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Biden Mulls Tapping US Army’s Own Funds In Scramble To Arm Ukraine

The Biden White House is so desperate to provide further immediate funding to Ukraine, with the House still firmly blocking the sought after $60+ billion, that it is considering a move to try and tap $200 million from US Army funding. While $200 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the total Ukraine aid […]

Biden Considers Tapping Into US Army’s Budget To Aid Ukraine

US president Joe Biden is reportedly looking for alternative ways to fund Ukraine as his foreign aid bill remains stalled in Congress. According to a report this week by Bloomberg, the US government is considering tapping into the US Army budget to provide Ukraine with the military aid it keeps demanding. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign […]

Greek Parliament set to investigate wire-tapping scandal

The Greek Parliament is set to investigate the wire-tapping scandal that recently rocked the Mitsotakis government and saw the resignation of the Head of the Greek Intelligence Service (KYP). Opposition parties approved the setting up of a parliamentary examination committee on the wiretapping case of the phone of PASOK-Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Nikos Androulakis […]

Groups worry about tapping COVID relief for infrastructure

Organizations representing long-term care facilities on Friday urged lawmakers working on a bipartisan infrastructure plan to avoid dipping into COVID-relief funds to help pay for the roughly $600 billion in new spending sought for the public works buildout. The request comes as lawmakers are struggling to finish up negotiations over the package amid stubborn disagreements […]

Production will fail to keep pace without tapping new technologies

Production will fail to keep pace without tapping new technologies – Tehran%20Times The seven presidential contenders in Iran have been insisting on production since the campaigns began on May 25.  However, production in industrial fields without using new technologies will end in failure. Generally speaking, producers are obsessed with instant profit and a great effort […]

Use Tapping to Eliminate Disempowering Beliefs About Money and Success – FREE Ebook

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know”? Did you know that most people have negative and limiting beliefs around money and success, that they’re completely unaware of? Most of us simply don’t know what we don’t know. If you hold disempowering beliefs about money or success – for example, […]

The Biological Weight Loss Trap and How Tapping Can Free You – FREE Webinar

Dieting and more exercise is the obvious way to lose weight, right? But what if, because of the unconscious patterns in your brain, it’s not quite so simple? Many people get ‘stuck’ in a yo-yo weight loss cycle, unaware that it’s their own disempowering self-beliefs which are sabotaging their efforts. This is where EFT – […]

Tapping and EFT for Weight Loss – Eliminate Your Disempowering Beliefs – FREE eBook Download

When you think about how to release extra weight, what are the first things that you think of? Eating better and exercising, right? But we live in a whirlwind of chronic stress, so these things are way more easier said than done. Focusing on diet and exercise alone means you’re effectively setting yourself up for failure, […]

Car with mother and girl swallowed by enormous sinkhole in Tver, Russia

     And suddenly the road opened up just under their car. A mother and her girl were swallowed by a giant sinkhole in Tver, Russia and were saved by a passing by family on December 14, 2015. A car transporting a mother and her girl was swallowed by the ground on December 14, 2015 in […]

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