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NYC Mayor Compares Holocaust Survivor to ‘Plantation’ Owner

New York City Mayor Eric Adams compared an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor to a plantation owner after she complained about rising rents in New York. The exchange took place during a town hall meeting in the […] The post NYC Mayor Compares Holocaust Survivor to ‘Plantation’ Owner appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Cleopatra Selene II: A Survivor’s Royal Destiny

Cleopatra Selene II, daughter of the famed Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII and Roman general Mark Antony, led a remarkable and turbulent life that intertwined the legacies of both Egypt and Rome. Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later  Source

Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Describes TEAMS Of Shooters Killing Americans: State-Sponsored Terrorism (Oct. 1, 2017)

Vegas Shooting Survivor Describes Teams OF Shooters Killing Americans In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell, author of 1984 Webmaster comment: What this means is the US military teamed up with the Las Vegas Police Department to execute this public mass murder-massacre of Americans. Private subcontractors, […]

Holocaust survivor says: ‘Fauci and Gates must be Hanged over Covid’

    The globalist elite responsible for orchestrating the Covid pandemic must be charged with crimes against humanity and sentenced to death, according to Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav who says Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are modern-day Nazis who are continuing the Nazi eugenics program under different names. According to Sharav, who gained her freedom […]

Traute Lafrenz, Last Survivor Of Anti-Nazi Resistance Group, Dead At 103

Lafrenz was arrested by the Gestapo for handing out pamphlets from the White Rose, a group of young idealists calling for opposition to Adolf Hitler. Source

Son Of A Holocaust Survivor

Son Of A Holocaust Survivor January 24, 2023 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ More Vids! HoloCaust Hoax For Kids! Here! Is Elie Wiesel A Fraud? Here! Notes From A Gas Chamber Here! +BN Classics! How To Survive The Holocaust Here! The Holocaust Denial Debate Here! Who Will Replace Elie Wiesel? Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE! ___________________________________ […]

Tomorrow she will be taken away: German court sentences Holocaust survivor (85) to forced vaccination

Covid-19 Legal actions Vaccination Originally published on 10th Jan 2023 by Willi Huber, The facts of the case seem unbelievable, because Germany has probably really learned nothing at all from history. Confidants of a Ukrainian-born composer, famous in her homeland, turned to Report24. A court in Stuttgart has decided on a year of forced confinement in […]

‘Man of the Hole’, Last Survivor of Amazonian Tribe In Brazil Has Died

The Brazilian indigenous affairs department, also known as FUNAI, have released a remarkable video. It shows footage of an indigenous man in the Amazon who is believed to be the last living member of his tribe. Read more Section:  News General Read Later 

Last Survivor Of Brazilian Indigenous Tribe Dies After Decades Resisting Contact

An Indigenous man who survived entirely alone and without contact in the Brazilian Amazon for decades after his tribe was steadily killed off has died, a local government agency announced Saturday. The so-called “Man of the Hole,” who was believed to be around 60 years old, was found dead Tuesday in a hammock inside of […]

Aurora Theater Massacre Survivor Marries Responding Police Officer 10 Years Later

What started as simply getting lunch between a survivor of the Aurora theater mass shooting and a police officer who responded to the scene grew into something much more than a friendship. Source

Remembering Inge Deutschkron, a Force of Nature Holocaust Survivor

Inge Deutschkron, Holocaust survivor, author, and lecturer, was a force of nature. She died at the age of 99 on March 9, 2022, and was buried on April 8 in her hometown of Berlin, where she fought for justice against right-wing extremists. She was honored by officials and political leaders from Berlin, few of whom […]

Holocaust Survivor Claims She Knew Anne Frank In Amsterdam: A ‘Spoiled, Mean, Typical German Jew’

(Forward) Say it isn’t so! A “Holocaust” survivor — who grew up in Amsterdam with Anne Frank and knew her family — said she didn’t like Anne — a “typical German Jew.” Jewish writer Philip Graubart tells the story of his friendship with “Trudy” — a contemporary of Anne Frank: “…I became acutely conscious of […]

How Greensboro Massacre Survivor Taught The Next Generation To Fight

Above Photo: Marty Nathan with other survivors of the Greensboro Massacre after winning the civil suit against the City of Greensboro, 1985. From left to right: Marty Nathan, Nelson Johnson, Dale Sampson, and Signe Waller. Elliot Fratkin. The Ku Klux Klan murdered five of her comrades and the father of her six-month-old child. She remained […]

Austrian Holocaust Survivor ‘Mrs. Gertrude’ Dies At 94

BERLIN (AP) — The Holocaust survivor Gertrude Pressburger, who became famous during Austria’s 2016 presidential campaign with a video message in which “Mrs. Gertrude” warned of hatred and exclusion triggered by the far right, has died at 94. Pressburger died Friday after a long illness, her family told the Austrian press agency APA on Saturday. […]

Tornado Survivor: ‘Not Knowing Is Worse Than Knowing’

MAYFIELD, Ky.—Autumn Kirks said she and her boyfriend, Lannis Ward, had been dating for about a year and were saving money to buy a house. They were both working the night shift at the candle factory for extra money when the tornado struck. Then Ward, described by Kirks as “a big teddy bear,” disappeared—and all […]

Survivor Found In Siberian Coal Mine Accident That Likely Killed Dozens

MOSCOW (AP) — Rescuers have found a survivor in a Siberian coal mine where dozens of miners are presumed dead after a devastating methane explosion, a top local official announced Friday. Sergei Tsivilyov, governor of the Kemerovo region where the mine is located, said on the messaging app Telegram that the survivor was found in […]

Exclusive – Chinese Concentration Camp Survivor on NBA: ‘They Don’t Want to Think About Humanity’

Mihrigul Tursun, a survivor of China’s concentration camp system, urged the National Basketball Association (NBA) in remarks to Breitbart News on Friday to condemn China’s human rights abuses. Tursun also warned star player LeBron James, one of China’s biggest business partners in the league, to distance himself from the regime “because money cannot do everything.” […]

Exclusive: Cancer Survivor Says Pfizer Vaccine Injuries ‘Far Worse’ Than Cancer

By Megan Redshaw | ChildrenHealthDefence Diane Ochoa, a 63-year-old cancer survivor from Georgia, was diagnosed with rare autoimmune disorders Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) after getting her second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Ochoa said she is outraged, after the vaccine injuries left her in “horrific pain,” unable to walk […]

Sunao Tsuboi, Hiroshima Attack Survivor And Anti-Nuke Activist, Dead At 96

TOKYO (AP) — Sunao Tsuboi, a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing who made opposing nuclear weapons the message of his life, including in a meeting with President Barack Obama in 2016, has died. He was 96. Tsuboi died Oct. 24 in a hospital in Hiroshima in southwestern Japan. The cause of death was given […]

Cable car crash survivor should return to Italian relatives, rules Israeli court

A boy who survived a cable car crash in Italy should be returned to his relatives there, an Israeli court has ruled. Six-year-old Eitan Biran has been at the centre of a bitter custody battle between his family members in Israeli and Italy. On Monday, the court in Israel ordered that Biran should return to […]

Holocaust survivor-author Eddie Jaku dies in Sydney aged 101

Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku, who last year published his best-selling memoir, “The Happiest Man on Earth,” has died in Sydney, a Jewish community leader said. He was 101. “Eddie Jaku was a beacon of light and hope for not only our community, but the world,” New South Wales state Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive […]

How to Heal with Raw Foods – Featuring a Raw Food, Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch Matt Monarch has a live raw food show in the US that features on Youtube (his channel at the links here) … I just recently discovered him. The info looks fantastic, especially given all the amazing testimonies I see of all the illnesses cured. At his channel just click on ‘videos’ […]

American survivor of Sabra-Shatila massacre has spoken out for 39 years

“They walked us single file against a bullet-riddled brick wall. It seemed like about 40 soldiers facing us. Their rifles were pointed. They looked like a firing squad. Some of my fellow hospital staff started crying. I wondered, was anyone going to know that I died in this refugee camp? “But I thought, it’s OK […]

June 8 Will Live in Infamy: Kyle Hunt Interviews Dave Gahary and USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney

This show originally aired in April of 2017. Kyle speaks with Phil Tourney, USS Liberty survivor and outspoken activist, and Dave Gahary about their USS Liberty Movie project, the true history of the crew and the horror they experienced at the hands of Israel, how the US government covered it up, and the ongoing struggle […]

Kamloops Indian Residential School Survivor On The Queen’s Alleged Connection To Missing Children

The Facts: A new study has found that mild cases of COVID-19 leave those infected with lasting antibody protection and that repeated bouts of illness are likely to be uncommon. Reflect On: Should we be testing people for antibodies before giving them the vaccine? Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest […]

Italy cable car fall: Lone child survivor in family of five recovering in hospital as death toll reaches 14

Fourteen people have been confirmed dead after a cable car plunged to the ground on a mountainside in northern Italy on Sunday morning. The Italian government has launched an investigation into the cause of the incident on the Stresa-Mottarone line in the Piedmont region, while prosecutors seek to establish any criminal blame. Just one of […]

‘They were celebrating Eid’: Gaza Survivor mourns massacre of family killed in Israeli bombing

Palestinians pray during the funeral of the Abu Hatab family in Gaza City on 15 May, 2021. Eight children and two women from the family were killed in the collapse of their three-storey home in Shati refugee camp in Gaza (AFP) Muhammed al-Hadidi ‘paralyzed’ after losing wife and three of his five children in an […]

Holocaust Survivor Insisted On Being Cremated Like Her Family In Auschwitz — Then She Got Lost In The Mail

Nearly a month after Eugenia Yuspeh — one of the oldest remaining Holocaust survivors — passed away at the age of 97, her cremated remains still haven’t made it to her final resting place — because they appear to have gotten lost in the mail: Traditionally, Jewish burial is encouraged to take place as soon […]

The Holocaust Survivor Fighting Antisemitism, One Story at a Time

David Lenga, a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor, likes to share his story with as many people as possible to help combat rising antisemitism worldwide. In a Zoom interview with the Journal, Lenga explained that he had a “wonderful life” in the city of Łódź, Poland before the Holocaust, where “Jewish life was vibrant.” And yet, “there […]

Holocaust survivor and former Yad Vashem chairman Yitzhak Arad dies at 94

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