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Police: Suspect with Taser, Knife Sparks Chaos in NYC Park

Chaos ensued in Washington Square Park Saturday when a man reportedly armed with a taser and knife sent park goers running for cover, trampling a woman as they escaped. The woman was covered in blood after being “run over,” police told the New York Post. Taser-wielding madman sparks mayhem in Washington Square Park, cops say […]

Police: Officer mistakenly fired gun instead of Taser in Wright killing

The fatal police shooting of a young Black man in a Minneapolis suburb appeared to result from an officer accidentally opening fire with her gun instead of a Taser in the midst of a struggle during a traffic stop, the city’s police chief said on Monday.The shooting of Daunte Wright, 20, in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, […]

Literally shocking: Russian security forces unveil ‘Taser shield’ (VIDEO)

“Its whole surface holds an electrical charge. So, if someone charges at me, I can electrocute him,” an officer at the booth told a reporter from, adding that the shield might also help to deter possible offenders and discourage them from dangerous behavior. Different types of ‘Taser shields,’ also known as ‘stun shields,’ are […]

UN deems disturbing taser video "torture" by police

The horrific behavior of the American police state has become so overt that it has garnered international attention. The United Nations is now calling for an investigation into multiple departments for the use of excessive force via tasers which they are finally referring to as “torture.” The Free Thought Project has reported on countless incidents […]

Psycho cop grabs innocent woman by the hair and tells partner to taser her for refusing to hand over ID

     A Fort Worth police officer’s actions against an innocent woman were so disturbing that it actually prompted the department to fire him. The 22-year-veteran of the force, Sgt. Kenneth Pierce was fired this week after body camera footage showed him hold an innocent woman by the hair and arm and demand his rookie partner […]

Phenix City Man Died After Being Hit With Taser 19 Times and Pinned by 385-Pound Deputy

Alabama – The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments Thursday in the March 24, 2013 death of Phenix City resident Khari Neville Illidge after he was shot with a Taser 19 times and pinned on the ground by an officer. Attorney John Paul Schnapper-Casteras is representing Illidge’s mother, Gladis Callwood, in her civil […]

[WATCH] Georgia Cop Mistakes His Gun For Taser and Shoots Man in The Arm During Arrest

An 18-year-old male was shot in the arm on Monday by a cop who mistook his gun for his taser. Police responded to a call about a son striking his mother across the face at around 2pm in Milledgeville, Georgia. When they arrived to take the son, Jamel Jackson, 18, into custody he resisted and […]

Without Admitting Wrongdoing Miami Beach Settles Taser Death of Teen Street Artist

Miami Beach officials have settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Israel Hernandez-Llach, the 18-year-old street artist who died on Aug. 6, 2013 after he was shot in the chest with a Taser fired by a city cop who was chasing him for scrawling graffiti on a wall. The teen’s death generated […]

Taser International Exposed Investigating Its Own Non-lethal Weapons Deaths

September 5, 2017 By Joe Wright The proliferation of non-lethal weapons is predicated largely upon the advertising of weapons makers like Taser International (now Axon) that have repeatedly asserted their products are obviously much less dangerous than traditional weapons. However, the science behind the use of these weapons has been in conflict, […]

Terrifying Video Shows Cops Put Teen In A Restraint Chair, Torture Him With A Taser

A horrifying video was just released as part of a lawsuit on behalf of an 18-year-old man who was tasered over and over again while strapped in a restraining chair. The video looks like something out of horror movie. The nightmare for Jordan Norris began last year, in November, when a SWAT team raided his […]

Police taser man attacking people outside London mosque with ‘shoehorn’ (VIDEO)

The incident took place at Regent’s Park mosque around 1:20am local time, when police were called to deal with a man waving “an item” at worshippers during Ramadan taraweeh prayers. Witness Maria Idrissi said on Twitter the attacker “went into Regent’s Park mosque during taraweeh and tried to attack a man but luckily […]

Cops taser innocent disabled man and drag him off bus, breaking his hip, for not sitting down

     Brad Hulett (39) is arguably one of the unluckiest men who’s ever lived. When he was 12, he was hit by two trains, and permanently disabled, and a portion of his brain was removed. At 27, he was run over by a truck. Both accidents left him permanently disabled. The train accident caused his […]

Cops stomp, taser, and suffocate mentally ill man in county jail; parents sue for wrongful death

     Surveillance footage, released to the Reno Gazette-Journal through a public records request, shows the terrifying final moments of 35-year-old Justin Thompson, a man in the midst of a mental breakdown. For 30 minutes, nearly a dozen Washoe County Sheriff’s deputies took turns kicking, tasering, insulting, and crushing the wind from Thompson — who noted […]

New Leaked Footage Shows Police Using Taser On Handcuffed Man

New leaked police body camera footage from 2016 shows a sergeant repeatedly stunning a handcuffed man in the same Dallas suburb where a fired cop fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. A white officer with Balch Springs Police Department can be seen shoving the stun gun into the cuffed man’s […]

Horrifying Video Shows Multiple Cops Kick, Taser, Crush Mentally Ill Man Until He Died

Reno, NV — Surveillance footage, released to the Reno Gazette-Journal through a public records request, shows the terrifying final moments of 35-year-old Justin Thompson, a man in the midst of a mental breakdown. For 30 minutes, nearly a dozen Washoe County Sheriff’s deputies took turns kicking, tasering, insulting, and crushing the wind from […]

Brexit is Another Nail in the Coffin of the Failed EU Experiment!

Please support us if you can. Daily Stormer is 100% reader-funded. And these bastards are always at our throats. Sign-up with Liberapay to make a weekly recurring credit/debit card donation: Details on signing up for Liberapay and other contribution options here. Source Article from 00

Maui Stops Purchase And Use Of Monsanto’s Roundup

The State Department of Transportation on Maui have just agreed not to spray Monsanto’s Roundup along its roadways. According to Maui Mama, all purchases of the glyphosate-based, carcinogenic weed killer have been halted and the department is about to change the signs on all of their spray trucks to say “Certified Organic Herbicide.” Natural Blaze […]

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Pope Who Seeks to Wipe Out Christians, Catholics and European Mankind!

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Pope Who Seeks to Wipe Out Christians, Catholics and European Mankind! Dr. Duke started the show by calling out the Pope and others of his mindset that are trying to brainwash the European peoples to accept their own replacement in the lands they have lived in for thousands of […]

14 Cops Take Out Homeless Man With One Leg And Try To Stop People From Filming

John Vibes | True Activist A video surfaced recently showing a handcuffed homeless man with one leg being assaulted by a large group of police officers. The man was attacked by over a dozen police officers, some who pinned him down, others who prevented bystanders from filming. Journalist Chaedria […]

Chaos in the Streets as Thousands Interrupt Trump Rally

Image via Courthouse News Service. Dan McCue | Courthouse News Service (CN) – Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said Saturday morning organized “thugs” violated his First Amendment right to free speech by causing the cancellation of a campaign rally in Chicago Friday night. In a tweet on his verified Twitter […]

New study finds another reason to avoid Splenda

     Sure, the idea of getting your sugar fix without the calories always seems enticing, but new research suggests that Splenda—an artificial sweetener recently considered safe—may contribute to serious health problems like cancer. The study, published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, found that mice fed sucralose daily throughout their lives developed […]

Is LA Police Chief Beck Shirking Claims Of Transparency

“The family of Brendon Glenn is calling on the LAPD to release the video” Brendon Glenn was an unarmed black man that was shot in the back twice while laying face down on his stomach in March of 2015. Police Chief Charlie Beck refuses to release the video of the killing. Will Chief Beck adhere to […]

Police Arrest Mother for “Stealing Seafood,” She is Then Found Dead in Her Jail Cell

Nick Divito | Courthouse News Service WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CN) – Police will not face charges after a mother of eight accused of stealing crab legs was found dead in her jail cell, New York’s top prosecutor said Thursday. Raynette Turner, 42, was found dead on July 27, three […]

FBI Says Encryption Preventing It from Solving San Bernardino Shooting

The FBI says its investigation into the San Bernardino shooting has been stymied by encryption. In addition to not finding a computer hard drive allegedly used by the suspects, the FBI cannot break the encryption code protecting two cell phones, according to David Bowdich, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Los Angeles […]

Treason: Illuminati Destroy Education


Beyond belief: The U.S. finally explains why they’ve avoided bombing ISIS’ oil wells

     Why hasn’t the U.S. bombed the oil wells that ISIS controls into oblivion by now? Would you believe that it is because the Obama administration “didn’t want to do environmental damage”? Former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell has publicly admitted that we have purposely avoided damaging the main source of income for […]

Weather Modification

weather modification – programs, probems policy, and potential – Howard W. Cannon – 1977 “The federal government has been involved for 30 years” “Defense Department Aircraft work all weather patterns in the mid-Atlantic States” “cloud seeding has been responsible for the great 5-year drough in the northeast United states” “Weather research and reporting has long […]

Police Arrest One of Their Own, Union Unhappy Because Excessive Force Was Used

At least eight police officers turn up at accused officer’s house in the early hours of the morning The Lavins and their three children, all under the age of 11, were fast asleep on the morning of Wednesday, October 7 when eight to ten police officers turned up at […]

Jury Selection Begins In Notorious ‘Dash Cam’ Case

In 2012, Officers Orlando Trinidad and Sean Courter ‘pursued’ Marcus Jeter on the Garden State Parkway.  During this encounter, Officers claimed that Jeter was trying to gain control of the officer’s weapon. Jeter was arrested with eluding police, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer – all felonies. However, once Jeter’s attorney gained a copy […]

Goulburn Police assault and taser Bowral man to death at Bowral police station

Goulburn Police are notorious for their violent assaults against the public. Goulburn Police are also experts at fabricating the truth to cover their criminal behavior. Here is an article about a man named Kevin Norris, that was tasered to death at Bowral Police station by Goulburn Police. Notice Goulburn Police (organized crime gang) and […]

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