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They’ve Gone Honking Mad – Ottawa Residents Suffering from “Trauma” due to “Phantom Honking” – Yes… Really

They’ve Gone Honking Mad: Canada State Media Claims Trucker Convoy Left Ottawa Residents Suffering from “Trauma” due to “Phantom Honking” – Yes… Really Date: February 27, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: Julian ConradsonThis past weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brutally swept the trucker convoy out of the streets of Ottawa, ending a weeks-long occupation that had […]

What the Jan. 6 responders found: Brotherhood in trauma and a search for accountability

Dunn, who testified about enduring a “torrent” of racial abuse during the attack, came back to work on Jan. 7. Therapy has helped, Dunn said, especially as he and his colleagues work every day at the scene of the crime. “I can’t avoid it. So you have to learn how to be able to handle […]

Full Release: Ashley Biden Diary Reveals Child Sex Trauma & Resentment for Joe Biden

Ashely Biden’s full uncensored diary has been leaked online, and it details a disturbing childhood of being sexually abused while harbouring resentful feelings towards her father Joe Biden. Biden’s diary is the subject of a criminal investigation by federal authorities. Passage’s of the diary were leaked in 2020, which exposed her battle with drug and sex […]

Diary of Joe Biden’s Daughter Reveals: Child Sex Trauma, Drug Abuse, Resentment for Her Father

Ashley Biden’s diary is the subject of a criminal investigation by federal authorities. The diary’s content and text have ended up online, and passages in which Biden writes about her father, US President Joe Biden, are causing controversy. The diary began when the author was at the Florida Rehabilitation Center, which then goes onto describing […]

An Everlasting Trauma: Sabra and Shatila by the Hours

September 16, 2021 Source: The Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 31, No. 1. 16 Sep 23:31 By Al Mayadeen Ariel Sharon gave the commands, the Israeli-backed militiamen did the dirty work. On one occasion of forty hours of ruthless slaughter, “Israel’s” June 6, 1982 invasion of Lebanon, called “Operation Peace for Galilee,” hardly experienced any […]

“Enduring Trauma of Partition: Critical Insights Into Neighbourly Relations”

K.M. Seethi, Enduring Dilemma: Flashpoints in Kashmir and India-Pakistan Relations (KW Publishers Pvt Ltd New Delhi 2021) As India and Pakistan are set to celebrate the 75th Year of independence, the trauma of partition and the unsettled issues of the past continue to haunt the people of the subcontinent in diverse ways. The region of […]

Lockdown Trauma Causing 5-Year-Olds to Suffer Panic Attacks: 1.5 Million UK Kids in Need of Therapy

Children in the UK as young as five are suffering panic attacks and other psychological trauma as a result of COVID lockdowns, leaving 1.5 million kids in need of mental health treatment, according to a new report. by Paul Joseph Watson NHS leaders say that the impact of repeated lockdowns has left children fearful of […]

London Uni Allows Non-Whites Exam Extensions if They Say They’ve Experienced “Racial Trauma”

A debate about the double standards of cancel culture is taking place after a 2011 tweet was uncovered in which U.S. female soccer star Megan Rapinoe commented, “u look asian with those closed eyes!” Rapinoe, who has since become a darling of woke progressives off the back of her campaign for equal pay, is now […]

Prince Harry Reveals He Used Drink And Drugs To Cope With Trauma Of Princess Diana’s Death

Prince Harry has said the trauma of his mother’s death led to him using alcohol and drugs to “mask” his emotions and to “feel less like I was feeling”. Harry was just 12 when Diana, Princess of Wales, died in August 1997 in a car crash while being pursued by the press in Paris. In […]

Arab MK Equates ‘Palestinian Trauma’ with Holocaust

Browse > Home / News / Arab MK Equates ‘Palestinian Trauma’ with Holocaust April 29, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Palestinian Arab society is suffering from trauma and stress, just like the Jews are following the Holocaust, said Arab Member of Knesset (MK) Ibtisam Mara’ana, calling for a “mutual recognition […]

Israeli psychologist who pioneered treatment for brain trauma, dies at 88

Yehuda Ben-Yishay, a psychologist whose experience treating Israeli soldiers after the Yom Kippur War led to pioneering therapy for traumatic brain injuries, has died. Ben-Yishay, the founder and retired director of New York University’s Rusk Holistic Day Program, died March 24 at the NYU Langone Health hospital in Manhattan. He was 88. His “holistic cognitive […]

ER Doctor and Advanced Trauma Life Support Professor: ‘I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19. We are being deceived and manipulated.’

My Personal Testimony by Mark Trozzi MD Introduction My name is Mark Trozzi. I am a medical doctor; I graduated in 1990 from The University of Western Ontario. I have been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past twenty-five years; and I have been on call in multiple emergency units since the onset of the so-called […]

Childhood Trauma Permanently Scars Brain (Limbic System) Boosting Likelihood of Depression & MKUltra Veterans Association Needed-Petition Pixabay / Public Domain JuliaGlazer Mar 24, 2019 Research has found that early trauma can lead to “limbic scarring” on the brain. The Telegraph reports that a new study has found childhood trauma to physically scar the brain and increases the likelihood of severe depression for later in life. Scientists have now linked changes in the […]

Northeastern University forum on COVID trauma draws on Israeli soldiers’ combat experience — ‘our kids’

Northeastern University gave a panel on the psychological trauma that featured an Israeli discussing the trauma of Israeli combat soldiers, “our kids,” as a model for Americans coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel had nothing to say about Palestinians who suffer from Israeli soldiers’ activity. The discussion took place on Northeastern’s Jewish Studies […]

4 Key Steps To Heal From Any Kind Of Trauma

Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest area, near your heart. Breathe slowly into the area for about a minute, focusing on a sense of ease entering your mind and body. Click here to learn why we suggest this. IMAGE CREDIT: Sergey Svistunov We are having a Full Moon in Virgo […]

Kathy Griffin: America Experiencing ‘Collective Trauma’ as Second Impeachment Trial Begins

Nearly three years after she posed for a photo holding a bloody replica of President Donald Trump’s severed head, comedian and left-wing activist Kathy Griffin said Americans are experiencing a “collective trauma” as the second impeachment trial against former President Trump began on Tuesday. “I don’t know if we’ve even started to process it, much less work […]

Skeletal Trauma Reveals Class Inequality in Medieval Cambridge

Skeletal trauma has been studied in the remains of hundreds of people who lived in medieval Cambridge excavated from three cemeteries dating back to between the 10th and 14th century. The study has revealed varying levels of physical hardship across lower classes. Founded in 1209 AD and granted a royal charter by Henry III in 1231 AD, […]

As America reels from political trauma, Jewish continuity points way to national unity

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / As America reels from political trauma, Jewish continuity points way to national unity January 15, 2021 by Melanie Phillips – Read on for article As ever, Judaism has the best line. “Put not your trust in princes,” said the psalmist. Amen to that. Melanie Phillips Both the […]

Ukraine video game ‘The Point of No Return’ highlights soldiers’ post-war trauma

A Ukrainian video game depicts the daily routine of a soldier in the country’s separatist-controlled east, where Russia-backed rebels and Ukrainian forces have been fighting for years. The game is intended to help others understand the challenges soldiers struggling with post-war trauma are facing. Video games are often violent, featuring war and bloodshed. But “The […]

Psychiatric trauma: the hidden toll of the Covid Pandemic

An ordinary morning at the Edouard Herriot hospital in the city of Lyon, in the south-east of France. It’s the largest general hospital in the region and receives the highest number of patients with mental health problems. Emmanuel Poulet is head of psychiatric emergencies. He’s in consultation with a student who tried to kill himself […]

Transforming trauma: How Jewish voices from Iran and Arab lands can be a bridge for peace

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / Transforming trauma: How Jewish voices from Iran and Arab lands can be a bridge for peace December 4, 2020 by Israel Kasnett – Read on for article With just the clothes on their backs and a few belongings hurriedly thrown into a sack, thousands of Jewish families […]

3 Ways To Heal Trauma

December 1st, 2020 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World If you look up the word “trauma” in the Dictionary, one of the first definitions you get is: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. I’m just taking a wild guess here, but I’d imagine that you’ve experienced something disturbing or distressing in your life. Am I […]

Clearing Trauma Through BioDynamic Breathwork: Practices to Open Your Heart, Release Fear and Find Emotional Peace – FREE Online Event

Pain and loss are an inescapable fact of life… for all of us. And the trauma created by this pandemic will reverberate for years to come. Yet, in spite of personal hardships and our collective uncertainty, you CAN learn how to release the pent-up effects of trauma to lead a more fulfilling life. How? Through biodynamic breathwork […]


[embedded content]….Dr David Berceli showing six of the exercises.  Anonymous 10 September 2020 at 15:04 writes – For the Aangirfan library of healing and self-healing knowledge. There is a successful set of techniques used to heal people’s traumas, using the fact that trauma is recorded physically in the body. ‘Trauma Releasing Exercises’ or TRE used in part, […]

Using Self Compassion and Acceptance to Heal from Trauma and PTSD

September 4th, 2020 by Dr Matthew Welsh Guest Writer for Wake Up World “Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” – […]

Hypothesis: Face Mask Induced O2 Depletion and CO2 Enrichment Elicit Fear and Anxiety (i.e. Trauma-Based Control)

By Sayer Ji Wearing a face mask may carry a steep physiological price, adversely impacting your health and well-being in these already extremely stressful times.  Concerns about the harms of mask wearing continue to increase, especially ever since numerous US states began mandating their use as a non-pharmaceutical intervention intended to contain the spread of […]

Seattle Moves To Replace ‘Racist’ Police With ‘Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist’ Organizations

(ZH) The Seattle City Council advanced legislation on Friday which would replace the ‘racist institution of policing’ with a civilian-led activities and organizations under a new ‘Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention.’ The bill justifies the move by pointing to the prevalence of ‘white supremacy culture’ and the Seattle PD’s role in ‘perpetuating racism […]

How The New Science of Psychedelics Can Teach Us About Depression, Trauma & Much More…

Next Story The use of psychedelics and plant medicines in our current society is no longer considered taboo. We have been seeing an increase of research and discussion around the potential healing capacity of such substances over the past decade or so and words like ayahuasca are echoed quite regularly throughout many conversations between people […]

How to care for yourself mentally and emotionally after experiencing trauma during an airplane flight

(Natural News) If you’re already wary of traveling by air, recent news reports might have added to your apprehension when it comes to airplanes. For example, last April, tragedy struck a Southwest Airlines flight, with one passenger dead after an engine exploded. Many of the passengers on the same flight were shaken as they […]

Soul Retrieval Can Heal Addiction, Trauma and Mental Illness – Here’s How

May 14th, 2018 By Mateo Sol Guest writer for Wake Up World Beneath most headaches is a heartache. It’s a natural protective mechanism of ours to think our way around wounds instead of feeling our way through them. In this day and age, we just want an escape. What can we do to stop feeling the pain we’re feeling? How […]

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