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Twitter Expands List of Factually True Statements They’ll Ban You For Stating

By Chris Menahan Twitter under newly appointed CEO Parag Agrawal has expanded its list of factually true statements they’ll ban you for stating to include the claim that vaccinated people can “spread” covid. From Reclaim The Net, “Twitter will now ban users that repeatedly claim vaccinated people can spread Covid”: Twitter has quietly updated its […]

Swedish Politician Prosecuted For Stating Sudanese Migrants With 65 IQs ‘Impossible To Integrate’

(RMX News). Bertil Malmberg, a regional politician from the populist Sweden Democrats party, has been convicted of “racial incitement” after expressing his concern that South Sudanese immigrants had such extremely low IQs that it would be impossible to successfully integrate them into the Swedish economy and society: Last month, the Nyköping District Court fined Bertil […]

YouTube Bans All Content Stating ‘Vaccines Are Ineffective or Dangerous,’ Deletes RFK Jr And Dr Mercola’s Channels

Under YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s new speech codes, YouTubers can now be banned for quoting CDC director Rochelle Walensky admitting last month on live TV that covid shots do not “prevent transmission” of the virus. JUST IN – YouTube will ban any video that claims “vaccines are ineffective or dangerous” from now on and has […]

Pfizer Engineered Agreements With Governments Stating They Had to Pay for Covid Vaccines Whether They Worked or Not – NO Recourse for Injuries

BY CAPTAINDARETOFLY ON JULY 29, 2021 • Listen Now  The contract reveals that governments have been forced to pay for the vaccine whether it worked or not, whilst Pfizer cannot be held liable for any injuries caused by the jab. Shocking revelations posted to social media this week revealed that Pfizer engineered a contract, which governments had to sign […]

OSHA Pulls Guidance Stating Employers May Be Held Liable For ‘Adverse Reactions’ If They Mandate Vaxx

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration threw workers under the bus over the weekend by pulling their new guidance which stated that employers they may be held liable for “any adverse reactions” if they mandate employees take COVID-19 vaccines “as a condition of their employment.” On April 20, OSHA released a new FAQ on their […]

Watch Bill Gates Stating That an ‘Intentionally Caused Epidemic is the Most Likely Thing to Cause 10 Million Excess Deaths’

I don’t know about you, but I find Bill Gates to be one of the weirdest, most ghoulish people out there. Bill Gates is not a doctor, or a scientist, or a politician. Yes, I am sure you already know this, but in this day and age, where he’s treated like all of the above, […]

World Economic Forum Tweets Then Deletes Post Stating Lockdowns Are “Improving Cities” | WE F, the hidden enemy of the people, worldwide. The unelected force that look to dominate our lives by influen cing Governments all over the globe. It needs shutting down

World Economic Forum Tweets Then Deletes Post Stating Lockdowns Are “Improving Cities” We Are Change » Feed / John Titor If there was any doubt that economic lockdowns supposedly inspired by the Covid pandemic are the peak in globalist propaganda, it disappeared not so “quietly” once and for all at 5:48am ET on Saturday, when […]

Black Member Of London’s ‘Diversity Commission’ Fired For Stating Jews Dominate Hierarchy Of Human Suffering

Toyin Agbetu, an appointee to London Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan’s ‘statue diversity’ commission has been forced to resign today after being accused of antisemitism — for stating the obvious — that Jewish suffering in the “Holocaust” is considered more important than the suffering of Africans in the slave trade: Activist Toyin Agbetu was among 15 […]

Hillary Clinton: GOP, Conservative Media Can ‘Begin the Healing’ by Stating Biden Was ‘Duly Elected President’

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday offered advice on how Republicans and the conservative media, specifically, can “begin the healing and unifying process,” demanding that they state that Joe Biden “was duly elected president in a free and fair election.” “Here’s how elected Republicans and conservative media can begin the healing and unifying […]

British Architect Stripped Of Professional License For Stating Jews ‘Invented’ Racism In Europe

To the delight of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a powerful Jewish supremacy group, Peter Kellow, an architect who called Jews “inventers of European racism,” has been banned from his profession by the U.K. licensing board: A professional conduct committee of the Architects Registration Board of the United Kingdom decided last week to […]

(((Twitter))) Suspends Paul Nehlen For Stating Facts About Jews

(((Twitter))) Suspends Paul Nehlen For Stating Facts About Jews report from infostormer Paul Nehlen was suspended from Twitter for a week because he stated facts about Jews. He posted a statement about his suspension on his Gab account. @pnhelen: ‪Paul Nehlen (@pnehlen), a GOP candidate for Congress, has been suspended from Twitter for 7 days […]

Monsanto is Suing California for Stating that RoundUp Causes Cancer

Monsanto Company, a multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, recently filed a lawsuit against California’s Office of Environmental and Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) and its acting director, Lauren Zeise, to prevent them from listing glyphosate as a known carcinogen. The case is recorded as Monsanto Company v. Office of Environmental and Health Hazard Assessment, et. […]

Another Source Stating that the "Young Turks" Were Jewish Freemasons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I found yet another source which reveals the fact that the “Young Turks” were led by jewish Freemasons, not Muslim Turks. Vicomte Leon De Poncins writes in his The Secret Powers Behind Revolution: Freemasonry and Judaism, at pages 66-68, “TURKEY In 1900 the Grand Orient of France began to turn its attention […]

BOSTON RALLY this Thursday to target the Boston Herald for stating that vaccine skeptics should all be "hanged to death"

(Natural News) After the Boston Herald published an article claiming that scientists, journalists and naturopaths who oppose injecting children with mercury should be “hanged to death,” all hell broke loose for the Herald and its editor, Rachelle Cohen. For starters, Natural News urged its readers and fans to report the Boston Herald to the Boston […]

British lawmaker shot dead, EU referendum campaigns suspended

A British member of Parliament was shot dead in the street in northern England on Thursday, causing deep shock across Britain and the suspension of campaigning for next week’s referendum on the country’s EU membership. Jo Cox, 41, a lawmaker for the opposition Labour Party and vocal supporter of Britain remaining in the European Union, […]

See What Happens When 9 People Escape Reality & Unplug From The Matrix!

Have you ever wanted to escape the rat race and live a simpler less consumerist life? Have you ever wanted to be free and live a more meaningful life away from all the distractions? Ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone and explore what it means to live in community? This is what nine people […]

Turkey Behind Islamic State Invasion of Europe

From: Jordans King Abdullah tells Congress Turkey supports Wahhabi terrorists King Abdullah of Jordan told members of Congress Turkey is exporting Islamic State-linked terrorists into Europe. The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy, said King Abdullah. Turkey keeps on getting a slap on […]

Gerald Celente’s 2016 Outlook

Boom Bust’s Ameera David sits down with Gerald Celente – publisher of the Trends Journal – to talk about the US economy. Gerald explains what kind of effect Fed hikes will have on currencies, markets and the global economy at large. And he gives us his take on what’s happening with oil plus much, much […]

The Forgotten Christmas Truce of 1914. Unlearned Lessons which could have Prevented a Century of War (1914 – 2014)

It was exactly 101 years ago this month when the Christmas Truce of 1914 occurred, when Christian soldiers on both sides of the infamous No Man’s Land of the Western Front, recognized their common humanity, dropped their guns and fraternized with the so-called enemies that they had been ordered to kill without mercy the day […]

Operation Revenue Generation: DC Mayor Seeks to Massively Expand Speed Camera Use, Lower Speed Limits, Raise Fines

Muriel Bowser, recently elected mayor of Washington, DC, has adopted all of the latest trends in municipal transportation planning. At a press conference Wednesday she released her “Vision Zero” action plan, which revolves around a speed camera expansion so vast that the District would become the nation’s leader when it comes to bolstering […]

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