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Are You Swallowing 5 Grams of Plastic Weekly by Doing This?

From Story at-a-glance The world now produces 299 million tons of plastics a year, most of which ends up in oceans People, on average, are consuming the equivalent weight of one credit card a week from water, seafood and other sources contaminated with plastic Both tap and bottled water contain microplastics and bottled water […]

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew? The Dangerous History Of Sword Swallowing

Throughout human history we seem to have done almost anything to entertain ourselves, and some forms of entertainment have been pretty weird. Some of these have even teetered on the edge of the downright dangerous. When it comes to the practice of sword swallowing, this would certainly count as one of the more dangerous activities. […]

EU, UK and US offer support as COVID-19 ‘swallowing’ people in India

The European Union, UK and the United States have pledged to help India as the country battles a devastating surge of COVID-19 infections. For the fourth straight day, India on Sunday set a global daily record of new cases, spurred by an insidious new variant that emerged here. The surge has undermined the government’s premature […]

Watching The Hawks – Shutting Down Trust & Swallowing Stupidity

Watching The Hawks – Shutting Down Trust & Swallowing Stupidity Watching The Democrats and Republicans wage a spin war over the three-day long government shutdown. An alarming trend of people eating Tide pods for fun. Ex-spy Ray McGovern discusses the NSAs loss of a data trove the agency was ordered to preserve. And, a […]

Donald Trump Accuses Clintons Of ‘Suiciding’ Vince Foster

Donald Trump has sent the mainstream media into a frenzy after publicly declaring that former top aide to the Clintons, Vince Foster, was probably “suicided” by the elite.  His comments have re-ignited the story in the mainstream media, upsetting Hillary who has relied on it being buried on obscure conspiracy websites. Alternative news blogger and activist Shepard Ambellas remarked in […]

Jerusalem Bishop: ‘Christians are part of Palestine’s cause’

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Jerusalem Christian Bishop Attallah Hanna has said that “Christians in Palestinian are part of Palestine’s cause and will forever remain supporter for Palestinians’ rights.” Speaking in a statements, Hanna highlighted the importance of national unity and religious fraternity between Muslims and Christians. “We are inherently Palestinians and resistance against the Israeli […]

ISIS bought anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine via Kuwait cell

The information came from Kuwait’s Interior Ministry, which identified the leader of the group as a 45-year-old Lebanese national, Osama Khayat. The ringleader was detained first and gave up the information about the rest of the members during interrogation, the ministry said in a statement. READ MORE: Ukrainian uranium: ‘Nightmare’ situation brewing The cell was involved […]

Sweden Yes! This is what happens without "gender norms"

From: Just in case you want to find out just HOW progressive Sweden is, here is a pretty god damn good idea. Prepared to get TRIGGERED! I can’t even. #CuckNation #SwedenYes #ThisIsTheFutureYouChoose #CulturalEnrichment #ThirdWaveFeminism #tumblr #pol — Ordnung ‏ن (@polackk) November 2, 2015 I can’t even. #CuckNation […]

No peace can come to Syria without Assad – Lavrov

“All the forecasts made by our colleagues in the West and some other parties that the people would rise up and oust him never came true. This means one thing: Assad represents the interests of a significant part of Syrian society. So no peaceful solution can be found without his participation,” the top Russian diplomat […]

China buys 24 advanced Russian Su-35 warplanes in estimated $2bn landmark deal

“The long negotiation on the Su-35 sale to China has been completed. We have signed a contract,” Sergey Chemezov, the head of the Russian state-owned high-tech giant Rostec, told Kommersant business daily. Chemezov didn’t disclose the details of the deal, but Kommersant cited sources in the Russian arms industry as saying that China had purchased […]

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