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Report: NYC Teacher Seen Sucking Topless Man’s Nipple During Zoom Lesson

A Spanish teacher was pulled from her classes once investigators said she allegedly performed an “inappropriate sexual act” while teaching a Zoom lesson. The New York Post reported Saturday: As students at the prestigious Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering remotely watched a “live” class, Amanda K. Fletcher, 37,  “appeared to suck the […]

Topless protester wants Kyiv to ratify violence against women treaty

An activist from the feminist group Femen staged a topless protest outside the president’s office in Kyiv on Wednesday, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The activist demanded that Ukrainian authorities ratify the Istanbul Convention – the human rights treaty to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic […]

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘constantly’ snapped PHOTOS of topless girls at pedo Epstein’s mansion, kept pictures in album

Home » Crimes, Immorality, North America » Ghislaine Maxwell ‘constantly’ snapped PHOTOS of topless girls at pedo Epstein’s mansion, kept pictures in album     Ghislaine Maxwell was a voracious photographer who “constantly” snapped photos of topless girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion and kept the pictures in an album, according to freshly released court documents. […]

Topless sunbathing: French government defends right to bare torsos

France’s interior minister ensured that no one will be stripped of the right to sunbathe topless. It comes following an “incident” on the beach of Sainte-Marie la Mer, south-west France, where three women got asked by police to cover up after complaints by an “uncomfortable” family with children on August 20. Interior minister Gérald Darmanin […]

Black woman left topless as Alabama police throw her to floor in Waffle House arrest (VIDEO)

Police launched an internal inquiry into the arrest of 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons in the middle of the local Waffle House on Sunday morning. The officers were captured on camera using force against the young woman and even threatened to break her arm if she continued to resist arrest. The video, filmed by Clemons’ friend, Canita […]

Topless FEMEN protester confronts Berlusconi at Milan polling site (VIDEO)

Footage posted online by RT’s Ruptly agency shows Berlusconi arriving at the polls in Milan amid a sea of journalists. As he smiles at the cameras, he is startled by a topless girl with “Berlusconi, your time has run out” scrawled across her chest, and the word “FEMEN” written on her back. Berlusconi immediately walks […]

Topless FEMEN activist tries to kidnap baby Jesus from Vatican nativity scene (PHOTOS)

The woman can be seen rushing to the manger in the center of the square and attempting to grab the Jesus figurine, Reuters photos show. However, a guard blocked the activist, who was quickly covered with a black coat. The topless protest took place right before Pope Francis delivered his traditional Christmas message to believers […]

12 Yr Old May Face Charges For Sending Topless Photo To Paedophile

A 12-year old girl who was pressured into sending topless photo of herself to an online paedophile has been told by the police that she could face criminal charges. The school girl was groomed by the online predator after being targeted on Instagram. Child exploitation officers warned the schoolgirl she could end up with a criminal […]

Arab crime clans in Germany sweep up new members from refugee ranks – report

In an effort to strengthen their power, criminal gangs in Berlin are recruiting members from refugee shelters, the German newspaper reported, citing anonymous local police officers. According to investigators, the gangs have “exploited the situation” of the refugee crisis, seeing it as an opportunity to recruit “young and physically strong” men who can take part […]

Are You Ready for a Spiritual Revolution?

Wes Annac, ContributorWaking Times If we want to create a new system out of the ashes of the old, we should think about the role we’ll play in creating it. We should figure out what we can do right now to reflect the paradigm shift the world needs, and we should […]

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