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Controversial genetically modified tomato set to invade American gardens

(NaturalNews) A new genetically modified tomato seed has been released for sale to gardeners, despite receiving little scrutiny from the FDA. Critics worry that… Source

More tomato growing tips (Wally Richards)

I wrote a bit about tomato growing recently and since then I have realized there are more things worth knowing to be successful and have a great crop. There hundreds of different tomato types available world wide, red fruit, black fruit, even green fruit that are green when fully ripe. Sizes vary from the size […]

Tomato Psyllid problems in your garden (Wally Richards)

True to form spring started on the 1st September across New Zealand and with it a surge in gardeners visiting gardening shops and buying up plants and stuff to get under way in their gardens. Now at the beginning of the season is a good time to review previous articles on the Tomato/potato psyllid that […]


August for my money is the start of a new growing season, the day light hours are increasing every day plus dormant plants and trees are waking up. Time waits for no man and so the quicker we get started the better; the sooner we will be rewarded with the fruits of our endeavors. Already […]

COVID-19, Monkeypox, Buruli Ulcer, Tomato Flu and Other Outbreaks: All You Need To Know

The Greek Australian Women’s Network, Food For Thought Network continues its informative seminars with its Patron, Greek Australian and Woman of the Year, Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos. This year alone we’ve heard about outbreaks of the Hepatitis virus, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, Monkeypox, Buruli ulcer, Langya and in the last few days, Tomato flu has […]

Tomato Time (Wally Richards)

If you are like me, your fingers are itching to get the new seasons tomato plants under way. The earlier you start the sooner you will have ripe tomatoes to eat. I think most garden centres will have a few early varieties already to buy and grow on. This last week after the cold spell […]

Tomato plants "eavesdrop" on snails to build preemptive defenses

(Natural News) New research could change the way you see the tomato. Findings published in this year’s March edition of Oecologia indicate that this salad favorite can detect an incoming attack from pests and launch a preemptive defense system that deters various herbivorous species. John Orrock, an ecologist from the University of […]

Tomato plants grown in heavy metal contaminated soil found to produce contaminated fruit

(Natural News) As many people strive to start out the new year with healthy eating habits, it’s important to keep in mind that choosing the right vegetables is just as important to your health as consuming them in the first place. That’s because vegetables are prone to contamination not only from pesticides but also from […]

Judge Slams ‘Incompetent’ Police Following Raid On Family’s Tomato Garden

Bob Harte displays the indoor garden his family cultivates. (AP/Orlin Wagner) Wichita, KS – In a “huge and significant victory for the Fourth Amendment,” the federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a lawsuit brought by a Kansas City couple who endured a SWAT raid over their tomato plants. Robert and Adlynn Harte — and their two young […]

Worse than Criminals — Cops Use Asset Forfeiture to Steal $53K from an Orphanage and a Church

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project The criminal depths to which police will sink to bolster their budgets, apparently have no limit, as a recent case of police theft in Oklahoma illustrates. To keep society safe, sheriff’s deputies in Muskogee County, Oklahoma robbed a church and an orphanage of […]

How the Human Heart Functions as a Second Brain

Jacqueline & Pao Chang, GuestsWaking Times The word “heart” is an anagram for the word “earth”. Hence, the phrase “home is where the heart is”. Did you know that the human heart is the organ that generates the strongest electromagnetic field of any organ of the human body? In fact, the electromagnetic field of your […]

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