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Two cops are charged after a naked and mentally ill woman was hit, stomped on & had her genitals pepper sprayed

Abuser cop: Senior Constable Nathan Black Abuser cop: Timothy Trautsch Two western Sydney pigs charged with assaulting naked woman The pigs, Nathan Black and Timothy Trautsch have been stood down  Both pigs will face Penrith Court next month  The two lowlifes have been charged with allegedly assaulting a naked and mentally ill woman in western […]

15 Jew-Puppet Anti-Fascist Homo Tranny Vegan Soyboy Cuck Fags Attack & Get Stomped

15+ ANTIFA get brave withmiddle aged patriots – hilarious results “15 Antifa goons decide they can bully a smaller group of middle aged men – woops”

Aussie Man Run Over with Police Car, Head Stomped Because He Wasn’t Wearing Mask

    Just like we reported in our previous article, with a Englishman having his head stomped by the police in France over not wearing a mask, now we just discoverd a similar story in Australia. Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog will take control of a criminal investigation into the actions of two officers who allegedly stomped […]

[WATCH] Toronto Cop Who Tasered and Stomped on Suspect Appears Before Disciplinary Hearing

Download your free copy now. Source Article from

Stolen Valor Cop Yet Again Proves ‘War on Cops’ is Propaganda

Max Chantha | November 3, 2015 MISSOURI – Cops who for some reason are upset by seeing their corrupt, abusive, or violent coworkers exposed often claim that such scrutiny a symptom of the so-called ‘War on Cops.’ They believe that the American people have somehow magically turned on police […]

Unnamed Dog Stomped to Death

Posted: February 9, 2013 | Author: Greg Karber | Filed under: Uncategorized | I couldn’t find a photo for this pooch, but this has got to be the worst story I’ve heard yet. I am going to just except the first three paragraphs of the LA Times article about it, because I don’t think I […]

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