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The New York / Moscow / Tel Aviv Triangle – #SovietIsrael

By Jack BernsteinThe Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (1984 Anno Domini)Pages 21-25 At this point, you may be confused, Israel and the Soviets are ideological allies – both follow the ideas of Karl Marx, so both are communist/socialist. Yet, the Soviets supplied military equipment to the Arabs—Israel’s enemies; and at the same […]

US Navy secretly designed super-fast futuristic ‘flying triangle’

US Navy secretly designed super-fast futuristic ‘flying triangle’ Published on July 9, 2022 Written by I wanted to point out Columbia University also helped the Pilgrim Society, at the turn of the century, by corrupting physics and later controlling the U.S. patent office…which you and Douglas have pointed out in previous AIM articles! Lt. […]

The Zone of Silence – The Bizarre Bermuda Triangle of Northern Mexico

Within the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve, in a place known as the Trino Vertex, lies a patch of desert which has garnered a reputation for strange occurrences. Known as la Zona del SIlencio , or the Zone of Silence, this is a place where compasses spin out of control and radio or satellite signals simply don’t […]

UFO NEWS ~ Black Triangle UFO getting struck by lightning in Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil plus MORE

Black Triangle UFO getting struck by lightning in Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil September 16, 2021    During a thunderstorm in Itaquaquecetuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil, a black triangle UFO getting struck by lightning and becomes visible in the center of the lightning bolt before disappearing again.  At the same time, a second black object can be […]

Kerman added to Iran’s golden ‘triangle’ of tourism

Kerman added to Iran’s golden ‘triangle’ of tourism – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – The ancient city of Kerman has been added to Iran’s golden ‘triangle’ of tourism, which was already embracing Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, an official with the Planning and Budget Organization (PBO) said on Monday. “Comprised of Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, the golden triangle […]

World Jewish Congress confirmed New York-Moscow-Tel Aviv triangle in 1978

ISRAEL— Portrait Of The president of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann in Israel, 6 April 1970. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images) By Timothy FitzpatrickJuly 30, 2021 Anno Domini World Jewish Congress founder Nahum Goldmann suggested in a German periodical that both the Soviet Union and the United States of America work in Israel’s […]

Giant Black Triangle Near Suns Surface

2021-07-22 Giant Black Triangle On Suns Surface 1/5 The Size Of Earth! July 21, 2021 UFO Sighting News. Date of sighting: July 21, 2021Location of sighting: Earths SunSource: I first reported this black triangle UFO about 2 years ago. It’s still there today, but moves from one place to another. Its location about 5 years ago was […]

Shaping the Washington-Tokyo-Seoul Triangle

In one of his past articles the author promised to discuss in more detail how anti-Japanese sentiments in Seoul began to diminish with Joe Biden’s accession to power. The first signs of this development were observed at the end of 2020, when there was already a concern that the Seoul-Tokyo feud might have a negative […]

The Devil’s Sea: Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific

The Devil’s Sea, otherwise known as the Dragon’s Triangle, is a region in the Pacific Ocean that has come to be associated with numerous accounts of disappearing ships and planes, sightings of ghost ships and islands, extreme weather and electro-magnetic disturbances, with historical accounts of strange phenomena stemming back at least 3,000 years. In ancient […]

Landlocked Bermuda Triangle: The Mexican Zone of Silence

Of all the sites that are unexplained, the Bermuda Triangle is usually the first one that comes to mind. Located in the Caribbean, it is renowned for the ships and radio signals that have disappeared without explanation in recent years. Yet, there is another, perhaps lesser known region in which the inexplicable occurs. This location […]

The 10th Dimension of Pascal’s Triangle and Consciousness

This article looks closely at the mathematics and sacred geometry related to Pascal’s Triangle as a way to find the key to consciousness and how humans “see” physical reality. The article was written as a response to Andrew Collins’ Ancient Origins article about the discovery of an enormous ring of cylinder-like shafts around Durrington Walls […]

The Tricky Triangle Of Iran, Russia And Israel

Ali Larijani, Iran’s parliamentary speaker, has long been an advocate of better relations with Russia and his recent interview with TASS, in which he spoke of Iran’s “eastern orientation, first of all towards Russia…[as] the country’s strategic choice”, is no surprise. But Iran’s relationships with all international powers are becoming more nuanced as the result […]

US, Israel, Saudi triangle after creating crisis in region

Chairman of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi met with the head of Arab-African Relations of Hezbollah political Council Sheikh Hassan Ezzedin and his delegation where he condemned the recent bombardment of parts of Syria by the Zionist Regime and added “the US, Zionist Regime and the Saudi Arabia lost hope […]

US-israel-Saudi triangle unable to break will of Iranian people

Iranian Parliament’s General Director for International Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, made the remarks in a tweet on Wednesday, adding “Mr. Trump! The Islamic Iran is that powerful and dignified country which eliminated the US-backed ISIL terrorism in the region with the help of its allies.” “The Islamic Iran is the cradle of democracy and security, not […]

Overview of the ‘drama triangle’ and the three faces of victimhood

     Whether we know it, or not, most of us react to life as victims. Whenever we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves, we are unconsciously choosing to react as victim. This inevitably creates feelings of anger, fear, guilt or inadequacy and leaves us feeling betrayed, or taken advantage of by others. Victim-hood can be […]

Newlyweds flying to the Bahamas disappear in the Bermuda Triangle

     A Texas couple traveling to the Bahamas for their honeymoon may be the latest victims of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. At the start of what was to be a week-long trip, Forrest and Donna Sacco flew from the city of Fort Worth in their private plane and landed on the island of Eleuthera in […]

The emergence of a Russian-Iranian-Turkish triangle is the new reality in the Middle East

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Racketeering Love Triangle: Monsanto, FDA, Big Pharma

Though there are many different diet and health philosophies in our society, nearly everyone can agree that the habitual intake of modified and denatured foods can eventually lead to a loss in health and vitality.  Highly processed foods are being linked to more and more health problems, but if one were suspicious, one might wonder… […]

Iran sends experts to US to discuss assets frozen by Washington

ST PETERSBURG (Sputnik) – Tehran has sent a group of experts to the United States to discuss the issue of Washington freezing Iranian assets, an Iranian Central Bank official said Thursday. “The funds were denominated in the US dollar, but they (funds) were issued by non-US institutions… We are now in the process of investigating this, we have already sent some teams from the government […]

Man Could Face Life in Prison After Off Duty Police Officers Assault Him While Moonlighting as Gas Station Security

David Sobelman, 23, was going to buy a pack of cigarettes from the Petro Mart on College Avenue in Columbia, MO on February 28th of this year. Thanks to the two Columbia Police officers who were moonlighting (term used when cops work as security for private businesses) at the gas station that night, this trip […]

Russian Lawmakers Interested in Resumption of Flights to Egypt

nsnbc : Sergei Naryshkin, the Speaker of the Russian Lower House of Parliament (Duma) said that Russian lawmakers are interested in resuming civil aviation flights between Egypt and Russia.  Red Sea resort of Sharm el- Sheikh – Courtesy of Several of Russia’s State news agencies quoted Naryshkin as saying that Russia is interested in resuming […]

MP: Illegal entrance into Iranian territory will meet firm response

Boroujerd, Jan 13, IRNA – Head of Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Aladdin Boroujerdi said that IRGC reaction to intruding US vessels showed that any illegal entrance into Iranaina territory would meet firm response. He made the remarks in a ceremony to introduce new chancellor and bid farewell to outgoing chancellor of […]

This Is What Will Happen to Your Pinky If You Are Holding Your Smartphone Like This

If you are spending lots of time on your cell phone, then this is something you should read! We’ve heard that looking down at a smartphone puts pressure on the spine and may damage your eyes. We’ve also heard that soreness and cramping in the wrists, forearms and fingers can be result from the overuse […]

Political ground too soggy for Turnbull to turn sods with Truss and Macfarlane

Michelle Grattan (TC) : As chance would have it Malcolm Turnbull was to have been at a sod turning for a big Toowoomba bypass project on Monday, in Ian Macfarlane’s Groom electorate, together with Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Warren Truss. Now Truss and his new recruit will be a twosome at the event. […]

US women group joins BDS movement against Israel

The US National Women’s Studies Association has joined other civil rights groups in the country to boycott Israel in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people. In a 653-86 vote conducted during the organization’s annual conference earlier this month, the group decided to join the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, the association […]

Chile’s Atacama desert blooms with spectacular carpet of flowers following historic rainfall

     The Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, is experiencing a riot of color as a rare springtime bloom of flowers covers every hillside. The explosion of color is the result of rains that swept through the region earlier this year, watering seeds that had lain dormant in the ground for years. […]

13 Chinese sailors killed near Golden Triangle

  The Independent October 10, 2011 China suspended shipping through Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle today after attacks by suspected drug traffickers on two Chinese cargo ships left 13 people dead on the Mekong River. The bodies of 12 crew members were found near Chiang Rai in northern Thailand on Friday and Saturday after the ships […]

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