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American Caver Mark Dickey Rescued After Getting Trapped 3,400 Feet Below Ground

Dickey, an experienced explorer, developed severe gastrointestinal pain while exploring Turkey’s Morca cave. Source

Trapped Burning Man Attendees Report “Ebola-Like” Illness as the Situation Turns from Bad to Worse

Originally Published on Vigilant News “Things went down the drain” for Burning Man this year, reported popular YouTuber “TheSneezingMonkey.” Some 70,000 attendants of Burning Man, an annual arts and culture festival held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, are trapped — and they might be stuck there for days or longer. Heavy rains turned […]

July 5 – Trapped in a Sci-Fi Horror Movie

Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry, Satanism) is a cancer, eating us alive but we are not allowed to mention it. We are satanically possessed but won’t admit it.  When are the bastards on the left going to grow up? When are they going to act like adults instead of naughty children who want to own and control […]

Mechanic Sees Drivers Trapped on Icy Road in Brutal Winter Storm, Frees Them for 7 Hours Till 6 A.M

A brutal winter storm struck the western U.S. from Arizona to Wyoming last month, seeing many motorists stranded for long hours in cold weather and abandoned cars littering the highways. Twenty drivers trapped in a blizzard in Washington state on Feb. 22 have a pair of local heroes to thank for pulling them out. Uber […]

California Teen Saves Father’s Life When Trapped Beneath Truck: ‘My Son Is My Hero’

A California teen is being lauded after he helped save his father’s life, who became trapped underneath a truck they were both working on. Source

Miners trapped underground after deadly coal mine blast in Turkey

At least 14 workers were killed and 28 others injured in an explosion at a coal mine in northwestern Turkey on Friday, the country’s interior minister said. Scores of workers were still stranded underground in two locations 300 and 350 meters below sea level, as of Friday evening.  The accident occurred at 6 p.m. local […]

Debt—and Why the Fed Is Trapped

Commentary  The massive debt levels provide the single most significant risk and challenge to the Federal Reserve. It is also why the Fed is desperate to return inflation to low levels, even if it means weaker economic growth. Such was a point previously made by Jerome Powell: “We need to act now, forthrightly, strongly as […]

62-Year-Old Trapped Inside Capsized Sailboat Survives 16 Hours In Freezing Atlantic Ocean

The unnamed Frenchman sent out a distress signal that led three helicopters and a rescue ship with five divers to find him. Source

Ukraine war: Ten dead and dozens feared trapped in Donetsk flats hit by Russian rockets

The building was struck in Chasiv Yar, about 20 kilometres from Kramatorsk, expected to be a major target of Russian forces as they advance westwards in eastern Ukraine. Source

WATCH: Dog Trapped Inside Gorilla Enclosure at Zoo Rescued by Officers

A dog became stuck in the gorilla enclosure recently at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California as bystanders watched in shock.

Trapped Antelope Await Attack By Wild Dogs In A Surprising Cliffhanger

Wild dogs waited to pounce on cornered antelope atop a high rocky outcrop in South Africa. But three small antelope called klipspringers kept their cool as they clung to the cliff in a tense standoff at MalaMala Game Reserve, a recent YouTube video on Latest Sightings shows. (Watch it below.) The young dogs appeared poised […]

Hundreds Trapped On Roof As Massive Fire Breaks Out At Hong Kong Skyscraper

Americans Trapped By Taliban With No Rescue Plan Happy To Hear They Are Not Stranded

Americans Trapped By Taliban With No Rescue Plan Happy To Hear They Are Not Stranded KABUL—Americans stuck in Afghanistan with no way to get to the airport or sneak past the Taliban are relieved after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that they’re not actually stranded.  “It’s irresponsible to say these Americans are stranded,” said […]

‘What about our future?’ The Iranian Kurds trapped in Iraq and forgotten by the international community

In May, 25-year-old Ako sat in a hospital room next to his friend Behzad Mahmoudi, who was wrapped head to toe in bandages. Behzad, an Iranian Kurdish asylum seeker, had set himself on fire outside the United Nations’ headquarters in Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq. He was protesting his […]

Biden Tells 40,000 Americans Trapped in Afghanistan: ‘Tough Luck’

Following Joe Biden’s deadly decision to pull out of Afghanistan, which has led to the Taliban taking over the country, American citizens stranded there are being told by his administration that they are on their own. Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed there are from “10,000 to as many as 40,000” Americans still stranded inside Afghanistan. […]

Video: Trump Warns Taliban Will Use Trapped Americans As “Hostages”

Speaking with Hannity Tuesday night, President Trump warned that the Americans who are trapped in Afghanistan thanks to the total lack of contingency by the Biden administration will be used as hostages by the Taliban. “We’re being set up. They have all those people and I can guarantee you they consider them to be hostages,” […]

Without Warning, Visiting Chinese Become Trapped in City Under Lockdown

More than 30 college students have been trapped under lockdown in Yangzhou city during their summer internship, due to a surge in CCP virus infections. An unknown number of other visitors were also affected when the city unexpectedly announced the lockdown. On July 28, local officials announced outbreaks in “hotspots” and initiated the lockdown in the […]

Race to rescue 14 workers trapped inside a flooded tunnel in China

Efforts are underway to rescue over a dozen workers in southern China who were trapped inside an under-construction tunnel that sprung a leak and subsequently flooded, two days after the mishap occurred. An evacuation had begun on Wednesday after workers noticed the tunnel had sprung a leak. The tunnel collapsed in the early hours of […]

21 Trapped in Flooded Xinjiang Coal Mine: Chinese State Media

BEIJING—Twenty-one miners are trapped in a flooded coal mine in northwest China’s Xinjiang region, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday, citing a local emergency department. A section of the mine filled with water, leading to power outages just after 6 p.m. on Saturday when 29 miners were working at the site in Hutubi […]

Rescue underway to free 21 miners trapped in China – watch

Twenty-one miners are trapped in a flooded coalmine in northwest China‘s Xinjiang region, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday, citing a local emergency department. A section of the mine filled with water, leading to power outages just after 6 p.m. (1000 GMT) on Saturday when 29 miners were working at the site in […]

Thai Navy Conducts Purrfect Rescue Of Cats Trapped On Sinking Ship

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai navy sailors braved choppy waters to launch a dramatic rescue this week after discovering four cats had been abandoned on a sinking ship that caught fire off a paradise island. After the crew had been taken to safety on Tuesday, the navy was sent to the site of the capsized vessel […]

3 young children die of smoke inhalation while trapped in fire at their home

Three young children died of smoke inhalation in a fire at their home on Thursday morning in the Bedouin town of Hura in the south of Israel. The siblings from the Abu Sbeit family — Abrar, 1, Khaled, 3, and Lilah, 4 — apparently suffocated, with some assessments suggesting the blaze could have been sparked […]

Hundreds Of Cows Have Been Trapped At Sea In ‘Hellish’ Conditions For 2 Months

CARTAGENA, Spain (Reuters) – More than 850 cows that spent months aboard a ship wandering across the Mediterranean are not fit for transport anymore and should be killed, according to a confidential report by Spanish government veterinarians seen by Reuters. The cows were kept in what an animal rights activist called “hellish” conditions on the […]

China rescues four miners after 14 days trapped underground – CCTV

Chinese rescuers pulled 11 gold miners to safety on Sunday with most of them in good condition after 14 days trapped underground after an explosion, but 10 colleagues were still unaccounted for, state media reported.Television footage showed the first miner as he was brought to the surface in the morning, a black blindfold shielding his […]

Eleven workers rescued from China mine after being trapped for two weeks

Eleven workers trapped for two weeks by an explosion inside a Chinese gold mine were brought safely to the surface on Sunday. State broadcaster CCTV showed workers being hauled up one-by-one in baskets on Sunday afternoon, their eyes shielded to protect them after so many days in darkness. One worker was reported to have died […]

Great Caution is Needed to Prevent Farming Getting Trapped in Unsustainable Systems

Governments in many countries grapple with the challenge of retaining the support of farmers who are considered important in electoral politics. At the same time several of these governments work under the impact of powerful business interests. From the narrow point of view of these governments the skill is in somehow managing to keep both […]

Cause of mysterious ‘trapped energy’ found, Tel Aviv municipality says

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PJW Live: Trapped on “Plague Island”

The World Health Organization has changed the definition of “herd immunity,” eliminating the pre-COVID consensus that it could be achieved by allowing a virus to spread through a population, and insisting that herd immunity comes solely from vaccines. The change occurred on a section of the WHO’s website entitled ‘Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Serology, antibodies and […]

Breaking News: Trapped Neanderthal Altamura Man Had A “Third Hand”

Altamura Man was a Neanderthal who lived in southern Italy at least 130,000 years ago. His fossilized skeleton was uncovered by a team of cavers in 1993 AD, entombed within calcite mineral deposits in the karst cave system near Altamura, a town in southern Italy. Altamura Man, the ancient hunter, represents the most complete and […]

VIDEO: Ohio Police Rescue Woman Trapped in Sinking Minivan that Crashed into River

Ohio police rescued a 24-year-old woman who was trapped in a sinking minivan that crashed into a river Sunday night, according to bodycam footage released Monday. The woman was on her way home from work around 9 p.m. when she fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed her minivan into the Mahoning River, the City of […]

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