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Sudan to normalize relations with Israel, will Sudan succeed?

According to the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, Khartoum is bolstering its lines of communication with Tel Aviv in order to fully normalize relations. After meeting with the head of the Sovereignty Council and other Sudanese officials in February, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen made the announcement. The goal of the talks, according to a spokesman for Sudan’s […]

Will Washington’s Africa Strategy Succeed?

There is hardly any doubt that the African continent holds immense political and economic significance for the people of the continent and for extra-regional states. It is rich in natural resources and will have one quarter of the world’s population by 2050. But within a global context marked by extremely heightened tensions, including threats of […]

Sakkari wins group to succeed in semis of WTA Final

SAKKARI REMAINS UNDEFEATED AT WTA FINALS WITH EASY VICTORY OVER JABEUR, ADVANCES TO SEMIFINALS AS GROUP WINNER. Maria Sakkari capped her excellent run by the spherical robin stage of the WTA Finals with a 6-2 6-3 win over Ons Jabeur on Friday to succeed in the semi-finals in Fort Price, Texas together with group runner-up… […]

Rishi Sunak To Succeed Liz Truss As British Prime Minister

The former Treasury chief makes history as Britain’s first prime minister of South Asian descent. Source

Major lawsuit may succeed in overturning California’s ban on 3D-printed guns

(Natural News) Second Amendment supporters don’t have much use for blue-state because Democrats tend to severely limit the right to keep and bear arms as much as they can get by with. That includes California, of course, which has some of the most restrictive (and appalling) gun restrictions in the country. But 2A supporters are […]

Did the Censors Succeed?

Commentary These days I rarely encounter people who disagree that the pandemic policy was a disaster. You can usually get a laugh at a cocktail party when making fun of sanitizer madness, 15 days to flatten the curve, ubiquitous plexiglass, or 6 feet of distance. The school closures are in disrepute, as are the restriction […]

‘Sex Traffickers Could Never Succeed’ Without You: Ad Thanks Democrat Maggie Hassan for Open Border Invasion

An ad run in New Hampshire on Thursday thanked embattled Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) for keeping the southern border open to invasion. 

Stacey Abrams Announces That With A Heavy Heart She Will Succeed Elizabeth II As Queen

ATLANTA, GA — Rightful Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams announced that she will succeed Elizabeth II as the Queen of England only moments after the announcement of the Queen’s death. “It is with a heavy heart that I accept my new responsibility as England’s new Queen,” said Abrams solemnly. “They say ‘heavy is the head […]

Antalya Day 3: World Champions succeed in Turkey

The final day of the Antalya Grand Slam came to a climactic conclusion, with the stadium filled with excited Judo fans ready for another day of action. At under 90kgs, it was the Cuban world silver medallist Ivan Felipe Silva Morales that beat young Georgian Luka Maisuradze in an extremely close exchange, earning him his […]

In Spite of the US Attempting to Discredit the Beijing Olympics, It Will Succeed

Washington’s policy of confrontation with China, including in the form of discrediting the Beijing Winter Olympics, only results in the US presenting itself as a complete failure. And a direct indication of the failure of its attempted “diplomatic boycott” of the Olympics was Washington’s request for visas from China for some US officials who, despite […]

CBS: Cartels Succeed in Record Delivery of Youth, Child Migrants in 2021

President Joe Biden and his pro-migration progressives admitted at least 40,000 coyote-delivered, work-ready young male migrants in 2021 under the excuse of saving “unaccompanied alien children.” “What the advocacy groups are saying is that open borders is ‘For the children,’ when in fact, they’re talking about [admitting] 17-year-old construction workers,” said Mark Krikorian, the director […]

COP26: Will Humanity’s ‘Last and Best Chance’ to Save Earth’s Climate Succeed?

There is a chance we can prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis, but world leaders must hold businesses accountable and listen to Indigenous communities. It would be an understatement to say that there is a lot riding on COP26, the international climate talks currently being held in Glasgow, Scotland. Officially, the gathering marks the […]

The UK’s Grand Experiment, Which Cannot Succeed

When the Soviet Union was invented, the one thing its supporters and opponents agreed on was that it was a grand experiment. No such state had ever existed. Indeed it was a feature of Communist states that they tried to cut everyone off from the past – Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge displaced most of the […]

How Contingent Faculty Organizing Can Succeed In Higher Education

Despite recent organizing gains among some contingent faculty members, the adjunctification of higher education has left hundreds of thousands of college and university teachers with low pay, spotty benefit coverage, and little job security. As former adjuncts Joe Berry and Helena Worthen report in their new book, Power Despite Precarity: Strategies for the Contingent Movement in […]

Will Washington Succeed in Toppling Erdogan?

Recently, Sabah, a popular daily newspaper in Turkey, and a number of other Turkish media outlets enthusiastically reported about positive outcomes of the face-to-face meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his US counterpart Joe Biden in Brussels on June 14, 2021. According to them, the Turkish leader described their discussion as “sincere”. He also […]

Will Conservatives Succeed or Fail After April Elections?

On 8 April, Moon Jae-in said the ruling party’s defeat was a “rebuke from the people” and pledged to discharge his duties “with an even greater sense of responsibility, focusing on meeting the desperate demands of the people”. As presidential spokesman Kang Min-seok said, “The president has pledged to spare no effort to realize the […]

German election: CDU backs Armin Laschet as its candidate to succeed Merkel

Armin Laschet, leader of Germany’s ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), on Monday evening secured the ticket to be his party’s candidate to succeed Angela Merkel in September’s election. Laschet won 77.5 per cent of the vote at an internal party meeting. His rival, Markus Söder, leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) — the CDU’s […]

German conservatives Laschet and Soeder put themselves forward to succeed Merkel

The contest to succeed Angela Merkel as the centre-right candidate for Chancellor in this September’s Bundestag election has been opened after the leaders of both Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Christian Democrats (CDU) said on Sunday they were ready to run for the post. Speaking after attending a meeting of the executive committee […]

Holocaust Education Won’t Succeed Without Storytelling

It’s ironic (and unacceptable) that the more we teach about the Holocaust in American schools, the less kids seem to remember it. As Jeff Jacoby writes this week in the Boston Globe, “Instruction about the Holocaust has proliferated in American classrooms in recent decades. Units on the subject are taught in countless schools, and mandated […]

I Thought I Knew How to Succeed as an Asian in U.S. Politics. Boy, Was I Wrong.

Other communities of color, other historically marginalized groups have made meaningful gains and long-lasting progress after vocally challenging the status quo. Asian Americans must do the same. Georgia, the state where my family runs their chicken farm and calls home, has been ground zero for an AAPI awakening—one that started even before the Atlanta shootings, […]

‘If Belarus protests succeed, Russia will be next’ warns Lukashenko

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is standing firm and says he has no intention of stepping down, despite weeks of massive protests over his disputed re-election in August. He has previously blamed the US for instigating the demonstrations and later had a warning for Russia. “All of this is very painful and even tragic for me, […]

The Two Parties Have Failed Us, But The People Can Succeed

The Republican and Democratic Party conventions showed that both major parties are failing to control the pandemic and protect people, address the climate crisis and clean up the environment, support families and businesses during the economic collapse, prevent police violence or deal with any of the other major problems we face. These were two substance-less […]

Industry Experts and Pro Bloggers Come Together to Inspire, Teach, and Help You (and Your Site) Succeed

At the Official Growth Summit, the two-day virtual conference running twice from August 11-13, you’ll have access to about 50 speakers and presenters across 90+ breakout sessions and keynote conversations. The varied lineup will appeal to new and established bloggers; professionals in tech, media, and marketing; and anyone ready to build or expand their […]

How to Innovate to Succeed on the Spiritual Path… in 4 Steps

April 17th, 2018 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Distortions are a natural aspect of the soul, and each distorted behaviour offers a doorway into more aligned behaviour, unleashing a stronger flow of soul into your life. There can be nothing like awakening to your deeper spirituality. To know that you are an interconnected part of […]

China can succeed with petro-yuan where Gaddafi failed by killing the US dollar in oil trade

     Muammar Gaddafi wanted to shatter the dominance of the greenback in the Middle East by introducing gold-backed dinar, but failed. China has a chance to finish what he started, one industry expert has told RT. “Ideas related to oil trade in currencies other than the dollar arose more than once. Some of them were […]

The Forgotten Kennedy Sibling Who Was Lobotomized So That JFK Could Succeed

For years, Rosemary Kennedy’s story was kept secret after her lobotomy was botched leaving unable to walk or talk. Though John F. Kennedy and Jackie might be the most recognizable members of the family, the Kennedys were famous long before John became president. JFK’s father, Joe, was a prominent businessman in Boston and his wife, […]

How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills So You Can Succeed in a Communication Management Career

There is plenty you can to that will help ensure you have a long and successful career in communication management. One of the first steps is to pursue an education, such as the online master of communication management degree available through the University of Southern California. The online MCM degree will […]

How Movements Can Succeed In The Face Of Government Repression

Above Photo: Christian JSger/ Getty Imges Published in collaboration with the Peace Science Digest, which summarizes and reflects on current academic research in the field of peace and conflict studies. A greater number of resistance movements are choosing to adopt nonviolent forms of struggle as the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance becomes more widely known. At the […]

The Big Picture – Will Trump Succeed in Repealing the First Amendment?

The Big Picture – Will Trump Succeed in Repealing the First Amendment? By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom Hartman discusses thousands of people striking or protesting labor laws on May Day with Ryan Mosgrove of Young Democratic Socialists of America. Then, Thom talks to Shelby Emmett of Project 21 and Linda Benesch […]

"Frivolous" lawsuit aims to reverse ASA’s Israel boycott

Charlotte Silver Activism and BDS Beat 24 April 2016 Several current and former members of the American Studies Association are suing the academic organization, alleging that its resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions is a breach of contract because it does not fall within the group’s mission. But supporters and opponents of the boycott are […]

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