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Bananas: The Surprising Superfood for Fighting Cancer and Heart Disease

Banana contains plentiful potassium ions, dietary fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Delicious and nutritious, bananas are not only healthy snacks, but also great for preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, memory decline, and relieving anxiety. What can a banana a day do for the human body? 1. Cancer Prevention In a research report published in the International Journal of […]

Superfood recipes: Boost your fiber intake with this apple pie smoothie

(Natural News) Juicing is big among health enthusiasts, but others prefer smoothies. After all, smoothies are more filling. And unlike juicing, making a healthy smoothie at home means you get to enjoy the benefits of nutritious ingredients that are full of dietary fiber, like apples. When you make your own smoothies, you are also free to add… […]

Zucchini: The Superfood Growing in Your Garden

This tasty fruit is easily grown in your garden or containers and offers several health benefits The zucchini is an underestimated nutritional treasure. The peak harvesting season for this delicious member of the gourd family in the Northern Hemisphere is from May to August. When harvested correctly, zucchini (Cucurbita pepo) is dark green and has […]

10 Superfood sources of biotin to help boost your overall health

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) You may have already seen biotin supplements at the supplement aisle of a grocery store. They can be sold independently, but biotin can also be included in multivitamin blends, such as prenatal vitamins.If you want to boost your biotin intake or prevent deficiency, it’s important to know which foods are rich in this … […]

Camel Milk, The Ancient Liquid Gold Superfood, is Rising in Demand

A U.S. farm is struggling to supply rising demand for bottles of their ancient nomadic survival juice – camel milk. But at $12-$16 a pint, consumers pockets are getting humped. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Spirulina: Converting Sunshine to Superfood

By Margie King, Health Coach Pond scum is under-appreciated.  Just looking at the green slime on your local pond may even make you gag.  But you might want to get over that. The algae growing on the surface of still water everywhere could be the key to a healthy vibrant life. Spirulina is a single-celled, […]

The Superfood Garden – FREE 3-Day Online Event

Do you want a life-style of simply getting by or do you want to THRIVE, worry-free? Sometimes life’s day to day activities can be overwhelming… especially if one of your goals is to be in charge of your own food supply. That means gardening and preserving the harvest – but if you’re new to gardening, […]

Camu Camu: The Next Great Superfood

September 15th, 2020 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a beautiful, fruit-bearing plant native to the flooded areas of the Amazon rainforests. This is a superfruit you should know about! The round, plum-sized fruits contain more vitamin C than oranges and lemons, supporting your immune system. Yet […]

Enokitake Mushrooms: 7 Benefits of This Superfood!

September 1st, 2020 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Most of us know that mushrooms taste great in a stir-fry or a warming bowl of soup, but did you know that some varieties of fungi are also known as healing mushrooms and functional foods? Native to Asia but common in North American […]

Enokitake Mushrooms: 7 Benefits of This Superfood!

September 1st, 2020 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Most of us know that mushrooms taste great in a stir-fry or a warming bowl of soup, but did you know that some varieties of fungi are also known as healing mushrooms and functional foods? Native to Asia but common in North American […]

Why hemp seeds from cannabis are a revolutionary superfood ready to save the people and the planet

(Natural News) Cannabis is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man, dating back as far as approximately 8,000 B.C. There are many different varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant that are used for many different purposes, all of which have great value to people and the planet. However, most people have […]

"Beet" it! A compound found in this superfood may help slow Alzheimer’s

(Natural News) You can now add one more benefit to eating beets – that is, slowing down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study, the extracts of beets contain a compound called betanin which could help prevent the building up of misfolded proteins and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Take your smoothie to the next level: 10 Superfood powders that will boost your nutrition

(Natural News) One way of easily filling up your daily nutrient needs is by drinking smoothies. Here are 10 superfood powders for your smoothie that will boost your nutrition (h/t to Waking Times, link above): Moringa – Moringa is rich in nutrients. It is very powerful that even only about one tablespoon of moringa powder […]

10 Superfood Powders and How They Benefit Your Health

Anna Hunt, StaffWaking Times As a rule of thumb, half of every meal you eat should be made up of nutrient-rich superfoods, such as fruits and vegetables. When you eat a healthy diet over a long term, you’re more likely to prevent chronic illness, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Yet, most […]

You can’t beat the beet for muscle recovery: Scientists reveal how the superfood heals muscle damage

(Natural News) Drinking beetroot juice may help attenuate muscle damage following strenuous physical activities, British scientists revealed in a recent study. As part of the study, a team of researchers at the University of Northumbria in the U.K. recruited 30 active men aged 18 to 28 years who work out at least twice a week. The participants were instructed to do […]

Is this the most powerful superfood on the planet?

(Natural News) In the wake of a dirty food industry, a corrupt and inept health care system, and government leaders who could not care less about the state of the environment, nearly every living thing on planet Earth has become tainted, nutrient deficient, and diseased. However, there is good news as organic farmers, natural health professionals, […]

Mangoes might be the ultimate superfood for diabetes: New science finds they control both blood sugar and blood pressure

(Natural News) Eating mangoes may hold potential in preventing metabolic disorders and diabetes, according to four separate studies presented at the 2017 Experimental Biology Conference. In one of the studies, a team of researchers at the Texas A&M University’s Department of Nutrition and Food Science examined how lean and obese individuals absorbed, metabolized, and excreted gallic acid, galloyl glycosides, and gallotannin following mango […]

9 Reasons to add Chlorella superfood to your diet

(Natural News) Like spirulina, chlorella is a green alga with a host of health benefits. Though it has been around forever, this single-celled alga remained well hidden in freshwater ponds in the Far East until the end of the 19th century. While the Japanese were among the first to bring it to the market, it […]

Pharma propaganda on parade: Most ‘science’ journal studies on prescriptions are written by Big Pharma’s own scientists

(NaturalNews) It is no secret that the internet is littered with misinformation, whether it’s a matter of simple ignorance or people spreading falsehoods for their own agenda. Many people consider scientific journals to be among the most credible sources available, but it turns out that they, too, fall into the latter category; they’ve […]

Three physicians who disregarded medical choice to maim, murder or abandon patients (one of them is still practicing)

(NaturalNews) We like to picture doctors as caring, compassionate souls whose existence is dedicated to helping others. Unfortunately, not all physicians complete the rigorous schooling to satisfy an innate love for humanitarianism. Instead, some individuals enter the field seeking financial gains, power and an elitist-type status. These are the medical “professionals” that do […]

The Revolution of Freedom is Taking Place in Your Mind

Home > The Revolution of Freedom is Taking Place in Your Mind Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times The revolution of freedom is happening. It’s well underway. It’s not a fake revolution like Obama’s “hope and change” pretense. It’s fueled by an awakening and a rising […]

Natural News announces recipients of the 2015 Journalist Courage Awards

(NaturalNews) This past year saw a great number of journalists – new media and old – who took a stand for liberty, personal responsibility, […]

A Boy and His Clock: Clock Boy Moving to Qatar

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 21, 2015 It was thought by experts that genius such as that possessed by Clock Boy was a thing of the distant past. Due to the racism he has suffered at the hands of evil Whites in these United States, Clock Boy, heroic inventor of the clock, has opted to move […]

The superfood power of goji berries

Tweet Pin It (NaturalNews) Foods that have an incredible array of health benefits that go well beyond just their nutrient value are considered superfoods. These foods are typically loaded with a combination of critical fatty acids, anti-oxidant phytonutrients, and essential amino acids. Goji berries contain an extraordinary amount of unique nutrients and anti-oxidants that give […]

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