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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show: Mike Walsh – What I Would do as Prime Minister

Radio Aryan July 20, 2016 On this week’s show Andrew was joined by Michael Walsh McLaughlin the legendary British Nationalist and award-winning writer, to discuss what action he would take in his first days if he was Prime Minister. ACH asks Mike to take the listeners through the policies he would implement if he were […]

The Orthodox Nationalist: Tsar Nicholas – The Loss of a Great Man

Radio Aryan July 19, 2016 On July 17, 1918 the royal family of Russia were murdered and today’s podcast was recorded on the 98th anniversary of the crime. Tsar Nicholas is one of the greatest men of the 20th century. His reign was a success on all fronts. Industrial growth was extraordinary. Railroads were being […]

Aryan Insights: E Michael Jones – Jewish Agents of Chaos

Radio Aryan July 18, 2016 Aryan Insights is back and this time with the highly respected Catholic historian, author and editor of Culture Wars, Professor E Michael Jones. Dr. Jones speaks to Sven Longshanks about a wide range of subjects from his books and interviews, centring around the revolutionary activity of the Jew through the […]

The Daily Shoah #93: Ep 88 part 6 of 14: Halfro Bowl-Cut

The Right Stuff July 15, 2016 The Death Panel discuss the Dallas Massacre, cops shooting “Motorists” and interview Paddy Tarleton. Featuring the Merchant Minute. Death Panelists: SeventhSon, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Paddy Tarleton 0:00 Intro: “The Battle Of Sacramento“ 6:30 Are we being duped? 24:00 Rundown of events 59:00 The Dallas Massacre 1:29:00 Break: “Tiny Tim […]

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show: An Interview With Grandpa Lampshade

Radio Aryan July 13, 2016 On today’s show Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Grandpa Lampshade who hosts the popular, “Thoughts Of The Day,” Frog-Cast on Radio Aryan. Grandpa first goes into his background in Texas and how his political affiliation began with Reagan type conservatism. He noticed how the Republican Party post-Reagan morphed into a new […]

The Orthodox Nationalist: Stalin the Philo-Semitic Internationalist

Radio Aryan July 12, 2016 Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson begins with a summary of current events concerning Donald Trump and Black violence in the USA, before getting to the bulk of the podcast which debunks two big myths about Joseph Stalin, that he was a Russian Nationalist and that he was an Anti-Semite. He was […]

America: 56% Disagree with Comey Decision, But Half will Still Vote for Her

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer July 11, 2016 This is absolutely insane and demonstrates brilliantly the current state of derangement in these United States: 56% of people disagree with the FBI decision not to recommend an indictment, yet only 28% say this makes then less likely to vote for her. ABC News: A majority of Americans […]

KulturKampf: Locke: Two Treatises of Government

The Right Stuff July 8, 2016 This week the KulturKampf panel is joined by Rebel Yell host, Musonius Rufus to discuss the political and philosophical aspects and implications of John Locke’s infamous Two Treatises of Government. Intro: Henry Purcell Rondeau from Abdelazer Outro: Elgar Nimrod Show Notes Minutes from the Guard tower By Gaius Tacitus […]

Cruzman is Apparently Endorsing Trump, Will Speak at Convention

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 7, 2016 It sure has been a long time since I’ve thought about Ted Cruz. Feels like decades. All shall bend the knee to the GOD EMPEROR! Fox News: Ted Cruz said Thursday he’s accepted an invitation from Donald Trump to speak at the Republican National Convention, in a sign the […]

Unlawful and brutal attack on Turkish boat improves with age in the New York Times

In a writeup of Israeli responses to the deal with Turkey this week, New York Times reporter Isabel Kershner basically justifies the killings of ten activists on the Turkish boat the Mavi Marmara in 2010. That’s a pattern with the NYT– wait long enough and something controversial that happened in the past will be written up […]

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day with Azzmador

Radio Aryan June 28, 2016 Grandpa Lampshade presents a special edition of Thoughts of the Day with Azzmador. That’s right, you get two for the price of one this week with a double helping of Grandpa Lampshade plus Azzmador, discussing current topics as well as general philosophical issues that we all find interesting. We start […]


report from the Daily Stormer Wow, CIA is not good at their job. RT reports : CIA weapons supplied to the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels via Jordan have been “systematically stolen” to be sold on the black market, a new report based on testimonies of American and Jordanian officials to the NYT and Al Jazeera has revealed. The […]

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Celebrity Status for Grandpa

Radio Aryan June 22, 2016 Grandpa Lampshade returns from a few well deserved days off, to visit us once again with this week’s Thoughts of the Day program. Now we have been inundated with the sad story of the martyrs of Orlando, but if you were listening to nothing but our enemies you would find […]

Radio Aryan Roundtable: Jews Doing Our Work For Us

Radio Aryan June 20, 2016 Fascist Lemming joins Sven Longshanks and Juhani Keranen for this week’s Radio Aryan Roundtable looking at three main subjects of importance for the Alt-Right. First up is the killing of Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen. Sven gives us some background information on her career before offering some […]

KulturKampf: Machiavelli’s The Prince With Special Guest 3D Waifu Diotima Flyte

The Right Stuff June 17, 2016 Titus, Aristocles, Tharru, and Tacitus are joined by Diotima Flyte on this week’s episode of KulturKampf to discuss Machiavelli’s political work on Princely rule, attaining and maintaining conquered lands and power. ‘Machiavelli the European’ – By Greg Johnson Machiavelli’s The Prince eBook. Machiavelli’s The Prince Audiobook: Source Article from […]

Radio Free Skyrim: Mystery Meat BTFOed

The Right Stuff June 16, 2016 This week we vanquish our mystery meat enemies. 00:00 Pre-intro (text done by stasi) 03:35 COMMERCIAL: Manifest Destiny Sleeping Pills 04:25 Intro (made by Ludwig van Bantzhoven) 09:09 ANIMAL NEWS: Natt’s battle with the seagul continues 11:46 RAPE NEWS: 72 brown pedophiles are missing 20:49 Pastor Manning, Trump, AltRight, and […]

CNBC Rat Admits Trump will be President

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 14, 2016 And this bitch is going to have to go back! BACK TO PAKISTAN THAT SUCKS BITCH GTFO! Source Article from 00

The David Duke Show: The Total Jewish Control of Hillary and Jewish Hatred Donald Trump

David Duke June 10, 2016 Today Dr. Duke addressed the media attack on Donald Trump. He noted that the media is trying to smear Donald Trump with Dr. Duke’s own ancient history, while ignoring the more recent history of Hillary’s whoring for Jewish power. He pointed out that Hillary’s top campaign contributors are ALL Jewish […]

KulturKampf: Vico’s The First New Science

The Right Stuff June 10, 2016 This week we discuss Giabattista Vico’s The First New Science. This is a work which one, upon reading, my see visions of Nietzsche, Hegel, and Marx to name only a few. We also have a T-Shirt sale going on for the next few days. Episode 20 Notes New Science […]

The Orthodox Nationalist: Leon Trotsky and the Permanent Oligarchy

Radio Aryan June 7, 2016 In this broadcast Dr Matthew Johnson attempts to summarize a huge amount of information concerning early Soviet economic policy and ideology. The argument can be summarized this way: 1. Trotsky had far more power and influence than Lenin. 2. Marxism was almost totally irrelevant to the Red forces during and […]

Aryan Insights: Lee Rogers – From Third World to First World

Radio Aryan June 6, 2016 Taking a break from The Stormer Report, Lee Rogers joins us today to talk about his experiences in third world countries and how they contrast with the way we live in the civilised world. Starting with India, Lee talks about his first impressions of the place and how the caste […]

Taylor Swift’s Jewish Lawyers Cracking Down on The Daily Stormer!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 27, 2016 I received a letter this morning from the legal team of Taylor Swift, asking that I remove a meme image and references to her. Under this threat of Jewish violence against my person, I have removed the offending materials as requested, given that I barely have the resources to […]

The David Duke Show: Will Jewish Extremists Assassinate Trump?

David Duke May 26, 2016 Dr. Duke spent the show addressing the assassination threat that Donald Trump is under from Jewish extremists. On Glen Beck’s radio show yesterday, his guest Brad Thor suggested that if Congress will not stand in the way of President Trump “overstepping” his constitutional authority, then a “patriot” assassin should take […]

The David Duke Show: The ZioMedia’s Role in Promoting Human Degradation & Brutality

David Duke May 23, 2016 Dr. Duke addressed the issue of the growing Jewish domination of Christianity. He pointed out that in past centuries, Christianity was one of the bulwarks protecting Europeans from exploitation by Jewish moneylenders and malfeasants. But Jewish influence in the Catholic Church has grown to the point that the Zio media […]

The Orthodox Nationalist: Was Erich Koch Working for Stalin?

Radio Aryan May 19, 2016 Today’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist is about Erich Koch, Reichskommissar in Reichskommissariat Ukraine from 1941 until 1943. His reign of terror turned a strong, anti-communist nation into an anti-German force that lost Hitler the war. Hitler and Himmler saw the Slavs as sub-humans regardless of the pleas of Rosenberg […]

The David Duke Show: Andrew Anglin on Social Media Censorship

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 18, 2016 Aryan man: Rise up and unmask the Jew! I was on with David Duke this morning to discuss censorship on social media. We talked about a new Breitbart report on anti-immigration groups getting their stories shut down by Jew Zuckerberg on Facebook. We talked about the way social media […]

The David Duke Show: The Pope Seeks to Wipe Out Christians, Catholics and European Mankind

David Duke May 17, 2016 Dr. Duke started the show by calling out the Pope and others of his mindset that are trying to brainwash the European peoples to accept their own replacement in the lands they have lived in for thousands of years by exploiting the natural empathy of Europeans. He and Dr. Slattery […]

The David Duke Show: The Pope Seeks to Wipe Out Christians, Catholics and European Mankind

David Duke May 17, 2016 Dr. Duke started the show by calling out the Pope and others of his mindset that are trying to brainwash the European peoples to accept their own replacement in the lands they have lived in for thousands of years by exploiting the natural empathy of Europeans. He and Dr. Slattery […]

The David Duke Show: Interview with Political Activist Roy Armstrong on the Coming European Revolution

David Duke May 16, 2016 Dr. Duke pointed out that white countries including the United States have been told that they need to accept immigrants from all over the world to make up for their labor shortages. At the same time, these same countries already have chronic unemployment, and the migrants arriving in them usually […]

Rumor: Trump has Shortlisted David Duke as His VP Pick – #TrumpDuke2016

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 12, 2016 Who am I to disagree with General Washington? #TrumpDuke2016#MakeAmericaGreatAgain#AmericaFirst #AllWhitesUnite — David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) May 12, 2016 Jews are in a state of impotent rage after rumors have emerged that Donald Trump has shortlisted David Duke as a potential running mate. Trump has pretty well got the Presidency […]

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