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‘Israel is not a country, but a terrorist camp,’ Iran’s leader Khamenei says

    Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has blasted Israel as nothing more than a “terrorist camp” and urged the Palestinians to unite their efforts in fighting Tel Aviv. Israel has “turned occupied Palestine into a base for terrorism,” Khamenei tweeted. “Israel isn’t a county; it’s a #TerroristCamp against Palestinians & other Muslim nations,” he […]

Spanish police arrest ‘terrorist’ trio suspected of encouraging attacks against France over Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons

Police in Spain have arrested three people on suspicion of encouraging terrorist attacks against France after the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo republished cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in September last year. The EU’s law enforcement agency Europol said on Thursday it had helped Spanish police smash the so-called “terrorist cell” in the southern city of […]

US Congressman Urges Universities to Cancel Planned Webinar With Terrorist Leila Khaled

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.). Photo: Wikimedia Commons. US Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has urged the heads of UC Merced and San Francisco State University to cancel a webinar planned for April 23 featuring Leila Khaled — a member of the US-designated terrorist organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – as a speaker. “I […]

The ICC Wants to Place Israel on Par With Terrorist Armies

Palestinian children compelled to participate in a Hamas military parade. Photo: Twitter. The decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s Pre-Trial Chamber on February 5, stating that the court has jurisdiction to investigate suspected war crimes in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, represents a milestone in the politicization of international law. […]


[embedded content] 07.04.2021  South Front In Syria’s Greater Idlib, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham continues its attempts at rebranding, all the while keeping up its usual militant activity. As per the Russian Reconciliation Center, militants in Greater Idlib shelled the surrounding areas 32 times on April 6th. Another al-Qaeda affiliated militant group in Greater Idlib, Ansar al-Islam, […]


 09.04.2021  South Front ROSTOV-ON-DON REGION, RUSSIA – JULY 15, 2019: Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers detain two members of a cell of the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia). Video screen grab/ Russian Federal Security Service/TASS On April 9, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) thwarted a terrorist attack in the city of […]

Before becoming a terrorist leader, ISIS chief was a prison informer in Iraq for U.S., records show “واشنطن بوست”: زعيم “داعش” كان مخبراً للأميركيين في سجنه بالعراق

U.S. military spokesman Rear Adm. Patrick Driscoll in Baghdad on Oct. 15, 2008. The United States had announced that day that a foreign insurgent killed in the city of Mosul was Abu Qaswarah, shown on screen, the No. 2 in the Islamic State of Iraq, previously known as al-Qaeda in Iraq. (Ali Abbas/AFP/Getty Images) By Joby […]

Australian on Mavi Marmara charged with aiding Syrian terrorist

Counterterrorism agents in Australia arrested Ahmed Luqman Talib, an alleged jihadi facilitator who was on board the Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara in 2010, in late March for reportedly aiding a Syrian terrorist.Talib “was accused of helping a terrorist arrange to travel to Syria to fight against government forces in 2013,” according to a report in […]

5 women arrested in France on suspicion of plotting terrorist attack on religious site during Easter holidays

French counter-terrorism police have arrested a family of five women after one of them was suspected of planning to attack a religious site. A sword and dangerous chemicals were reportedly found in their home. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed the operation in a tweet, thanking counter-terrorism agents for their work. Several French news outlets […]

TSA Has Never Stopped a Terrorist But They’ve Been ‘Legally’ Robbing Travelers for Years

(Support Free Thought) – The TSA – whose job is supposedly “fighting terrorism” – is, without doubt, one of America’s most corrupt and incompetent agencies. However, last year, they apparently became so unsatisfied with the mere ability to strip search babies, remove colostomy bags, beat up blind cancer patients, and fondle your genitalia, that they announced a more invasive physical pat-downs. […]

UN says four peacekeepers killed in north Mali terrorist attack

BAMAKO  – The United Nations mission in Mali said on Friday that four peacekeepers were killed and several others injured in an attack on its base in the northern town of Aguelhok. Peacekeepers repelled the attack, carried out by several “heavily armed terrorists”, a UN mission statement said. Islamist insurgents are active in northern Mali. […]

A terrorist killed, another injured in Khuzestan

TEHRAN – A terrorist was killed and another injured in the city of Shush in the southwestern province of Khuzestan on Friday morning, the IRGC announced in a statement on Sunday evening. The IRGC announced that at about 1:am on March 26 two members of a terrorist group affiliated to the separatist group of Alnazal […]

Australia designates far-right group as a terrorist organization

Australia on Monday designated a right-wing extremist group as a terrorist organisation for the first time, a ruling that gives Canberra the power to imprison members of the neo-Nazi group. The classification of UK-based Sonnenkrieg Division – also known as SKD – follows a similar ruling made by Britain last year. “SKD adheres to an […]

Iran blames deadly bomb attack near Pakistan border on ‘terrorist group’ enemies

A bomb attack Sunday killed one person and wounded three in southeastern Iran, a state news agency reported, blaming a “terrorist group” linked to Tehran’s enemies. The attack occurred at about 9:30 am local time (0600 GMT) in Saravan city, the site of recent violence, in the restive Sistan-Baluchistan province. A group “linked to global […]

Venezuela says natural gas plant explosion was ‘terrorist attack’ targeting sanctioned state-run energy company (VIDEOS)

The Venezuelan petroleum minister said that Saturday’s powerful explosion and blaze at a gas plant was the result of a terrorist attack. The plant belongs to the state-run energy company (PDVSA), which was sanctioned by the US. Footage reportedly filmed in the northeastern town of El Tejero shows a powerful blast and bright flames rising […]

US Intel Says White People Are the Biggest ‘Domestic Terrorist Threat’

    A US intelligence assessment released Wednesday has found racially motivated extremists to be the most lethal domestic terrorism threat in the US. According to the report, many extremists become radicalized after consuming violent extremist material online. “The IC [intelligence community] assesses that racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and militia violent extremists […]

You’re the Terrorist Now! (to Dept. of Homeland Security & CIA Organized Crime Ring)

by Admin · Published March 14, 2021 · Updated March 15, 2021 [embedded content] Regis Tremblay4.06K subscribersSUBSCRIBEThe continuation of a two-day interview with author, Doug Valentine. More detailed, suppressed facts about the connection to Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the militarization of local law enforcement, the role of Hollywood, the role of Nazis […]

Syria’s first lady facing prosecution in UK for encouraging terrorist acts

The first lady of Syria, 45-year-old Asma Assad, might lose her British citizenship and could face prosecution charges in the UK for being an “influential actor” in inciting and encouraging acts of terrorism, Sky News reported on Saturday.  Allegations have been directed at the wife of Syrian President Bashar Assad, prompting a Metropolitan Police investigation.  Sky […]

Iran state shipping firm reports ‘terrorist attack’ on Europe-bound cargo vessel as explosion rips through hull, fire breaks out

An Iranian commercial vessel has been damaged by an explosive device in an alleged terrorist attack as it traveled through the Mediterranean to Europe, a spokesperson for the country’s national shipping company said on Friday. There were no casualties, but a small fire was caused by an explosion in the ship’s hull and had to […]

Iran ship damaged in ‘terrorist’ attack in Mediterranean, state company says

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Singapore arrests would-be terrorist planning to kill Jews for Hamas

A 20-year-old Singaporean man was detained on Wednesday under the Internal Security Act for his plan to stab local Jewish community members after their prayer service at Maghain Aboth Synagogue in the city-state, The Straits Time reported. The man, Amirull Ali, was serving as a national serviceman in the Singapore Armed Forces at the time […]

New York Times Covers Up for a Terrorist — and Smears Golda for Good Measure

The New York Times logo. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – When is a Palestinian terrorist not a Palestinian terrorist? When The New York Times covers up her past and hopes nobody will notice. I’m referring to a deeply troubling allegation contained in a major article in the Times on March 6, authored by its new […]

Several people injured in suspected Terrorist Attack stabbing in Sweden

    At least eight people have been injured in what Swedish police are treating as a possible terrorist attack. Officers shot and wounded the suspected attacker, who police describe as a man in his 20s. Police were called to central Vetlanda after receiving reports just before 3pm local time that several people had been […]

Sweden stabbing: Police still investigating possible terrorist motive after seven injured

Police in Sweden are investigating whether there was a “terrorist motive” behind a stabbing incident in Vetlanda on Wednesday. Authorities had initially classified the attack as a “suspected terrorist crime” but have since downgraded it to a “suspected attempted murder”. But the country’s prime minister, Stefan Lofven, said terrorism was being investigated as a possible […]

US airstrikes ‘strengthen & expand’ terrorist activities in the region, Iran says

The recent US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria has shown that Washington is seeking to “revive” terrorism in the region and support now-shattered Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), a senior Iranian official has said. The airstrike on militias stationed on Syria’s border with Iraq commissioned by US President Joe Biden earlier this week, was […]

Sanction the Axis of Mercenary and Terrorist Evil: Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia

Credit Azerbaijan deployed thousands of mercenaries in last year’s 44-day war that it and Turkey waged against Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia. Azerbaijan thereby flagrantly violated the UN’s International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries (UNMERC) which it signed in 1997. Forty-six countries have signed UNMERC including Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, New […]

How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled A “Domestic Terrorist”

The fact that Vermeule has made a legal career arguing that laws should be interpreted not by the “intentions” of lawgivers, but rather according to cost-benefit analysis gives us a useful insight into the deranged mind of a technocrat and the delusional reasoning that denies the very thing which has shaped literally ALL of human […]

An unarmed Palestinian is shot dead at a settler outpost. The Israeli army’s conclusion? He was a terrorist

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As Houthis welcome US drop of terrorist designation, gov’t distraught

Yemen’s rebel Houthi movement welcomed the Biden Administration’s decision to cancel the US State Department’s recent designation of it as a terrorist organization. For more stories from The Media Line go to The American decision, an effort to help control the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country, was announced on Friday, one day after […]


The Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) are fans of Hitler. Not all Italians are in the Mafia; not all Jews support Hitler. HITLER’S JEWISH NAZIS – PART 1 HITLER’S JEWISH NAZIS – PART 2 HITLER’S JEWISH NAZIS – PART 3  NAZIS’ JEWISH LOVERS  /JEWISH NAZIS?/ MYSTERIOUS HOLOCAUST /RABBIS PRAISE HITLER  Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) are fans of alleged Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant, and […]

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