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5G Causes Headaches, Stomach pain, difficulty Sleeping according to Swedish Study

    New peer-reviewed research has found that children who get too close to 5G wireless towers develop serious health problems such as chronic headaches, stomach pain, and difficulty sleeping. Three children and their parents came down with these and other symptoms after vacationing at a summer home located just 125 meters away from a […]

The West’s Hypocrisy Towards Gaza’s Breakout is Stomach-Turning

The current outpouring of sympathy for Israel should make anyone with half a heart retch. Not because it is not awful that Israeli civilians are dying and suffering in such large numbers. But because Palestinian civilians in Gaza have faced repeated rampages from Israel decade after decade, producing far more suffering, but have never elicited […]

Ukraine war: This will make you sick to your stomach

14 april 2023 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step april 9th. One step at a time, hand in […]

Toby Keith Reveals He’s Been Fighting Stomach Cancer: ‘So Far, so Good’

Country music superstar Toby Keith revealed in an Instagram post Sunday that he has been battling stomach cancer.

Acrid, Rotten-egg Smell, Noxious Gas, Headaches, Stomach Pain: Tale Of A City In U.S.  

Residents in a city in U.S. turned victims of industrial hazard. A smell sickened Los Angeles County residents for months. Some 3,200 residents in Carson and surrounding cities were forced to temporarily relocate to hotel rooms. A report by Julian Mark in The Washington Post (A smell sickened L.A. County residents for months. Officials say […]

Runner, 88, sets sights on marathon after losing stomach to cancer

This octogenarian turned heads in Greece by running a five-kilometre race after having his stomach removed. Panagiotis Dousis, 88, says he had a gastrectomy after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. On Sunday, he competed in the race as part of the 38th Athens Marathon. Now he hopes to cover the 42.2-km race himself. “When I […]

NSFW- Fire in her stomach, the Turkish Lira is Sick, its Immune System Collapsed… When Turkey Sold her Honor نار في بطنها .. الليرة التركية المريضة بانهيار جهاز المناعة .. عندما باعت تركيا شرفها

 ARABI SOURI OCTOBER 23, 2021 The Turkish Lira continues its free fall, it is now at 9.60 Liras for one US dollar, a record fall from 1.5 Liras for one US dollar in 2010 before the Turkish madman waged his terrorist war on Syria, and there’s no sign of recovery even if the Turkish madman fires […]

Prisoner in Kosovo puts the ‘bile’ in mobile as Nokia phone is removed from stomach

Doctors in Kosovo say they have successfully removed a mobile phone from the stomach of a prisoner. The procedure was carried out by surgeons at the university clinical centre in the capital Pristina last week. The 33-year-old prisoner, who has not been named, had been complaining of stomach pains for several days, doctors added. The […]

Tilapia Stew: Egyptian Recipe Found in 6000-year-old Stomach

This recipe is based on an archaeological discovery made in an upper Egypt tomb dating to around 3500 to 4000 BC. Differing from a typical mummy, which would have had its organs in canopic jars, the mummified remains of a man were found with his digestive system intact. Luckily for the researchers, they could even […]

Review of Stomach-Turning Scenes from Cuties (No Videos or Images)

I am certainly not going to watch this movie to review it for you all, so this review from Reddit will have to suffice. From what I hear, the “dance” scenes are like Cardi B’s W.A.P., but with little girls. So I just watched “Cuties” to see for myself what its all about. Truly what […]

Shocking images show whale died with over 80 trash bags in its stomach (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

READ MORE: ‘Armageddon in the making’: Sea creatures plagued by human plastic pollution (DISTURBING VIDEOS) A team of veterinarians worked for five days to free the animal from the canal. Ultimately, their efforts proved unsuccessful as the country’s Marine and Coastal Resources Department reported that the whale spit out five plastic bags just prior to […]

This Is What Happens To Our Stomach Receptors When We Eat Junk Food

Next Story Have you ever felt super full after eating a low-calorie meal, or still hungry after eating a calorie dense one? This has certainly happened to me; for example, one day last week I just ate carrots and drank a bit of cold-pressed juice and felt extremely full all day, yet the following day I had […]

Lab-Grown Meat Now Coming To Restaurants Near You: Is Your Stomach Prepared???

Natural News| There have been tremendous leaps in the field of food science over the past few decades, and it doesn’t look like the rate of progress is going to slow down any time soon. But while there are a lot of positive outcomes from the research studies that have been conducted on food […]

Lab-grown meat now coming to restaurants near you: Is your stomach prepared for it?

(Natural News) There have been tremendous leaps in the field of food science over the past few decades, and it doesn’t look like the rate of progress is going to slow down any time soon. But while there are a lot of positive outcomes from the research studies that have been conducted […]

Ginger root and coconut water: Smart home remedies for an upset stomach

(Natural News) One of the most debilitating pains among the myriad of physical ailments is stomach upset. When you have a stomachache, especially one caused by indigestion or irregular bowel movement, your whole body may feel weak and lethargic, and your overall mood may also be affected. Prescription painkillers may be effective […]

Do you take too much ibuprofen? It could cause bleeding stomach ulcers and even heart attack, according to new study

(Natural News) A lot of people are overdosing on ibuprofen, according to a new study published in the journal Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety. However, this could take a toll on their health as it could lead to bleeding stomach ulcers and even heart attack. The study was carried out by a team of […]

Palestinian killed in Jericho was shot in stomach

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 24 February 2018 Yasin al-Saradih The slaying of a Palestinian man by Israeli soldiers on Thursday may amount to a war crime, “giving rise to individual criminal responsibility at the International Criminal Court,” the human rights group Al-Haq stated on Saturday. Reports on Thursday suggested that Yasin Omar al-Saradih […]

Afghan migrant kicks Syrian pregnant woman in the stomach after dispute in Berlin

     A 27-year-old Afghan migrant attacked a pregnant woman at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz station. The migrant kicked the woman in the stomach after a dispute at the station. German media say the man dragged the pregnant woman against her will into a train, while he kicked her several times. A companion of the Syrian victim helped […]

Real life ‘Magneto’? Metal sticks to stomach of Syrian boy in bizarre trick (VIDEO)

Hailing from Syria’s port city of Latakia, the young boy has become something of a mini-celebrity for his seemingly strange ability to stick metal objects to his stomach. His grandparents are hoping his apparent condition can be studied abroad to get to the bottom of his mysterious “magnetism.” READ MORE: World’s 1st robot citizen wants her […]

Common Acid Reflux Drugs Could More Than Double Your Risk Of Stomach Cancer

Next Story A new study found that long-term use of acid reflux and heartburn drugs can increase stomach cancer risks by almost 250%, NY Daily reports. Known as “proton pump inhibitors,” or PPIs, these commonly prescribed drugs are the go-to-fix for an overproduction of stomach acids. But for a small percentage of people who carry a bacterium called […]

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