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President Biden Breaks 22-Year Tradition, Spends 9/11 Not at White House or Attack Site

Biden is taking fire from some families of 9/11 victims for being the first president in 22 years to not spend 9/11 at an attack site or at the White House. Source

Behind Georgia’s 8,000-Year-Old Winemaking Tradition (Video)

Georgia boasts an unparalleled winemaking legacy, stretching back an astonishing eight millennia. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Sweden’s Exceptional 7,000-Year-Old Burial That Defied Tradition (Video)

At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exist countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. The goal […]

Good Friday tradition in the Philippines re-enacts crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The Good Friday tradition is rejected by the Catholic church but draws huge crowds of devotees and tourists to the Philippines, an Asian bastion of Christianity. Source

The Ancient Art of Balinese Salt Production: A Tradition Preserved (Video)

The island of Bali in Indonesia is a land of enchanting beauty and cultural traditions that date back centuries. One such tradition is the art of producing Balinese palung salt, one of the rarest and most prized salts in the world. Read more Section:  News Video History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

In Centuries Old Tradition, Drummers Awaken a Sleeping Istanbul to Ramadan

3,400 Muslim drummers dressed in Ottoman period costumes will march through 1000 Istanbul neighborhoods, reciting ancient poems before dawn, preserving “a beauty” from the month of Ramadan. Read more Section:  News General History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Singer-Storytellers: The Griot Tradition in West Africa

Griots, also known as jeli or bards, are traditional West African storytellers who have played a crucial role in preserving the oral history and cultural heritage of their communities for centuries.  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Remembering Pope Benedict XVI: A Man of Truth, Faith, and Tradition

Commentary Before he became Pope, a Mexican colleague of mine and her family saw Cardinal Ratzinger near the Vatican. They introduced themselves, and he graciously took the time to get to know them. He then asked them a series of questions about the Church in Mexico. My colleague remarked on the depth of his questions […]

The KHAZARIAN jewish Tradition of Ritual Murder

MY own Great Grandfather type Edward the 1st kicked the Khazarian Jews out of Merry Ole in 1290 AD for ritually gang raping and sacrificing English children in their heathen black magic rituals. And Usury. Now, the Ole Dog! always figured if an evil bunch of soul-less demonically possessed anti-human scum did not want the […]

The jewish Tradition of Ritual Murder VIII-XI

In these chapters I place descriptions of jewish ritual murder cases from 1171 to the present (1930s) in chronological order, in which there seems to me to be no reason whatsoever to dispute the historical accuracy of the facts given. Source

Christmas Pudding: Savor the Flavor of Ancient Tradition!

Every family has their own holiday traditions, but one tradition that goes back centuries is the making of Christmas pudding. Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

American Jews must embrace their tradition of social justice and reject Israel’s new government

A truly opportune moment is staring Jewish communities around the world straight in the eye. Israel’s recent election results are challenging anyone who has blindly supported Israel. That blind support is about to be challenged like never before. Either Jewish communities confirm their values at this moment or risk losing their connection to true Tikkun […]

The Queen’s funeral: following in a long tradition of state ceremonies

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London will be attended by royalty, heads of state and dignitaries from around the world. London’s police force says the event will be the biggest security operation it has ever undertaken. But how will the funerals of other world leaders compare to that of Britain’s longest-serving […]

New York-Based Model on Truth, Tradition, and Tragedy: ‘Chinese Regime Must Fall in Due Time’

With her heart rooted in tradition and faith, a New York-based model is walking her path confidently in a world plagued by the forces of social chaos. Hailing from hilly northeastern India, Sumaya Hazarika is fast making a name for herself in the fashion world. The young model—who graced the ramp in Saint Sintra’s 2022 New York […]

Break with tradition as Queen stays in Scotland for new PM meeting

Queen Elizabeth II will break with tradition and stay at her Scottish residence in Balmoral to receive the UK’s new prime minister next week.  Liz Truss, the UK’s foreign minister, or former chancellor Rishi Sunak will be unveiled as Boris Johnson’s successor on 5 September. The monarch, 96, who is struggling with mobility problems, normally receives […]

Break with tradition as Queen stays in Scotland for new PM meeting

Queen Elizabeth II will break with tradition and stay at her Scottish residence in Balmoral to receive the UK’s new prime minister next week.  Liz Truss, the UK’s foreign minister, or former chancellor Rishi Sunak will be unveiled as Boris Johnson’s successor on 5 September. The monarch, 96, who is struggling with mobility problems, normally receives […]

There’s a long tradition of describing Israel lobby’s power — so long as you don’t criticize it!

U.N. human rights investigator Miloon Kothari has now apologized for criticizing the “Jewish lobby.” But Israel advocates including Alan Dershowitz, Stu Eizenstat, JJ Goldberg and Bari Weiss have long acknowledged the power of the Israel lobby in forming U.S. policy, and said it expresses the goals of the Jewish community. Source

The Myth Of A ‘Judeo-Christian’ Tradition

We can see mainstream Christianity become more and more Jewish with each passing day — and that transformation is progressing because Christians have been duped into believing that Christianity is fundamentally based on “Judaism” and “Jewish values” — while Jews concede no such thing, and rightfully see Christianity as completely antithetical to Judaism. This inter-faith […]

Berliner and Dutch honour the New Year’s dip tradition

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Polar Bear Swim: Century-old Tradition Launched by Greek Immigrant

The Polar Bear Swim club in Vancouver. Peter Pantages is standing in the water at the far left of the photograph. Credit: Vancouver City Archives/ Public Domain The Polar Bear Swim — the title speaks for itself. Taking a plunge into icy waters in the middle of winter for a casual swim has become a […]

People Centered Human Rights And The Black Radical Tradition

The West’s fiction of “human rights” has been weaponized by neoliberals to rationalize naked imperialist interventions. But if human rights are to have any relevance for the oppressed, they must be “de-colonized” and given meaning by the oppressed themselves: a People(s)-Centered Human Rights (PCHR). “Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up […]

Hockey Game Keeps Greek-Canadian Family Tradition Alive

Stephan Lentzos and his cousins at the “Hochelaga Cup” in 2011. Credit: Stephan Lentzos Back in 1977, four Greek-Canadian boys — all cousins, and sons of Greek immigrants to Canada — started a pickup game of hockey in a front yard on Hochelaga Street in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and began a tradition that remains alive […]

The Sword and The Book: How Zionism Does Violence to the Jewish Tradition

October 27th, 2021 By Miko Peled Source Glorifying war and violence is, like Zionism itself, an anathema to the Jewish faith. JERUSALEM — In his comprehensive treatise on the subject of Judaism vs. Zionism, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro writes, “The Jewish lifestyle is incompatible with the sword.” Violence and war are frowned upon in Judaism, which is […]

Biden Surgeon General Claims Vaccine Mandates Are “Part Of A Long Tradition” In U.S.

Appearing on NBC News Sunday, Biden Surgeon General Vivek Murthy ludicrously claimed that the government putting requirements on people to take vaccines is a long held American tradition. Meet The Press host Chuck Todd asked Murthy why Biden has flip flopped on vaccine mandates after previously saying the government shouldn’t get involved in such policies. Murthy […]

Ancient vicuna shearing tradition lives on in Peruvian Andes

At daybreak on a freezing cold day high in the Andes, dozens of Peruvian peasants clamber up a mountainside to carry out a centuries-old tradition: shearing vicunas. For one week, every year, the peasants of Totoroma, a village 50 kilometres to the southwest of Lake Titicaca, join forces for the “chaccu”, the round-up and shearing […]

Glen Ford And The Black Radical Critical Tradition

Glen Ford carried on his devotion to the liberation struggle until the end of his life. It’s easy to run with the herd, especially when it can bring possible career advancements and even significant monetary gain. That is why, for so many, making decisions to find a way into the mix, to play the game […]

Portugal doesn’t have a big tradition of winter sports but there are some chasing the Olympic dream

Portugal doesn’t have a big tradition of winter sports, but the country has at least two athletes aiming to reach the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, even if their preparation is on wheels. 25-year-old José Cabeça’s has achieved what no one had ever done before: a performance at a world championship that allows him to […]

Last Traces of the Ancient Foot Binding Tradition Captured on Film

Throughout history, men and women alike have suffered pain and agony in the name of beauty – from the practices of body modification in indigenous tribes throughout the world, to suffocatingly tight corsets in Europe, and modern practices of piercings, tattoos, and various forms of cosmetic surgery. But few of these practices compare with the […]

Threat to close pro-Kurdish party echoes long tradition in Turkey’s politicskurd

HDP may be added to long list of left-wing and Islamist parties shut down over the decades by the Turkish state Supporters of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) demonstrate against the party’s closure in front of the Turkish parliament on 8 December 2009 (AFP) By Alex MacDonald Published date: 20 March 2021 10:41 UTC In 1998, […]

COVID-19 postpones revival of Germany’s Jewish Carnival tradition ended by Nazis

JTA — Looking over an old family scrapbook several years ago, Laura Chanin saw a puzzling photograph of her paternal great-grandfather, Max Solomon, wearing women’s clothes. She had questions. “What is this? Why is he in drag?” Chanin, the 53-year-old mother of one from California, asked about the experience. The discovery led Chanin, who works […]

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