacklisted by all the major advertising networks and by being […]

‘Splintering Babylon’ – Concept Video

When the COVID PSYOP was deployed against the peoples of the world, few understood that we were witnessing the opening salvos of a long-planned “Final Solution” for the human species. As we observe the controlled demolition of Western Civilization, with standing ovations in Canada for a former Nazi SS officer and hundreds of billions of […]

‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan, Revelation and the Path to Freedom’

Alexandra Bruce and James Grundvig discuss an overview of the documentary film we are creating – ‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan, Revelation and the Path to Freedom’ and how you, the viewers, can participate in bringing the truth out to the masses. ‘Splintering Babylon’ is a provocative documentary that explores the controversial theory of Nazi influence […]

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