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Photos show neighbourhoods swamped by tropical storm Claudette on Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Claudette officially touched down on the Gulf Coast this weekend, with high winds and flash floods battering Louisiana before hitting Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The storm, which saw winds reach up to 40 mph (65 kph), thrashed the Florida panhandle and Alabama on Saturday after the storm’s centre of circulation came ashore in […]

Papaya Power: Healing Qualities of This Tropical Fruit

Renegade Editor’s Note: Papaya can be kind of stinky when it is ripe. Try adding some lime juice to neutralize it and make papaya more palatable. Also, if you live in Florida, try growing some. We have a bunch of trees in our back yard. By GreenMedInfo Research Group Papaya is more than just a […]

PHOTOS: Downgraded Tropical Storm Sally Lashes Gulf Coast with Wind, Rain

Hurricane Sally has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it is battering the Gulf Coast with high winds and torrential rain, making it still a “catastrophic and life-threatening” flood event, according to the National Hurricane Center. The Associated Press reported on the storm: The storm’s eye crossed over land near Gulf Shores, Alabama, early Wednesday […]

Acerola Cherry: 8 Benefits of This High-C Tropical Superfruit

August 4th, 2020 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World A “cherry on top” is always a good thing — that famous saying means something great is now even better. That’s certainly the case if you’re talking about an acerola cherry. “I’ve been using acerola for many years, both in raw and supplemental […]

Florida readies for tropical storm Isaias amid surging coronavirus cases

Florida is bracing for tropical storm Isaias to hit its coast on Sunday, which threatens to curb efforts to quell the surging cases of the coronavirus in the region. Isaias was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm on Saturday, but heavy rain and flooding is still expected. “Don’t be fooled by the downgrade,” […]

Some tropical trees are preppers: They store water for times of drought, researchers discover

(Natural News) Much like humans and animals, trees need water to survive. In harsh places where there is next to no water or moisture, some trees still manage to thrive. One study, published in Tree Physiology, aims to shed some light on how trees adapt to such environments. Scientists discovered that certain species of […]

Heavy rainfall from Tropical Cyclone Fakir over Réunion and Mauritius, 2 killed by landslide – 15 inches of rain in 24 hours

     Tropical Cyclone ‘Fakir’ formed on 23 April, 2018, over the south-western Indian Ocean, north-northeast of Madagascar, and started moving towards Réunion (France) and Mauritius, where cyclone warnings were issued. Mauritius In Mauritius, the storm brought winds of 112 km/h, heavy rainfall and high waves of up to 5 metres on 24 April. Over 100 […]

Four people killed by landslide in the Philippines as Tropical Storm Sanba hits (VIDEOS)

     Four people were killed in the southern Philippines early Tuesday as a tropical storm unleashed heavy rain and triggered deadly landslides, police said. Tropical Storm Sanba slammed the east coast of the main southern island of Mindanao Tuesday with gusts of 75 kilometres an hour. The heavy rain triggered landslides that hit mountain villages […]

Researchers probe ‘never-before-seen’ influx of tropical pyrosomes off Alaska

     Researchers at NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center are reporting a never-before-seen phenomenon in Alaska waters-an influx of strange organisms that resemble flattened, translucent sea pickles. It may sound like déjà vu. A similar story made headlines along the West Coast last summer, but this is a new situation for Alaska. Scientists call these jelly-like […]

Storm-driven tropical seabird discovered in Wellfleet, Massachusetts

     Wild Care staff is working to save a rare tropical seabird found Tuesday at LeCount Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, after it was apparently blown ashore by Tropical Storm Jose, according to a statement from the wildlife rehabilitation hospital. Wild Care received a call about what was originally believed to be an injured gannet at […]

Record-early Eastern Pacific storm,Tropical Storm Adrian

     Comment: Meanwhile, recently in another part of the Pacific – Tropical Cyclone Donna becomes Category 5 storm, worst May storm on record in South Pacific Tropical Storm Adrian kicked off a record early start to the 2017 eastern Pacific hurricane season Tuesday several hundred miles off the southern Mexican coast, but appears destined for […]

Assange: Google Working With State Dept To Promote Clinton Campaign

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed that American tech giant Google is closely cooperating with the US State Department to promote Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Addressing an international media forum, Assange said: “Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” adding that the company used the State Department as part of “a quid pro quo.” […]

Giant oarfish emerges after being woken by earthquake off Taiwan

     A monster sea creature has surfaced from beneath the deep after being disturbed by earthquake tremors. This giant oarfish measures a massive five metres (16ft) long – almost three times to height of the fisherman who landed the catch. And the so-called “earthquake fish” is freaking locals out after emerging just two hours after […]

Obama’s crocodile tears

     During a White House press appearance Tuesday, President Obama shed tears over the death toll among US children due to mass shootings, a display of emotion that was given widespread publicity by the American media. The attention was in part due to the obvious contrast with the cold and indifferent demeanor normally maintained by […]

Spirals in dust around young stars may betray presence of massive planets

A computer model reproduces the two-spiral-arm structure; the “x” is the location of a putative planet. The planet, which cannot be seen directly, probably excites the two spiral arms. Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, M. Benisty et al. (University of Grenoble), R. Dong (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and Z. Zhu (Princeton University) A team of astronomers […]

New tropical storms hit US

Following an East Coast earthquake and the appearance of Hurricane Irene, the United States is being subjected to yet more catastrophic conditions as storms continue to encroach across the country. Officials in central Pennsylvania asked 100,000 citizens to flee their homes after rising waters in the Susquehanna River have caused concern across the Keystone State, […]

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