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The Breville Barista Touch (Almost) Turned Me Into a Latte Artist

I don’t get along with caffeine. I’ll never forget the time I had a glass of RC Cola as a kid (that was my first mistake, who even drinks that???), and had no idea why I was so ill with unexplainable physical symptoms for the rest of the day. This relationship with caffeine followed me […]

Chinese Official Urges People Not to Touch Foreigners to Prevent Monkeypox Infection

A top Chinese health official urged people to avoid physical contact with foreigners to prevent contracting the monkeypox virus after China confirmed its first case on Sept. 16. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, urged people to avoid “skin-to-skin contact” with individuals who had traveled overseas within the […]

‘Don’t Touch Me’ Shouts Youth, Arrested by Police on the 3rd Anniversary of 831 Prince Edward Attack

Aug. 31 was the third anniversary of the Prince Edward MTR Station Attack by Hong Kong Police, known as the “831 incident” locally. There was a heavy police presence both inside and outside the Prince Edward Station on that day. Some people wore black shirts and held yellow umbrellas as they passed by the station, […]

Elon Musk’s Tesla Recalls 130K Vehicles as Touch Screens Can Go Blank

Elon Musk’s Tesla has recalled approximately 130,000 vehicles across the U.S. as the cars’ touchscreens can overheat and go blank. At the end of 2021, Tesla recalled 475,000 cars, or about half of the vehicles sold in the entire country.

First AI Murder Attempt? Alexa Tells Child To Touch Live Outlet With Penny

First AI Murder Attempt? Alexa Tells Child To Touch Live Outlet With Penny Alexa is a virtual assistant technology designed by Amazon to improve human lives, but that wasn’t the case this past weekend when the device told a 10-year-old girl to touch a live electrical plug with a penny. Twitter user “Kristin Livdahl” […]

‘Am I Out Of Touch?’ Pelosi Asks Butler

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Sources close to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reported witnessing a rare moment of thoughtful introspection as she set down her silver bowl of imported ice cream and asked her butler, “Am I out of touch?” The butler just stood there silently and expressionless as he had been told to do at all times, lest […]

Rittenhouse Shot a ‘Child Rapist’ Who Was ‘Trying to Touch a Minor’ – Media Blackout

Tucker Carlson says Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self defence when he shot a man convicted of “child rape” because the pedophile was “trying to touch an unwilling minor.” Carlson made the comments while discussing the latest developments from the Rittenhouse trial during Wednesday’s show. During the segment, Carlson discussed one of the criminals involved […]

The Royal Touch: Could Medieval Monarchs Heal You With Their Hands?

For centuries, a commonality across the various monarchies of the world was a direct association between the ruler and a higher power. Kings and queens were seen either as God’s Chosen One or, in some cultures, they were seen as God themselves. In the Western world, kings were commonly described as having “divine” rights and […]

Touch Move; America’s Vicious Circle in Lebanon

September 18, 2021  Source: Al Mayadeen By Lea Akil  In light of Lebanon’s current energy and unprecedented economic crises, Hezbollah’s decision to import Iranian oil to aid Lebanon led the US into a state of confusion, thus limiting its options. Foreign Policy: The United States has no active plan to rescue the country Lebanon’s economic crisis […]

Now you can touch it: wrapped Arc de Triomphe opens to the public

Visitors are being to get up close to the fabric-blanketed the Arc de Triomphe in Paris for the first time this weekend. The giant ‘Arc de Triomphe: Wrapped’ installation, designed by the late artists Christo and Jean-Claude, has seen the entire structure covered in silvery material. Thousands of curious admirers have been taking advantage of […]

“Do Not Touch My Clothes”: Afghan Women Post Selfies in Colorful Dresses to Protest Taliban Dress Codes

Fatima Kakkar, MD, MPH (@DrFatimaKakkar) wrote: Proudly wearing in our traditional, colourful, vibrant Afghan clothes #DoNotTouchMyClothes #AfghanWoman #AfghanistanCulture #AfganistanWomen Afghan women are protesting Taliban imposed women dress code. At the same time, Taliban organized a head to toe veiled women gathering at the Shaheed Rabbani Education University in Kabul on September 11, 2021 attended by […]

Street Justice: Man Found Dead On Staten Island With “I Touch Little Girls” Scrawled Across His Chest

(ZH) Is this what happens when the NYPD is discouraged from enforcing the law? Rising rates of violent crime offer a sense of impunity to both criminals and, eventually, the vigilantes. And the Big Apple has a long history with vigilantism. As murders mount, the New York Post and NBC New York reported on a […]

Millions Of Public Transit ‘Touch ‘N Go’ Smartphone Users Can Be Tracked By Law Enforcement

[embedded content] As more and more people use their smartphones to pay for everyday items, public transit agencies are encouraging millions of Americans to use their phones as their primary means of paying their fares.  In New York City and elsewhere, police can use ‘touch ‘n go’ or ‘touchless fares’ to track millions of public […]

Exclusive–GOP Insiders: Irrelevant George W. Bush ‘Laughably Out of Touch’ with Pro-Mass Migration Tour

Former President George W. Bush’s media tour promoting mass immigration to the United States is “laughably out of touch” with GOP voters and Americans at large, Republican insiders tell Breitbart News. While promoting his new book Out of Many, One, featuring portraits of immigrants, Bush said Republicans must be “more respectful” to immigrants and issued an […]

‘Don’t touch the vaccines’: Duterte warns communists & customs agents to keep their hands off Covid-19 jabs during transit

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has warned communist rebels and his government’s own customs agents not to delay transport and delivery of Covid-19 vaccines to isolated areas of the country. At a meeting with the nation’s pandemic task force on Monday, Duterte called on customs personnel not to unduly slow down the movement of […]

The Real Hollyweird-Black Pit of EVIL Predators “I Like it When Little Boys Touch Me in My Silly Place”

HomeKappy   HOLLYWOOD 08 By Cory Daniel   Kappy  September 7, 2019 From Shirley Temple to Corey Haim, Hollywood has been a primary progenitor of pedophilia, sex abuse, and child sex trafficking since its inception. Even though the stories of abuse are legion America somehow looks past the darkness of this elite cesspool in exchange for the entertainment […]

ACH (1416) Paul English – It’s A Right Touch!

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Vendée Globe: The feminine touch of sailing

The Vendée Globe is increasingly a women’s story: in the ninth edition of the solitary sailing tour around the world, six of the 32 “skippers” currently in competition are female. The six women represent three different nationalities. It’s an important presence for the British Sam Davies who, at the helm of the Initiatives-Coeur sailboat, is […]

The Whirling Dervish Dance: A Sacred Ritual to Touch the Divine

The divine may be experienced through a variety of means. In various global spiritual traditions, these include prayer, meditation on sacred texts, participation in religious ceremonies, and going on pilgrimages. There are other means of achieving a religious experience that are perhaps not so common in the Western world. One of these is through the […]

Trump: While I Am President, Nobody Will Touch Your Social Security

President Donald Trump on Monday repeated his promise to seniors that he would not touch their Social Security. President Trump warned Americans that Biden would want free health care for illegal immigrants. “If they let that happen, you would be decimating Medicare and destroying your Social Security,” Trump said on Monday. “When I am president […]

If You Touch The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue and Breathe, This Happens To Your Body

If you have trouble falling asleep, it can be the worst. When you are laying in bed for hours, tossing and turning, hoping and praying that sleep will come. You look at the clock and countdown how many hours you have to sleep before your alarm goes off. A good night’s sleep makes all the […]

Team Melli & ‘Iranian Messi’ 1st to touch down in Russia ahead of World Cup

RT– Iran became the first World Cup team to arrive in Russia, touching down in Moscow along with Sardar Azmoun, the player dubbed ‘The Iranian Messi’, on Tuesday night. The first Asian team to qualify for Russia 2018 became the first of the 32 qualified teams to arrive in the host nation, landing at Moscow’s […]

If You See This Plant You Do Don’t Touch It

This plant is called giant hogweed and buds pretty white flowers that give it an altogether innocuous look.  Folks, make no mistake touching this plant! Kids are in danger because they are more curious. They should teach this in schools. There are only 10 plants in north america (excluding fungi) that kids need to know to avoid. So sad that […]

‘Touch of Homophobia’: Hollande’s joke on Macron’s ‘passive’ role with Trump angers govt spokesman

Hollande’s remark was in response to the rather tactile relationship between the two leaders, displayed during Macron’s visit to the White House. The French centrist president seemed to enjoy a cozy atmosphere in the company of his US counterpart. The pair repeatedly shook hands, kissed cheeks, and slapped each other on the back, displaying a […]

So We Aren’t Allowed To Touch Anymore? We’re Living In A True Human Connection Crisis

Next Story How often do you hug or touch someone who is not a member of your family or a partner? When did you pat the back of a complete stranger or opt in for a hug upon meeting someone? Physical touch, in general is becoming increasingly unpopular due to a lot of fear and […]

No hugging allowed! We are living through a crisis of touch

     Strokes and hugs are being edged out of our lives, with doctors, teachers and colleagues increasingly hesitant about social touching. Is this hypervigilance of boundaries beginning to harm our mental health? When did you last touch someone outside your family or intimate relationship? I don’t mean a brush of the fingers when you took […]

Bill Gates Totally Out Of Touch – Guesses The Price Of Grocery Items

The Microsoft co-founder is currently worth $US91.7 billion, and it’s safe to say that within his household budget is an allowance for someone to do his supermarket shopping for him. No late night runs to Aldi for milk and chips for Bill Gates. Oh, no no no. Ellen DeGeneres hilariously demonstrated just how out of […]

British Ambassador: Julian Assange Is Free – UK Authorities Can’t Touch Him

Former British ambassador Craig Murray says that since Ecuador has granted Julian Assange citizenship he should be free to legally leave the UK without fear of prosecution or detention. Following Assange’s naturalization, the British Foreign Office has denied granting diplomatic status to the whistleblower. reports: Craig Murray has disputed the British Foreign Office’s dismissal […]

Babies feel touch in their DNA: Infants who were held more have a different molecular profile than children who had a lack of contact

(Natural News) Physical contact between babies and their caregivers doesn’t just foster emotional bonds — it also affects infants on a molecular level. This was the conclusion that researchers from the University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute came to in their landmark study. Though far from just impacting children in their […]

How To Make Your Teeth Whiter Without Ever Having To Physically Touch Them With Anything

Next Story A number of scientists around the world are publishing studies, and examining what can happen to our biology when we experience physiological coherence, or heart coherence. Physiological coherence refers to the biological state the human body experiences when the heart and brain are well-coordinated, working in synchronicity,  and united by our positive emotional health, […]

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