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Here’s how the Khazarian banksters are systematically bankrupting the US Corporation.

The 2024 Debt Spiral: How $1 Trillion in Interest Is Breaking the Federal Budget by Nick Giambruno INTERNATIONAL MAN Contrary to conventional wisdom, higher interest rates mean more inflation in the environment today. That’s because the federal interest expense increases as interest rates rise. As the federal interest expense rises, so does the budget deficit. […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 108: Israel is systematically obliterating Gaza, section by section 

As Israeli forces surround yet another hospital in Gaza, Hamas releases a letter clarifying its motives behind the October 7 attack, reiterating the Palestinian demand for the right to self-determination. Source

Ukrainian women now being sent to work in the coal mines as the men are being systematically killed off on the frontlines ON PURPOSE.


Sudan accuses paramilitary RSF of ‘systematically destroying’ capital Khartoum

Sudan, on Monday, accused the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group of systematically destroying the capital, Khartoum, Anadolu Agency reports. Sudan has been ravaged by clashes between the army and the RSF since April, in a conflict that has killed thousands, according to medics. “The rebel militia continues its heinous terrorist crimes aimed at eliminating […]

WATCH & BEWARE! These are secretly trained gang members who are systematically pushed across the US-Mexican border to man America’s Khazarian-directed bolshevik revolution. (Video)

VIEW HERE: Watch: El Salvador Sends Thousands Of Tattooed Gang Members To Mega-Prison   Source

Do you see how the Khazarian Cabal is systematically bankrupting the USA?! Really, how many times will the Treasury Secretary issue the dire warning of a U.S. debt default?

READ HERE: Yellen warns of U.S. default risk by June, urges debt limit hike   Source

Here how the globalists are systematically collapsing Tesla to take down Musk.

READ HERE: Tesla stock suffers worst week since 2020 as Elon Musk sells, large shareholder asks for new CEO   Source

This is how the banksters are systematically destroying small businesses and shrinking the middle class.


How Bayer/Monsanto has been systematically undercutting science & making large investments to build propaganda that attacks non-GMO activists & organizations (IRT)

From Institute for Responsible Technology Bayer versus the planet. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Bayer has been in the news recently (rightfully so) for – you guessed it – poisoning the planet. We have stood against Bayer/Monsanto for twenty years and it’s high time they stand accountable for their planetary injustice. This week you may have seen […]

Your Standard Of Living Is Being Systematically Destroyed

Most Americans didn’t understand that the exceedingly foolish decisions of our leaders would eventually have a major impact on how they live their lives every single day.  But there are some of us that did.  Many of us literally begged our politicians to stop borrowing and spending trillions upon trillions of dollars that we did […]

Professional Data Analysts: Vaccines Being Systematically Distributed to Cause Large Amounts of Deaths

Dr. Jane Ruby (cont. @2:28): The most harmful lot for children, under this EW, FA, FC, was something identified; the whole lot number is EW01A2 [editor’s note: could not verify this specific lot id in the website] But you could go to and look up… the company, and put your lot number in. For under Pfizer for […]

Myanmar’s military systematically torture its detainees: AP

An Associated Press investigation revealed that Myanmar’s military uses systematic torture on detainees across the country since it took over the government in February. An estimated 1,200 people have been killed by security forces, including around 131 tortured to death. The military has also abducted thousands, including young men and boys, has used the bodies […]

Every Day Children Are Being Smothered and Systematically Abused at Schools and Daycare Centers

This is what our world has come to. Adults are smothering innocent children so as to comply with the mandates of child raping politicians. Link Share now! Source

The Duran Interview – How PayPal Is Systematically Attacking Objective Journalism

Joining me today is The Duran – Alex Christoforou & Alexander Mercouris – here to discus their recent censorship on the PayPal platform. As many of you know, TLAV was also recently “Suspended Indefinitely” due to alleged “violations of the user agreement”. The Duran has now become the newest addition to what seems to be […]

Govts world wide are systematically destroying your food supplies: NZ is no exception – MUST WATCH

A video from the Ice Age Farmer produced late last year. Blatant and deliberate swipes at destroying our food supplies. NZ evangelist & investigative author, the late Barry Smith, wrote about this over two decades back as he witnessed the shooting of livestock and destruction of fruit trees in Australia. And remember the time-worn quote […]

HRW: “Israel” Systematically Repressed Palestinians in 2020

By Staff, Agencies Human Rights Watch [HRW] says the apartheid “Israeli” regime “systematically repressed and discriminated” against Palestinians last year. HRW said in a report on the year 2020 that the “Israeli” regime’s practices “far exceeded the security justifications” it often gave. In the occupied West Bank, including East al-Quds [Jerusalem], the “Israeli” Occupation Forces […]

Covid-19 fear porn mongers are being systematically hunted down and killed

Benjamin Benjamin Fulford August 24, 2020 Make no mistake about it, Satan-worshipping Khazarian gangsters are trying to kill you and your family.  That is why a campaign to systematically hunt down and kill all the Covid-19, fear-mongering, fascist Western leaders has begun, multiple sources say. “The entire Covid-19 fiasco is part of the UN […]

Auschwitz Chemistry: How Science Proves The ‘Final Solution’ Was Systematically Gassing Lice Infested Clothing To Save Lives

By John Wear Above: “Gassing Clothing”. Left: Healthy inmates at work sterilizing clothing. Right: Healthy prisoners at Auschwitz working in one of the larger clothing disinfestation chambers in the camp. Above: The Auschwitz camp employed a number of delousing stations, which used steam and Zyklon-B to kill lice in prisoner clothing. This picture shows autoclave number 2, seen from the […]

This is what it looks like when the casualties aren’t a hoax. israel is systematically killing children.

This is what it looks like when the casualties aren’t a hoax. Israel is systematically killing children. Jon Snow has been speaking to youngsters in Gaza City about their lives and how they’re coping with living in a warzone. And he also talks to Dr Mads Gilbert – a Norwegian doctor working at al Shifa […]

Abduct, imprison, repeat: israel systematically imprisons Palestinians on false or no charges

According to October 2017 statistics by the Palestinian prisoner support group Addameer, Israel holds 6,198 Palestinians in prison (including 280 children and 58 women). On October 27, Israeli forces abducted Ashraf Abu Rahme (36) from Bil’in, a village of around 2,000 people, just west of Ramallah. Abu Rahme’s alleged crime? “Throwing stones.” Even were Israel’s […]

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