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Dr. Daniel Nagase Exposes the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia as an Extremely Dangerous and Fraudulent Medical Association (Video)


Israel, Ukraine, and Black Market Transplant Surgeons

The topics of local military conflicts and illegal human organ trade always go hand in hand, since military actions are not just about solving geopolitical issues and commonplace profiting off the arms trafficking but also about illegal human organ trade. Organ buyer-ups and black market transplant surgeons have long become ordinary elements of the military […]

US surgeons transplant pig heart into human patient in medical first

In a medical first, doctors transplanted a pig heart into a patient in a last-ditch effort to save his life and a Maryland hospital said Monday that he’s doing well three days after the highly experimental surgery. While it’s too soon to know if the operation really will work, it marks a step in the […]

US surgeons successfully implant pig heart in human: statement

US surgeons have successfully implanted a heart from a genetically modified pig in a human patient, a first of its kind procedure, the University of Maryland Medical School said Monday. The surgery took place Friday, and demonstrates for the first time that an animal heart can survive in a human without immediate rejection, the medical school said in […]

How Hollywood Trannies Look So Feminine; They Have Cutting Edge Plastic Surgeons & Stylists Too. Comment: Anything FAKE you want is here. Comment: Hollywood is run by Super Satanists. Just ask Mel Gibson. 10 Easy Knee-Friendly Exercises for Crossdressers to Grow Their Hips 10/18/2021 Because of this, male glutes are mostly muscles that can be shaped with the correct exercises. This may mean that you…Tagged With:Butt Exercises , Crossdresser Workout […]

Message To Doctors By Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons Shows Desperation to Silence Them

The Facts: In March, Harvard epidemiologist and vaccine expert Dr. Martin Kulldorff was subjected to censorship by Twitter for sharing his opinion that not everybody needed to take the COVID vaccine. Reflect On: Why are so many opinions, evidence and research receiving no mainstream media attention at all? Why are some of them ridiculed and […]

Even the Royal College of Surgeons of England Study Proved Masks Were Worthless

Arthur Firstenberg on facial masks: “As a person who went to medical school, I was shocked when I read Neil Orr’s study, published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in Colchester. And for six months, from March through […]

BEST OF THE WEB: A classic fallacious argument: "If masks don’t work, then why do surgeons wear them?"

   A response to people who use the classic fallacious argument, “Well, if masks don’t work, then why do surgeons wear them?” I’m a surgeon that has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures wearing a surgical mask. However, that fact alone doesn’t really qualify me as an expert on the matter. More importantly, I am a […]

Sauce of the problem: Surgeons find ketchup packet inside woman’s bowel

For six years the woman believed the bouts of acute abdominal pain she suffered were caused by the chronic intestinal disease. READ MORE: Doctor suspended for reusing disposable anal catheters on multiple patients The 41 year old suffered the symptoms in three-day spells before they would resolve spontaneously, a case study in the British Medical […]

To double their fees, some surgeons are now operating on TWO patients at once… what could possibly go wrong?

(Natural News) We’ve all heard horror stories of botched operations, whether it’s a doctor leaving a surgical tool inside the patient or the wrong limb being operated on – or even amputated. If you’ve ever wondered how this type of thing could happen, the concept of overlapping surgery could provide some clues. Yes, that’s right; […]

Surgeons Find 27 Contact Lenses Lodged In Woman’s Eye

A large “bluish mass” of 17 contact lenses was initially detected by surgeons in November last year before ten more lenses were discovered during further examination at Solihull Hospital in the west midlands, reported Optometry Today. Details of the incident, the first of its kind of reported anywhere in the world, have been published in […]

Cancer surgeons resort to "medical terrorism" by scaring women into unnecessary breast removal surgery

(Natural News) Is that double mastectomy your doctor recommended really necessary? New research from Stanford University School of Medicine has indicated that there is a good chance it may not be — and that your doctor may know it’s not necessary. In a study of 2,000 women, researchers found that about half of them underwent […]

La Plaga de los Evangélicos

By Rainer Chlodwig von Kook As increasingly libertine and spiritually disinvested whites present less and less promising prospects as a reliable bulwark of support for its bellicose foreign policy aims, the Zionist menace is hedging its bets by wagering on more bovine stock. High stakes are attached by the Israel lobby to the manipulation of […]

Big Pharma drug trials critically injure six, leaving one brain dead; mainstream media points finger at marijuana not used in experiment

(NaturalNews) A Portugal-based drug maker is being accused of trying to conceal details about a clinical drug trial that went severely awry earlier this month, leaving one person brain-dead and four others seriously injured. The trial took place in Rennes, France, and was conducted by Biotrial, a third-party drug evaluation and pharmacology research […]

How A New Generation Is Getting Their Education Abroad — Without Paying Tuition

A generation in search of answers There has long been a bug in the minds of the new generation — something doesn’t add up about the modern life path. We’ve heard it all before: spend some time in school, get a career helping some corporation produce and market some product or service, buy a house, […]

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