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June 9 – We’re Trapped in a Masonic Jewish Solipsism

(In a solipsism, reality is redefined to conform with partisan self-interest)  Whether it’s the Left (Communist) or Right (Zionist) wing of the Masonic Jewish dialectic, Humanity is trapped in the self-serving Cabalist Jewish Mission to enslave and dispossess mankind through plandemics, vaccines, financial crises, and contrived wars.  In a solipsism, reality is redefined to conform […]

Tens of millions of Americans are “trapped” in an endless cycle of debt that is sucking the life out of them financially

(NaturalNews) Did you know that U.S. households are 17,690,000,000,000 dollars in debt?  Of course household debt is only one part of a much larger story.  The… Source

West Bank|15+ Martyrs, IOF Storms Nur Shams Camp; Booby-Trapped Flag Near Ramallah

April 21, 2024 Live News – Middle East – News – Palestine – Top The Israeli occupation forces have withdrawn from Nur Shams camp in Tulkarm after committing a massacre against residents, resulting in fourteen martyrs due to Zionist military aggression lasting three days, causing significant infrastructure and property damage. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported the deaths of fourteen Palestinians shortly after […]

Gaza’s ‘shadow death toll’: Buried, missing, trapped under the rubble

23 Mar 2024 Source: News Websites By Al Mayadeen English Gaza’s death toll, currently surpassing 31,000 martyrs, excludes the thousands of missing people buried beneath the rubble. The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the occupation committed 7 massacres in 24 hours, killing 72 and injuring 114. This brings the total number of Palestinians killed […]

Welcome to Mixed Reality: A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” —Frank Herbert Source

Civilians Still Trapped In Crossfire As Israel Battles Militants In Gaza’s Main Cities

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli forces battled Palestinian militants in Gaza’s two largest cities on Monday, with civilians still trapped in the fighting even after hundreds of thousands have fled to other parts of the besieged territory. Israel has pledged to keep fighting until it removes Hamas from power, dismantles its military capabilities and […]

41 Workers Rescued After Being Trapped In Collapsed Tunnel For 17 Days In India

UTTARKASHI, India (AP) — India’s transportation minister says all 41 construction workers who were trapped in a collapsed mountain tunnel in the country’s north for more than two weeks have been pulled out after rescuers reached them on Tuesday. Nitin Gadkari, the minister of road transport and highways, said on X, formerly known as Twitter, […]

Saving the best for last? IDF has trapped Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in a Gaza bunker – but the killings of civilians, including children, continue

Saving the best for last? IDF has trapped Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in a Gaza bunker – but the killings of civilians, including children, continue Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are claiming they have trapped Hamas’ most senior leader in a Gaza bunker on Nov. 7 – exactly one month after the militant group attacked Israel. According […]

Without fresh water, Palestinians trapped in Gaza forced to wash, bathe in polluted Eastern Mediterranean Sea

(NaturalNews) Due to Israel’s blockade of Gaza, families have run out of freshwater sources and have been forced to use the polluted seawater of the Mediterranean… Source

Trapped In Hell: Palestinian Civilians Try To Survive In Northern Gaza, Focus Of Israel’s Offensive

Weeks after ordering northern Gaza’s 1.1 million inhabitants to evacuate south, the Israeli army is intensifying its bombing in northern Gaza. Source

Hundreds of American citizens are TRAPPED in Gaza, abandoned by U.S. government that’s sending money and weapons to Israel to bomb CIVILIANS

(NaturalNews) Ever since the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel, about 500 foreign passport holders, including at least 400 American citizens, have been trapped… Source

Biden leaves Americans trapped in Israel to fend for themselves as war breaks out

(NaturalNews) President Joe Biden is currently the target of a massive backlash as distressing stories of American Jews trapped in the middle of the violent Hamas… Source

Spanish woman trapped in Gaza pleads for urgent help

Islam Hamdam, a Spanish woman living in the Gaza Strip with her family, made an urgent plea for help on Thursday amid constant bombardment, Anadolu Agency reports. “I have a three-month-old baby, and I need drinking water to make his bottles. But there isn’t any. There are no diapers, no milk, there’s nothing,” she said amid tears […]

American Caver Mark Dickey Rescued After Getting Trapped 3,400 Feet Below Ground

Dickey, an experienced explorer, developed severe gastrointestinal pain while exploring Turkey’s Morca cave. Source

Trapped Burning Man Attendees Report “Ebola-Like” Illness as the Situation Turns from Bad to Worse

Originally Published on Vigilant News “Things went down the drain” for Burning Man this year, reported popular YouTuber “TheSneezingMonkey.” Some 70,000 attendants of Burning Man, an annual arts and culture festival held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, are trapped — and they might be stuck there for days or longer. Heavy rains turned […]

July 5 – Trapped in a Sci-Fi Horror Movie

Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry, Satanism) is a cancer, eating us alive but we are not allowed to mention it. We are satanically possessed but won’t admit it.  When are the bastards on the left going to grow up? When are they going to act like adults instead of naughty children who want to own and control […]

Mechanic Sees Drivers Trapped on Icy Road in Brutal Winter Storm, Frees Them for 7 Hours Till 6 A.M

A brutal winter storm struck the western U.S. from Arizona to Wyoming last month, seeing many motorists stranded for long hours in cold weather and abandoned cars littering the highways. Twenty drivers trapped in a blizzard in Washington state on Feb. 22 have a pair of local heroes to thank for pulling them out. Uber […]

California Teen Saves Father’s Life When Trapped Beneath Truck: ‘My Son Is My Hero’

A California teen is being lauded after he helped save his father’s life, who became trapped underneath a truck they were both working on. Source

Miners trapped underground after deadly coal mine blast in Turkey

At least 14 workers were killed and 28 others injured in an explosion at a coal mine in northwestern Turkey on Friday, the country’s interior minister said. Scores of workers were still stranded underground in two locations 300 and 350 meters below sea level, as of Friday evening.  The accident occurred at 6 p.m. local […]

Debt—and Why the Fed Is Trapped

Commentary  The massive debt levels provide the single most significant risk and challenge to the Federal Reserve. It is also why the Fed is desperate to return inflation to low levels, even if it means weaker economic growth. Such was a point previously made by Jerome Powell: “We need to act now, forthrightly, strongly as […]

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