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BEST OF THE WEB: Terror Attack in Nice: One Frenchman Speaks Out

     The goal of the terrible terror attack in Nice on July 14th was to divide French society between Muslims and non-Muslims. But who is really responsible for the new mass killing of ordinary French citizens? One Frenchman, at least, seems to understand the truth. Source Article from

Jesus has a Political Platform

#IamNotAfraidToSay: Thousands of sexual violence victims share harrowing stories on Facebook

Melnichenko recalled on her Facebook page how a relative molested her when she was six. Then, years later, her ex-boyfriend tied her naked to the bed, took photos and threatened to publish the embarrassing images on the web. ‘Don’t touch me’: Swedish police offer anti-sexual assault wristband “We do not need to explain ourselves. We […]

Iran Coverage: Iran to Merkel: Missile work to continue

Blocking trade with Iran to further weaken US: Analyst Press TV has interviewed Jan Oberg, founder of in Lund, about the US House of Representatives approving measures to block sale… Source Article from

Jewish ‘Auschwitz Survivor’ Admits He Lied About Everything

Joseph Hirt said he fabricated story of being sent to camp and meeting Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to ‘keep memories alive’ about history of the Holocaust by Theguardian A Pennsylvania man who claimed for years to have escaped from Auschwitz, met track and field star Jesse Owens and Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, confessed on Friday […]

Ludovico Einaudi Performs With 8 Million Voices To Save The Arctic

Print Friendly Above Photo: Brede glacier in Viking bay, Scoresby Sund fjord, east coast of Greenland. By Greenpeace The beauty of the Arctic is overwhelming. The cold, the silence and extraordinary sounds as the ice creaks, rumbles and falls. The pristine environment, with life popping out to welcome you when you least expect it. A unique […]

Invaders Land on Crowded Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Taking their cue from the nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe over the Mediterranean Sea, a group of nonwhites have managed to row to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, landing on a packed holiday-goer beach in broad daylight—after threatening to kill themselves if they were not allowed to land. At least one of the invaders did stab […]

Tesla Offers $2.8 Billion for SolarCity

Tesla Offers $2.8 Billion for SolarCity June 22nd, 2016 Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in NZ. — Via: Reuters: Elon Musk on Tuesday sought to build a clean energy powerhouse as his electric car maker, Tesla Motors Inc, made an offer to buy […]

US Military Admits Bombing Syrian Rebels Trained By The Pentagon

The US military has admitted bombing a Syrian rebel unit it had trained and armed purportedly to fight ISIS terrorists. A report in the  Wall Street Journal said that the incident was the most serious setback for the controversial Pentagon program that was looking to find new recruits to train. A friendly-fire incident occurred in May, prompting […]

Brilliant Black Rapes Woman to Get Sentenced to Prison to Avenge His Son

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 11, 2016 Joel Jones: One man, on a mission to avenge the death of his son. He’ll do anything – including but not limited to rape. So, a Black guy raped a woman in order to get sent to prison to avenge the murder of his son (his son’s killer is […]

Allentown Copblock Founder Bullied By Cop With A Long History Of Abuse

At 9:53pm on June 2, 2016, Rick Gonzalez (Allentown Copblock) and Severin Freeman (Lehigh Valley Copblock) were filming a traffic stop in Bethlehem Township. Rick was filming while standing off the the side of a police vehicle when Corporal Leonard Shepulski Jr. (Badge Number 616) exited the vehicle & approached Rick claiming he didn’t want […]

Supreme Leader to receive MPs of 10th parliament Sunday

Tehran, June 4, IRNA – Lawmakers of the 10th Parliament (Majlis), which officially started its work last week, are to meet Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Sunday. The visit will take place based on a tradition upon which lawmakers of each new term of the Iranian parliament visit the […]

US Asks Russia Not To Target Al-Qaeda In Syrian Airstrikes

Washington has asked Moscow not to conduct airstrikes against Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, otherwise known as al-Nusra Front Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reported that the US are worried that members of the “moderate opposition” could also be hit. In an interview with local Russian media that was published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website, Lavrov […]

Reignited holdover ‘zombie’ wildfires have awakened in Alaska

     As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the start of wildfire season, we now have to face the reality of zombie blazes: fires that never really die. Last year’s Alaskan wildfire season was the second-largest ever — and it seems it never entirely ended. A wildfire in southwest Alaska that swept […]

‘Unprecedented steps’: Russian military explores Kuril chain island as potential Pacific Fleet base

Some 200 members of the joint expedition by the Russian Ministry of Defence and the Russian Geographical Society are currently on Matua reviewing the state of infrastructure on the abandoned Soviet military base there. ​Russia builds up, modernizes military on disputed Kuril Islands “The main goal of the expedition is to study the possibility of […]

DARPA Teams Up With Mainstream Media to Push Microchips for Your Children

Phillip Schneider, StaffWaking Times It’s hard to imagine the mainstream media stooping to an even lower low than where they’re at right now, but rest assured, if you start to become comfortable with them they’ll push that line even farther. This time, NBC is pushing that Orwellian envelope to an extreme […]

India’s roads melt as ‘unprecedented’ record-breaking heat wave continues

     Temperatures hit a record-breaking 51C in the city of Phalodi, Rajasthan on Friday India’s on-going heat wave, which set a new record for the country’s highest-ever recorded temperature last week, is melting tarmac on the roads of some of India’s busiest cities. Residents in the city of Valsad, Gujarat, had to fight melting tar […]

Austria presidential race: Far-right Hofer, Green Van der Bellen in dead heat – exit polls

ORF reported exit polls standing at 50.1 per cent for Norbert Hofer and 49.9 per cent for 73-year-old veteran ecologist Alexander van der Bellen. But this did not last long, with the two later leveling out at 50 percent each. With the race so neck-and-neck, the situation could still change, with results shifting in either […]

German police pepper-spray parliament VP, while protecting far-right rally from leftist activists

Over 500 leftist activists gathered near the town’s central station to picket a far-right rally that was scheduled to take place later on Saturday.  The counter-demonstration was called by the Goettingen branch of “Alliance Against the Right.” The participants of the leftist anti-fascism rally were chanting “Go away! Go away!” as police tried to prevent […]

Iran calls for cooperation with China on tourism

Beijing, May 19, IRNA – Vice President Masoud Soltanifar on Wednesday, referring to the historical-cultural ties between Iran and China, called for stronger tourism ties between the two countries. Chief of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization made the remarks at an Iran-China tourism conference in the Chinese capital. Getting familiar with Iranian civilization […]

Mindfulness Meditation a Proven Alternative to Pills for Treating Depression

Derrick Broze, GuestWaking Times A new study has confirmed the benefits of mindfulness-based therapy for treating people with recurring depression. According to a new analysis, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may be more helpful than other treatments for people with recurring depression. MBCT combines traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods with psychological strategies […]

Hezbollah’s Investigations: Takfiri Artillery Shelling Killed Martyr Badreddine

Who is the Great Jihadi Leader, Martyr Mustafa Badr al-Din ’Sayyed Zulfikar’? Local Editor Hezbollah announced on Saturday the result of investigations conducted over the martyrdom of Hezbollah martyr leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine near Damascus airport. Hezbollah said in a statement that the explosion “which targeted one of our positions near the Damascus International Airport […]

The Making of Israel: Zionist settler colonialism in historic Palestine

This Sunday May 15 marks the 68th Nakba Day, an occasion of commemoration for the over 750,000 Palestinians that were forcibly displaced by Zionist militias between 1947 and 1950. For Palestinian communities, the violence of the Nakba started much earlier than 1948 and continues today. Our latest visual covers 143 years of Zionist settler colonialism. […]

Miss Earth Switzerland 2016 Isn’t Swiss

Editor’s Comment: Miss Earth Switzerland is a Swiss beauty pageant for young women in Switzerland. Swiss is a European ethnicity that is part of the White race. Have you ever heard of a White European woman winning a pageant to become the new Miss Nigeria or Miss China? Of course not because only in White […]

France to create de-radicalization centers for would-be jihadists

“Every era has its challenges. The fight against jihad is the great challenge of our generation,” Valls wrote on Twitter on Monday, presenting a plan of new anti-terror measures. According to the prime minister, France should be “moving up” to prevent and track radicalization. READ MORE: Most European ISIS fighters come from France, Germany, UK […]

Panama Leaks: Saudi King Financed Netanyahu’s 2015 Election Campaign

Local Editor A member of the “Israeli” apartheid regime’s Knesset revealed that Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud helped finance the election campaign of “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. Citing a massive leak of confidential documents dubbed the “Panama Papers,” Isaac Herzog, who is the chairman of the “Israeli” Labor party said, […]

New Armenia Protests, Same US-Backed Mobs

Another day, another protest in Armenia. And if we were to simply believe the Western media regarding this ‘other protest,’ we might get the impression that the Armenian people are upset with Russian policy and “Putinism.” In reality, the protests are led by the same verified US-proxies exposed at the height of the […]

Local people kill ISIS rapist in Mosul

A group of civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul killed a terrorist who had raped a woman in the ISIS-held city in north of the country. As reported by Entekhab and translated by IFP, the residents of the Adan district of Mosul attacked the ISIS member after finding out about the rape. The Iraqi […]

Waking Up From Awakening

28th April 2016 By Sarah Elkhaldy Guest writer for Wake Up World For those of us who are currently experiencing the awakening of consciousness taking place on this planet right now, there are many rabbit holes we can fall down that lead us to believe we are fully conscious and awake when we are really […]

Clinton Foundation donor received $13 million from State Department

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