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NBA’s Rudy Gobert fined $100,000 for suggesting refs were influenced by gambling

The NBA announced on Sunday that it has fined Minnesota center Rudy Gobert $100,000 after he made a gesture during a Friday night game that implied a referee was improperly influenced by gambling and making calls accordingly. After Gobert was called for a technical foul in the last few seconds of regulation, during the Timberwolves’… […]

‘Go Home!’: Crowd Boos Asa Hutchinson for Suggesting Felony Conviction of Donald Trump

Failing GOP presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson was booed Saturday after suggesting that former President Donald Trump will be convicted of a felony. Source

Former CIA director under fire for suggesting that an anti-abortion senator should be “removed” from the human race

(NaturalNews) Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has used his authority to hold the confirmations of numerous military… Source

UAW Files Complaint Against Tim Scott for Suggesting Auto Workers Be Fired

The United Auto Workers have filed a labor complaint against Sen. Tim Scott after he suggested that auto workers be fired for striking. Source

UPenn Professor Ripped for Suggesting Police Allowed Texas Schoolchildren to Die Because They Were ‘Brown’

A University of Pennsylvania professor drew ridicule online for suggesting racism was at play in how the police handled the Uvalde, Texas shooting.

I Saw a Headline Suggesting People Do Not Trust the COVID Shot because They Don’t Trust Regulators. Nothing is further from the Truth!!!

‘This Side of Life’ Fear is the culprit. There is no Vaccine Hesitancy; there is Vaccine Fear. Organizations and industry representatives have marched around to State legislatures to destroy our medical exemptions. In many states, Medical Exemptions [MEs] have been put in the hands of Departments of Health. In order to acquire the preliminary paperwork, […]

World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’

The World Economic Forum, globalist champion of the Great Reset, has ruffled feathers online with an “out-of-touch” tweet how Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the globe. A video accompanying the Friday tweet by the WEF shows images of deserted streets, grounded airliners and idle factories, then notes record declines in air pollution and […]

Doctor censured for suggesting vaccine ‘psychosis’ led husband to murder wife

The Health Ministry said Thursday it would summon a doctor for a reprimand after she suggested that a man who allegedly murdered his wife last week did so as a result of psychosis induced by the coronavirus vaccine. The woman, an obstetrician, made the comments during a discussion on a Whatsapp group with some 250 […]

Holocaust scholars sued for suggesting mayor who saved Jew helped kill 22

Two well-known Polish Holocaust historians are on trial for alleged defamation over their claim that late mayor of a town near Warsaw who saved one Jewish woman was involved in the murder of 22 other Jews. Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking were sued last year in civil court by a niece of the mayor for […]

Fake News Tweet Suggesting Trump Will Resign to Avoid Prison Goes Viral on TikTok

Without providing any evidence whatsoever, CNN, which should hence forth be called the conspiracy news network, declared Sunday that President Trump’s doctors are ‘purposely misleading’ the public and ‘hiding things’. The comments were made by CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, after host Jake Tapper declared that White House physician Dr. Sean Conley “before […]

HRW suspends official with Tinder profile suggesting Auschwitz hair room is funny

According to a screenshot of HRW Associate Director of Finance Matthew Myers’ profile posted by his accusers, he is looking “for the perfect Amazing Race partner” and asks anyone who “can’t laugh about the hair room at Auschwitz” not to apply. The casual remark apparently references one of the exhibits of the Holocaust Museum in […]

Are police withholding information suggesting the Vegas killer had POLITICAL motives?

(Natural News) As Americans remain shocked and stunned over the mass murder committed by at least one man — Stephen Paddock — in Las Vegas last weekend, so far authorities investigating the horrific shootings have yet to establish a motive. Or, at least, they’ve yet to publicly discuss a motive. It could be that they […]

TAKE ACTION: Police Officer Fired for Suggesting Dey Wuzit Kangz on Facebook!

Eric Striker and Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 18, 2017 A white police officer was fired for posting the above picture on Facebook. If you’re a bit older and reading this: don’t say anything true using your real Facebook. Don’t list where you work or use your full name, because America is only […]

Boris Johnson Palestine Tour Cancelled After Israel Boycott Comments

Boris Johnson has had to cut short his visit to the occupied Palestinian territories after his Israel boycott criticism sparked outrage. The Mayor of London’s planned visit to Palestine visit was axed after organisers accused him of adopting a “misinformed and disrespectful” pro-Israel stance. “I cannot think of anything more foolish than to say that […]

Real life Winnie-the-Pooh: Bear gets stuck in house after eating too much (VIDEO)

While animals getting their heads stuck in jars is nothing new, bears getting obstructed trying to exit through a window and flee the scene of a crime certainly is. A brown bear broke into a house in Kamchatka this week and while the owners were out, the animal apparently helped itself to more than just […]

+107%: Federal Debt Held by Public Has More Than Doubled Under Obama

Since Obama’s inauguration, the Treasury has increased the federal government’s debt held by the public by $6,739,201,661,284.21—or about $57,431.65 for each household in the United States. When Obama took office on January 20, 2009, the total debt of the federal government was $10,626,877,048,913.08. But the Treasury divides this total debt into two main components: […]

Young Football Player Scolded By Club For Suggesting 9/11 A Conspiracy

Liverpool to investigate striker Nathan Eccleston over 9/11 tweet PA Sept 14, 2011 The Liverpool reserve team striker Nathan Eccleston is under investigation by the club over a controversial tweet about 9/11. On the 10th anniversary of the attacks, the 20-year-old used Twitter to suggest he believes conspiracy theories that a secret society called the “Illuminati” […]

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