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The Greatest Trick Big Brother Ever Pulled

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” is a quote generally attributed to Charles Baudelaire – or possibly Keyser Söze depending on who you ask on the internet. Something similar can be said about Big Brother. When you think about what our emerging surveillance state will look like, […]

False Flag Terror is Oldest Trick in Zionist Toolbag

Zionists Double-Crossed Iraqi Jews(Originally from Feb 3, 2003) by Henry Makow PhD In 1950, a wave of anti Semitism and terrorism in Iraq made Naeim Giladi, 21, join the Zionist underground. Giladi was imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death by Iraqi authorities. He escaped and fled to Israel only to discover that the anti Semitism […]

The Chemtrail PSYOP: A look inside the shocking shadowy tactics used to trick people into ignoring what is blatantly obvious

Note: this article includes info on the paid activist industry … you will be shocked! EWNZ From Agent131711 @ substack Military Irregular Warfare: Make people believe their memory & eyewitness accounts are wrong. A look inside the shocking shadowy tactics used to mindf*ck people into ignoring what is blatantly obvious Most people are shocked to […]

Too Old To Trick-or-Treat? Sad! Cop TokyoTreat’s Box of Japanese Candy

Anybody who’s been to Japan (or has stepped foot in an international grocery store) knows that Japanese snacks are unrivaled in terms of cool and interesting flavors. You want tea-flavored Kit Kats? Candy that looks like hamburgers? Lay’s potato chips that taste like Kobe steak? My noobs, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when […]

Biden campaign co-chair: ‘One-trick pony’ Republicans only talk about Biden’s age

Cedric Richmond, a co-chair for President Biden’s reelection campaign, called Republicans who focus on the president’s age a “one-trick pony.” Questions about Biden’s age have grown louder in recent weeks. Biden would be 86 at the end of a second term in office. “The Republicans are a one-trick pony talking about the president’s age, that’s… […]

Top 6 TRICK PHRASES Big Food and Big Pharma use to sell you toxic products

(NaturalNews) Yes, Big Food and Big Pharma get away with murder, literally. Even though there aren’t food and “farma” representatives going around cities and towns… Source

Syrian sanctions relief: An ‘American trick’

March 14 2023 Photo Credit: The Cradle The temporary lifting of Washington’s sanctions on earthquake-stricken and war-torn Syria is ‘misleading’ at best, and stands in the way of relief efforts. By The Cradle’s Syria Correspondent Four days after the devastating earthquake that struck southern Turkiye and northern Syria on 6 February, the US announced it would […]

Jennifer Aniston: The trick she uses on her hair for lasting volume

Jennifer Aniston is one of those few women who have managed to associate their name with a specific hair style. The actress has kept her hair a warm, blonde shade since we first discovered her, and her haircut always has a slight blowout that frames her face. The characteristic style she had in her hair… […]

Republicans Trick People Into Reading Spending Bill By Naming It ‘Harry Potter And The $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill’

WASHINGTON, DC — After finding it difficult to get lawmakers and other influential power brokers in the nation’s capital to actually read the proposed 4,155-page omnibus spending bill, concerned Republicans successfully convinced people to begin reading it by renaming it Harry Potter and the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill. The change in interest was almost immediate. […]

Top 4 most INSIDIOUS SLOGANS that trick consumers into using toxic products

It’s a shame the FDA doesn’t protect customers by investigating questionable claims by product makers and distributors, especially ones that claim the exact opposite of what they do. In other words, the world’s most deadly and dangerous products are claiming they are safe, healthy and effective, when they are actually dangerous, harmful and ineffective at what […]

Ukraine Tried To Trick NATO Into Starting World War III After It Accidentally Bombed Poland

Nov 16, 2022 Source By Andrew Korybko The Ukrainian leadership was well aware of what happened but decided to propagate the most dangerous conspiracy theory in history in an attempt to spark World War III. The Western public would do well to dwell on this since it means that they’ve been forced by their governments […]

The Fake Long Covid Plague – Another Useful Confidence Trick

BY RHODA WILSON ON OCTOBER 22, 2022 • ( 13 COMMENTS ) The biggest and most significant research into long covid, involving 26,000 individuals, concluded that long covid is largely a psychological problem. In America, there are 12 million people off work with this imaginary disorder. In the UK there are two million long covid sufferers signed off sick – unable to work. […]

Federal Trade Commission Warns of Sophisticated ‘Dark Patterns’ Used to Trick Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report Thursday about how companies deploy “dark patterns” in advertising for enticing potential customers, manipulating them into making purchases and giving up their privacy in the process. “Our report shows how more and more companies are using digital dark patterns to trick people into buying products and giving […]

Arbitration Agreements Are Simply A Corporate Trick to Screw the Little Guy Making It Burdensome for Them to Sue or Even Make A Claim-Glad to See This Strategy Backfiring On Greedy/Criminal Corporations.

May 27, 2022•Sam Mellins How Corporate America’s Favorite Legal Trick Is Backfiring Comment: Our Politicians are in the Pockets of Big Pharma AND Big Corporations otherwise Arbitration Wouldn’t even be allowed. Small Claims courts suffice to help Many a Small Claimant but Arbitration Ensures that Small Claimants won’t get paid b/c they Can’t Afford Arbitration. […]

ACH (1799) Mischa Popoff – It’s A Trick We Always Use It…

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1799) Mischa Popoff – It’s A Trick We Always Use It… Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on May 26 2022, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “It’s A Trick We Always […]

JFK to 911 (to Covid) Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Authoritatively written and narrated by Francis Richard Conolly, the film begins its labyrinthine tale during the era of World War I, when the wealthiest and most powerful figures of industry discovered the immense profits to be had from a landscape… _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, maybe this could […]

Video: Fauci Grants Permission For Kids To Go Trick Or Treating

Causing yet more confusion, the media is now claiming that “double jabbed” Brits suffering from bad colds are actually infected with COVID-19. Wait, what? One of the biggest newspapers in Britain, the Daily Mirror, is now reporting, “Brits suffering from miserable colds could actually be enduring breakthrough cases of Covid-19 without realising, potentially allowing the […]

Soviets use doped athletes to trick world into believing socialism trumps capitalism

A statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin stands in front of the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow on December 6, 2019. – The executive committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency will meet in Lausanne on December 9 to consider a recommendation for the ban, which would exclude Russians from major sports events including the 2020 Tokyo […]

Man Quarantined To 4th-Floor Hotel Room Flees Using Oldest Trick In The Book

A man in Australia allegedly fashioned a makeshift rope out of bedsheets to flee the fourth-floor hotel room he was supposed to be quarantined inside. The 39-year-old made the dangerous escape from the hotel in the Perth suburb of Rivervale around 12.45 a.m. Tuesday. He remained at large for eight hours. Police located the man […]

How Black Rifle Coffee Used Every Trick In The Book to Fool Conservatives

Once again, patriots are learning the hard way that when you tether your identity to a for-profit institution, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Black Rifle Coffee Company was supposed to be a company that countered the effete stereotypes of other coffee sellers. When Starbucks promised to hire refugees, BRCC pledged to hire veterans. […]

15th-Century Bonsai Trick That Grows Ultra-Straight Cedar Trees, Prevents Deforestation

To harvest more cedar wood in a shorter time and lesser space, ancient Japanese foresters had devised and championed an incredible technique of daisugi: a “giant bonsai” method that dates back to the 15th century. Flexible, dense Kitayama cedar, harvested from the vast mountainous cedar forests of south-central Japan, has been in high demand as […]

Netanyahu pulls the last rabbit out of his hat, but the trick falls flat

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

The Covid genocide vaccination is a ‘Dastardly Nazi trick. Keep away from it.’

What would he be saying? Tap News / Tapestry If these predictions come to pass (Professor Dolores Cahill) all vaccinated of all ages will die within ten years. The vaccine makes people hyper-sensitised to coronavirus. Next time coronavirus comes round, it will be like 30 million people with peanut allergy being injected with peanuts. […]

Georgia Hangs Up ‘Welcome To Beijing’ Signs To Trick Liberal Companies Into Staying

Georgia Hangs Up ‘Welcome To Beijing’ Signs To Trick Liberal Companies Into Staying ATLANTA, GA—Georgia has hung up signs at all entrances to the state reading “Welcome to Beijing,” cleverly disguising the state as the capital of Communist China. The ploy was designed to trick liberal companies threatening to boycott into staying and doing business […]

An Old Green Colonial Trick: Israel Masking Land Grabs as Environmental Conservation

By Jessica Buxbaum Source “More and more open areas in East Jerusalem are being designated as preservation or national parks, and this is clearly in order to prevent Palestinian urban development.” — Sari Kronish, Israeli planning rights organization Bimkom OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM — For decades, a Palestinian village on the southern tip of Jerusalem has lived […]

Confused in Afghanistan: The Biden Administration’s Latest Trick

The Biden administration continues to engage in that favourite activity White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki can only describe as “circling back”.  And much circling is taking place in the context of Afghanistan. The cupboard of calamities is well stocked, with the US facing an emboldened Taliban keen to hold Washington to its word in […]

‘There Is No Crisis At The Border,’ Says Jen Psaki While Attempting Jedi Mind Trick

‘There Is No Crisis At The Border,’ Says Jen Psaki While Attempting Jedi Mind Trick WASHINGTON, D.C.—During a press conference today, Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted a Jedi mind trick on the reporters present after they asked her about the crisis at the border. After a reporter asked the question, Psaki closed her eyes as […]

Israel rejects ‘nonsense’ Iran charge it seeks to trick U.S. into war

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Grammy Award-winning Lisa Loeb shares her ‘Simple Trick to Happiness’

In the 26 years since Lisa Loeb gained international fame with her platinum No. 1 single, “Stay (I Missed You),” the award-winning singer-songwriter has soared from one success to another. On September 26, she plans to perform an acoustic cover of her gold 1995 debut album “Tails” on Looped, in honor of the record’s 25th […]

Local Media Recommends Parents Lie, Trick Children into Wearing Face Mask

A local ABC affiliate released a list of tips for deceiving pre-school children into wearing COVID-19 face masks, despite kids being in the lowest risk age group. The list of recommendations, provided to KVUE by Texas Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Matthew Wilber, comes as children across the country are set to go back to school […]

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