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“Supernatural” Bronze Age Gold Device Unearthed in Czech Republic

Last month a beet farmer in the Czech Republic uprooted an ornate Bronze Age gold artifact. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

The Gospel v. supernatural evil in Vietnam

Photo Credit: Van Long Bui/Pixabay (Christian Aid Mission) — In a country where one tribe walks on burning coals to demonstrate the power of supernatural evil, two women at a church asked a visiting leader of a ministry based in Vietnam to pray for their deliverance from demonic attacks. When they lay in bed at […]

The Visions of Ermine de Reims – Supernatural Forces in Everyday Medieval Life

Ermine de Reims was a relatively inconsequential peasant woman who moved to the town of Reims, in northeastern France, from rural Vermandois with her elderly husband in 1384.  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Famous People Read Later 

Dark Journalist X-105: Female Targets Supernatural Eugenics Hollywood Mystery!

» Massive protest in Melbourne as SIXTH ‘snap lockdown’ declaredYesterday at 9:49 am by PurpleSkyz » The Biggest Megaliths On EarthYesterday at 8:50 am by PurpleSkyz » Dark Journalist X-105: Female Targets Supernatural Eugenics Hollywood Mystery!Yesterday at 8:45 am by PurpleSkyz » “They Don’t Want Me Talking About This..” – Edward Snowden (2021)Yesterday at 8:34 am by PurpleSkyz » Body Language: Governor Cuomo RespondsYesterday […]

The Supernatural Powers of the Psychic Ones and the CIA

Comment: Many people used in CIA mind control programs develop psychic super powers. Don’t know how or why but they do. FOIA Category Search | Advanced Search | Search Help Search form Search Query for FOIA ERR:  –AA+A Sort by FieldTitleRelevancyDirectionAscendingDescending FOIA Search found 1864 items Filter by collection: Show more Filter by release date: Show more Filter by post […]

Another CIA Document Shows US Army’s Interest in The “Holographic” Universe & Supernatural Abilities

What Happened: Myself, Joe, and Ruby (Collective-Evolution)  recently sat down to discuss a very interesting declassified CIA document that wecame across. The document was approved for release in 2003, but comes from the 1980’s. It’s titled, “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process.” The document was written for the Commander of the US Army Operational Group in […]

Time Entanglement and the Supernatural

Robert Torres, Guest Waking Times “When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” ~Nietzche I read this in the context of quantum entanglement: that as the observers we become part of a quantum system – one with the observed. More like-minded scientists are coming to the realization that we are […]

Suicide belt, grenade found near German cinema complex attacker – Bild

According to the paper, the grenade was discovered by the police after the incident. An eyewitness told Bild that the attacker was speaking in “broken German language.” German attacker took hostages before being shot, no one else hurt – police The police said that they currently have no leads linking the man to radical Islam, […]


Ginger is most definitely the underdog of all spices! It is highly regarded for its therapeutic medicinal properties in healing nausea symptoms, digestive issues and gastrointestinal distress. It naturally contains anti-inflammatory compounds, and can also inhibit the growth of particular cancer cells. It is a staple flavor for a number of cuisines, it’s a great […]

Erdogan Blackmails NATO Allies

  Erdogan intentionally releases tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into Europe to put pressure on EU politicians who quickly lose the support of their people and face the meteoric rise of right wing parties. And then, the next thing you know, Merkel, Hollande and every other EU leader is looking to cut a […]

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