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Children in Tehran show sympathy with Palestinians

Children in Tehran gathered at Felestin (Palestine) Square on Monday evening to show sympathy with Palestinian children who are under Israeli brutal attacks. The event was held with the theme of “Nightmare Is Not Children’s Share.” According to statistics, Israeli airstrikes have killed 243 people, including 66 children since May 10. Source

Palestinians could gain Sympathy from the West by allowing their Women to go Sexy

    Palestinians in Gaza have a major problem, they are living in an open air prison system, nothing goes in, nothing goes out unchecked, water, electricity, internet, gas, everything can be turned off to them by the push of a button. Occasionally they also get bombed, not that they are innocent, no, they shouldn’t […]

Indonesian Navy Chief Thanks Israeli Sailors for Sympathy After Fatal Loss of Submarine

The Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala-402 in Surabaya, East Java Province, Indonesia, September 25, 2014. Photo: M. Risyal Hidayat / Antara Photo / via REUTERS. The president of Israel’s association of retired submariners exchanged letters of condolence with the chief of staff of the Indonesian navy following the loss of an Indonesian submarine with all hands […]

The Ua-Orthodox and Netanyahu backers deserve more sympathy

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

‘Hellboy’ Star Ron Perlman Expresses Sympathy for the Devil Because Rush Limbaugh Will ‘Spend the Rest of Eternity’ in Hell

Hollywood actor Ron Perlman declared that the late Rush Limbaugh will spend the rest of eternity with the devil, adding his insult to the outpouring of vitriol and nastiness coming from many of his fellow left-wing celebrities. Ron Perlman reserved his “deepest sympathies” not for Limbaugh but for Lucifer in a tweet on Wednesday. The […]

Democrat Mayoral Candidate Arrested For Faking Own Kidnapping For ‘Sympathy and Votes’

A candidate who is running to be the “first black female mayor” in Sumter, South Carolina has been arrested for allegedly filming a fake kidnapping and beating of herself to gain publicity and win sympathy votes in November, reports The State. Authorities charged Sabrina Belcher with conspiracy as well as filing a false police report following […]

Not Anti-Semitism but less Sympathy for israel

Source Reports on Anti-Semitism are booming. Most of these stories are produced by Zionist organizations, the Israeli government or close affiliates to both of them pretending, however, non-partisanship.  Just recently the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs released the 2017 Anti-Semitism Report that showed an increase in racist incidents against Jews, especially in Western Europe such […]

Wives of Tranny Men Get No Sympathy

Feminists Ignore the Suffering of ‘Trans Widows’ Female solidarity is out. A man in a dress is in.  Among feminists, a man who declares himself a transsexual trumps his wife any day. She committed the cardinal sin- getting married to what she thought was a man. By Adam Cleary (  The media is awash with glowing accounts […]

FLASHBACK: Throwing Turkey to the wolves: Erdogan is the new Milosevic, Saddam

     Some hours before the Brussels terror attacks, on the other side of the Atlantic, a rather astonishing article was posted on the website of the ultra-hawkish and pro-Israeli American Enterprise Institute. It was written by a known neocon activist with strong ties (at least in the past, but probably also now) with Turkish Kemalists, […]

The "Toretsk Uprising": How Kiev’s repression of Donbass feeds a growing rage

     During the night of July 4th-5th in the city of Toretsk (formerly Dzerzhinsk) in the Donetsk region of Ukraine currently controlled by the UAF, a group of people barricaded the highway in an attempt to block the re-deployment of UAF military vehicles. Some sources report that the number of protesters was no more than […]

While glyphosate continues to destroy entire populations, here’s something simple you can do to save the bees

(NaturalNews) In the age of glyphosate and neonicotinoids, it can feel like there’s nothing a single person can do to stem the alarming worldwide decline of pollinator populations. Yet, even as grassroots activists and policy makers battle over the larger issues killing pollinators worldwide, ordinary people can take simple actions to boost pollinator […]

Cycling Smart In Copenhagen: ‘Smart Cities’ Call For Smart Solutions

“Every increase in motorized speed creates new demands on space and time. The use of the bicycle is self-limiting. It allows people to create a new relationship between their life-space and their life-time, between their territory and the pulse of their being, without destroying their inherited balance. The advantages of modern self-powered traffic are obvious, […]

Putin: “ISIS On Brink Of Total Defeat” Despite NATO Not Helping

The Russian Ministry of Defense have issued a statement on behalf of Vladimir Putin saying that ISIS militants operating the Levant War Zone are on the “brink of total defeat”, and that Western nations claims that they have been engaged in a battle against ISIS is a “total lie”. Putin says that 472 ISIS targets have […]

Resistance Round Table Nov 03, 2015

  Show Title: Open Talk Topics: Police Brutality, Resource Officers in schools, militarizing our police, and more. Description: This week we will be having a general talk about a variety of topics. Due to the recent problems with our site and the massive attacks happening, we are fortunate through the help of some amazing people […]

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