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Eight Stabbed & Hundreds Arrested At London’s Notting Hill Carnival

London’s annual Notting Hill Carnival has once again been marred by violence. This year, eight men were stabbed and 275 people arrested for various offences including assaults on police officers, sexual assaults, and possession of […] The post Eight Stabbed & Hundreds Arrested At London’s Notting Hill Carnival appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Republican activist stabbed to death in his New Hampshire home under suspicious circumstances

(NaturalNews) Authorities are trying to piece together what happened to a Republican activist who was found dead in his home in Durham, New Hampshire over the… Source

Dancing Shirtless Man Pumping Gas in New York Stabbed to Death by Offended Muslim (VIDEO)

Dancing Shirtless Man Pumping Gas in New York Stabbed to Death by Offended Muslim (VIDEO) Source

Lay Evangelist Stabbed to Death in Uganda

Discovery of body of Engineer Herbert in Mbale, Uganda on April 9, 2023. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Muslim extremists this month killed a Christian who was effective in leading Muslims to Christ in eastern Uganda, sources said. Engineer Herbert of Sironko District was stabbed to death in the Namakwekwe area of […]

10-Year-Old Girl Stabbed by Suspect Yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ in Sweden

A known criminal yelling Islamic slogans was arrested for stabbing a young girl in an unprovoked attack in Sweden this week, according to reports. The horrifying incident unfolded on Thursday afternoon in the culturally-enriched city of Gothenburg. Police were called to Brunnsparken, a square in the city center, where they found a 10-year-old girl suffering […]

3 Tourists Stabbed After Filming a Hamburger Cart

Three American tourists were stabbed while visiting a popular neighborhood in Puerto Rico after a man asked them to stop filming at a street-side hamburger cart.  The attack happened at around 4 a.m. in La Perla when Carlos Sánchez, 39, from South Carolina began recording a hamburger stand with his phone and was asked by […]

White Doctor Run Over with Vehicle Then Stabbed to Death by Mixed Race Thug

A mulatto thug is in police custody after purposely running over a White California doctor who was cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway before getting out of his car and stabbing the man to death. Source

6 Stabbed In Busy Paris Train Station, Attacker Shot By Police

The attacker wounded six people at Paris’ busy Gare du Nord train station, where the Eurostar trains arrive from London. Source

14-year-old Teen Boy Stabbed During Mob Lynching in France

The scene of extreme violence occurred last night around 9:30 p.m. near the city of Micocouliers, in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille. While he was at the bus stop for line 31, a 14-year-old boy saw a car brake sharply on seeing him and three people get out of it, then chase him with belligerent […]

WATCH: 14-Year-Old Boy Almost Stabbed in Broad Daylight amid Vicious Attack in NYC

A 14-year-old boy was brutally attacked by a group of young males in broad daylight Wednesday in New York City. Cell phone footage from a bystander shows one of the attackers attempting to stab the victim with a knife. Watch: Unclear where and when this happened. But a gang of kids attacked a different kid. […]

French Father Stabbed along with 8 months Pregnant Girlfriend by ‘Young People’

Home » Crimes, Eurabia, Europe » French Father Stabbed along with 8 months Pregnant Girlfriend by ‘Young People’     Four “young people” (possibly migrants as that’s how they are called in France) were arrested in Cavaillon on Monday October 18 after attacking the parents of another young person they knew. Around 11 p.m., they […]

NYC Crime Wave: Teen Attacked, Stabbed by Masked Suspects on Manhattan Subway Platform

A 17-year-old was stalked and brutally beaten by a group of masked suspects before he was stabbed on a subway platform in New York City. Source

NYC Crime Wave: Man Fatally Stabbed in Neck While Riding the Subway

A man was fatally stabbed in the neck while riding the subway in New York City on Friday night, according to police. Source

Two Police Officers Stabbed in London

    Two police officers were seriously injured by a knife-wielding assailant who also attacked an emergency worker in central London on Friday, according to reports. The incident unfolded at around 6:00 a.m. in the capital city just days ahead of the funeral for Queen Elizabeth, which is expected to attract one of the largest […]

Las Vegas investigative reporter Jeff German stabbed to death outside home


Journalist Investigating Mandalay Bay Cover-Up Found Stabbed to Death in Front of Home

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }.novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) .novashare-buttons-wrapper { justify-content: center; }body .novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) a.novashare-button, body .novashare-inline .novashare-total-share-count { margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; }body .novashare-buttons.novashare-inline .novashare-button-icon { width: 100%; } An investigative journalist in Las Vegas who was researching the truth about what happened at the 2017 mass shooting was found dead in front of his home […]

J.K. Rowling’s Latest Novel Features Character Stabbed to Death After Being Accused of Transphobia

Art imitates life in Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s new novel, which features a character who is doxxed, threatened, and ultimately murdered after social justice warriors accuse her of transphobia.

UK Rapper Stabbed to Death at Notting Hill Carnival

A 21-year-old man was stabbed to death at the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday night, the first murder at the event for 18 years. The dead man was named as Takayo Nembhard—a rapper from Bristol who was better known as TKorStretch—by his manager, Chris Patrick. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the carnival on Sunday […]

VIDEO – Man Randomly Stabbed on New York City Sidewalk: ‘The City Is Out of Control’

A man was randomly stabbed on the Upper East Side in New York City Thursday and law enforcement is still looking for the suspect.

Rabbi Explains How Jews ‘Made A Mint’ Off European Wars And ‘Back Stabbed’ Their Countries In The Process

@ CFTLet me try to explain my point. Apologies if the response is lengthy…but it might be necessary. First, In the second century before Christ, a dynamic priest-king of Judah, John Hyrcanus of the Hasmonean dynasty, conquered the people directly to the south of Judah, the Edomites. John Hyrcanus gave them a condition, that either […]

69-Year-Old Baltimore Church Worker Found Stabbed to Death in Church Bathroom

Baltimore authorities say they are searching for the killer of a 69-year-old church sexton, who was stabbed to death shortly after she arrived for work Tuesday morning. Sexton Evelyn Player arrived for work on Tuesday at Southern Baptist Church in East Baltimore and was found stabbed to death shortly thereafter, according to the Baltimore Sun. […]

British MP Stabbed to Death by Somali Muslim (Kalergi Plan is Ongoing in Britain)

By infostormer -October 16, 20213 A longtime British MP named David Amess was stabbed to death by a Somali during a public event the other day. When I first heard this news, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was a brown or black-skinned individual that did this. The virus hysteria, lockdowns etc.. have created an unpredictable […]

UK Lawmaker David Amess Dies After Being Stabbed Multiple Times

British lawmaker Sir David Amess, of the Conservative Party, died Friday after being stabbed several times in his Southend West constituency. Amess, the member of parliament for Southend West, was meeting with voters at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea on Friday. Advertisement Just after 3 p.m. local time, Essex police issued a statement in which […]

Arab Riots Boil over in Israel: Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ as Jewish Man Stabbed

A Jewish man was stabbed Thursday morning by a mob of Arab Israelis shouting “Allahu Akbar” in the central Israeli city of Lod, amid unrest and looting roiling mixed Arab-Jewish cities in Israel. The turmoil comes as rockets from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip continue to rain down on Israel, prompting retaliatory strikes by the Israeli military. […]

French Female Police Officer Dies After Being ‘Stabbed in Throat’ By Tunisian Migrant

    A female French police officer in the Paris suburbs of Yvelines died of her injuries Friday after being stabbed by a Tunisian migrant who was shot dead by police. The attack took place at the police station in the commune of Rambouillet at around 2:30 pm and saw the 36-year-old Tunisian migrant enter […]

‘That Girl Getting Stabbed Wasn’t In Danger,’ Says Man Who Flops Any Time Another Player Gets Within Six Feet Of Him

‘That Girl Getting Stabbed Wasn’t In Danger,’ Says Man Who Flops Any Time Another Player Gets Within Six Feet Of Him LOS ANGELES, CA—Basketball superstar and second greatest player of all time LeBron James posted in defense of the girl who was shot stabbing another girl in Ohio this week. James, who is known for […]

71-year-old lawyer stabbed to death in front of his wife

A 71-year-old man was stabbed to death early Wednesday morning at the entrance to his home in Nesher, near the northern city of Haifa. The man was later identified as Ephraim Arnon, a civil attorney. Arnon was declared dead by Magen David Adom medics shortly after the attack. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition […]

French man who stabbed neighbor to ‘kill a Jew’ unfit to stand trial

A man who told police in France last year that he had stabbed his neighbor because he wanted “to kill a Jew” was found unfit to stand trial. He is the latest French defendant who has successfully used an insanity defense for an alleged antisemitic crime. The 20-year-old stabber, whom French media have not named, […]

Man stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Talpiot industrial zone

A man aged around 40 was stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Talpiot industrial zone on Thursday, police said in a statement. Paramedics were called to the scene and transported the injured man to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in critical condition, where he later succumbed to his wounds. Police said a suspect was arrested […]

Man Stabbed to Death by Migrant For Trying to Prevent Girlfriend Being Raped Was Targeted Over ‘Sweden Democrats’ Cap

An eyewitness said he tried to warn a security guard named Mohammad Agha about the suspicious behavior of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi before the terrorist blew himself up, killing 22 people, but was “fobbed off.” The concertgoer approached the suicide bomber shortly before the attack because he looked “out of place” at the Ariana […]

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