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Throwback: ‘Good Boy’ Ahmaud Arbery Being Arrested for Stealing 65 Inch TV

We were told that Ahmed Arbery was a good boy who dindu nuffin to nobody. That he died doing what he loved, which included going for a ‘jog’ in khaki shorts and Timberland work boots. Source

Throwback: Donald Trump Says Leave George Soros Alone!

When you understand Trump and the Kushner family’s financial ties to Soros it all makes sense. Source

Throwback to the Swine Flu Hoax: SAME Script, SAME Tactics, SAME Players — 10 Years Prior to COVID-19 They Tried the Same But Failed

The Swine Flu scam had many of the same players participating in the fear of a false pandemic 10 years ago, but they failed thanks to scientists such as Wolfgang Wodarg intervening in time. When not punished, criminals learn from mistakes and the same criminals turned Covid-19 into what they had hoped for H1N1 Swine […]

Evolutionary Throwback Beats Old White Woman to Death

Daily Stormer May 19, 2017 Sure, if we didn’t have Blacks running around, little old ladies probably could walk around without fearing for their lives. But we also wouldn’t be able to enjoy such things as gangsta rap, either. Is it worth the trade-off? Who’s to say. The : The man accused […]

DHS Snitch Video Is Throwback To East German Stasi

Fox Business August 19, 2011 Judge Andrew Napolitano and Jack Hunter comment on the recent Homeland Security videos for the “See Something, Say Something” snitch program. Print this page. Comment Rules One Response to “DHS Snitch Video Is Throwback To East German Stasi” There is no confusion here. Napolatano knows she and DHS are crushing […]

Engdahl: Merkel & Sarkozy plan a Soviet throwback

RT Aug 18, 2011 Global markets have taken a nose dive, after the leaders of the EU’s strongest economies failed to calm fears of a deepening crisis. Angela Merkel and Nickola Sarkozy called for the creation of a central economic body which would ensure Eurozone members take more financial responsibility. But they brushed aside suggestions […]

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