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White Suburban Women Swing Right After Republican Party Rebrands As ‘Pumpkin Spice Republican Party’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Despite suburban white women demurring from widespread Republican support in the 2020 election, new polling estimates a 25%+ increase in this key demographic’s projected support for conservatives in the upcoming midterm elections. This definitive pivot has caused widespread panic for Democratic operatives and candidates who are unsure of how to combat their […]

BLM Surround Man’s Suburban Home Over ‘Racist Rant,’ Assault Him And Police, Smash Up His Home, Leave Neighborhood Trashed

By Chris Menahan A 100-strong Black Lives Matter mob in Mount Laurel, an edge city suburb of Philadelphia, surrounded a man’s home on Monday after an out-of-context video of him going on a racist rant during a heated dispute with his neighbors went viral on social media. The video cut out the beginning of the […]

BLM Terrorists Attack Man Trying to Get Home in His Own Suburban Neighborhood – Police Arrest Him!

You might think that police would not be in favor of a group that is 100% against police, but you would be wrong. Their orders are to protect BLM at all costs. WorldTruth link Share now! Source

In most crucial swing state, Jewish suburban women can’t wait to vote out Trump

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Poll: White Suburban Women Who Feel Safe Support Joe Biden; Those Who Feel Unsafe Support Trump

White suburban women who feel safe in their communities overwhelmingly support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but those who feel unsafe support President Donald Trump, according to an Axios/SurveyMonkey poll released on Thursday. The “survey of 14,043 U.S. adults who are white and live in suburbs,” was part of a “SurveyMonkey poll of 35,732 U.S. adults” […]

Antifa Gets Beat Down After Invading Suburban Neighborhood – Video

An Antifa mob who invaded a suburban neighborhood were pushed out by residents, leading to a ‘mosh pit’ fight with one neighbor using an American flag to keep a goon from pulling a knife. The mob targeted a pro-police rally in a residential area of Ft. Collins, Colo., on Saturday, which was livestreamed. The video […]

‘Curricularizing Israel’– the Hebrew program in suburban Chicago schools

I was lucky in 2003 when I was hired to teach Hebrew. I had landed a job that encouraged me to bring together my personal and professional love for Israel. I would be teaching first and second-year Hebrew at a public high school in one of the Chicago suburbs.  An ardent Zionist at the time with graduate […]

Multiple fatalities reported in suburban Orlando, Florida shooting

     Police in Orange County, Florida are investigating a crime scene in suburban Orlando involving “multiple fatalities.” There is no active shooter, and the situation is “contained and stable,” the authorities said. The shooting happened in an industrial park in northeastern Orlando. There is a heavy police presence at the intersection of Forsyth Road and […]

‘Bullies, bigots and thugs led by Netanyahu’ shut down synagogue event– in suburban Detroit

We keep a close eye on the breakup of the American Jewish consensus on Israel, with young Jews announcing their “resistance” to the Jewish establishment over the 50th year of occupation. Well, here is the counter-narrative: in which rightwing Jewish “thugs” in suburban Detroit shut down an Israeli concert at a leading Conservative synagogue by issuing threats. […]

Poems: Return is Inevitable and Love Under Apartheid

Return is Inevitable They wanted you Tried to take you, make you submit But you would not They took you by force Then they pretend they never knew you, you never were, they say, you don’t exist, renamed your destruction redemption “We made the desert bloom” They did the same to me. Maybe, that is […]

Lawsuit: Sexual abuse of women allowed to flourish in New York prisons

     Multiple cases of male corrections officers sexual abusing female prisoners were brought to light in a class action suit filed against the New York Department of Corrections, which alleges a “culture of indifference” has allowed sexual abuse to flourish. “Staff sexual abuse is a serious problem in New York’s women’s prisons,” said Veronica Vela, […]

To the next ‘NYT’ Jerusalem chief — Here is your job description

Reports are that New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren is leaving the job after four years and that the Times is poised to send White House correspondent Peter Baker there. Baker is 48 and one-half of a power couple — his wife Susan Glasser is a top editor at Politico — and the […]

5 Quotes To Help You Return To Your Natural State

In Buddhism, attachment is one of the key hindrances that causes suffering among humans. The Buddha taught that attachment generates craving, wanting, and insecurity. Attachment is the wanting to hold onto and keep a permanent state and not be separated from a thing or person. The general principle behind non-attachment is to cultivate a mind […]

Welcome to the Suburban Depression

John CarneyCNBC Wednesday, September 21, 2011 The prolonged economic slump we’ve been in since before the financial crisis really is different than recent recession experiences, especially when it comes to those who now live in poverty. The official U.S. poverty rate in 2007 was 12.5 percent. Following the calamities of 2008 it climbed upward and […]

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