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Truckers recount ‘barbaric’ settler attack on Gaza aid convoy

May 17, 2024 Source: The Guardian By Al Mayadeen English The incident, which unfolded in broad daylight, has rightfully sparked international condemnation, shedding light on the dire circumstances faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation. Palestinian truck drivers delivering aid to Gaza recounted “barbaric” scenes as their vehicles were obstructed and vandalized by Israeli settlers, hindering […]

Trudeau’s Orwellian Attack On Canadian Truckers Declared Unconstitutional

Canada’s Federal Court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act in 2022 to punish protesting truckers was both unreasonable and unconstitutional. Source

Thousands Of Truckers Vow To Boycott Colorado Until Trump’s Name Is Back On Ballot

Thousands of truck drivers have vowed to boycott the state of Colorado until Donald J. Trump’s name is restored to the ballot. “All trucking shall stop. All trucking and shipping will now cease until Trump […] The post Thousands Of Truckers Vow To Boycott Colorado Until Trump’s Name Is Back On Ballot appeared first on […]

South Korea Toughens Stance on Truckers Strike Amid Supply Disruptions

South Korea’s government on Thursday issued a second back-to-work order to thousands of striking truckers, toughening its stance after the ongoing truckers’ strike disrupted the country’s supply chains. President Yoon Suk-yeol approved issuing the order on truckers in the petrochemical and steel industries, just a week after a similar order was issued for truckers in […]

Truckers shut down Port of Oakland in protest of Gavin Newsom’s labor law as California’s supply chain goes from bad to worse

Independent truckers shut down the Port of Oakland as a protest against a labor law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Source

Diesel Prices Continue To Spike Harming Truckers and Farmers

Diesel-powered equipment helps farmers get their crops harvested and it help truckers get that food to the stores. Source

Truckers’ Strike in South Korea and Its Consequences

The first months of Yoon Suk-yeol’s rule were marked by an impressive action of workers. Starting from June 7, the Cargo Truckers Solidarity trade union declared a general strike demanding freight rate increase and other support measures to cope with the drastic fuel prices growth. Increasing oil prices due to the Ukrainian crisis entailed growing […]

GIANT RALLY IN CALI THIS SUNDAY! Truckers Converge with Thousands of Protesters! “IT IS FAR FROM OVER!”

GIANT RALLY IN CALI THIS SUNDAY! Truckers Converge with Thousands of Protesters! “IT IS FAR FROM OVER!” EPIC VIDEO!!Date: April 8, 2022Author: Nwo Report  2 Comments  Source: Cara CastronuovaThere will be a massive national “Defeat The Mandates” rally this weekend in Los Angeles, California.Truckers from around the country will converge with the masses for a six […]


AMERICAN TRUCKERS UPDATE: Trucks in Oregon and Florida Begin Journey to DC Swamp – ‘The Peoples Convoy’ Nearly Doubles in Size in Arizona (VIDEOS) Date: February 25, 2022Author: Nwo Report  Source: Julian ConradsonThe American truckers are gearing up for a massive protest in Washington DC in opposition to tyrannical COVID mandates.Similar to the truckers in […]

‘The People’s Convoy’ Kicks Off at California Rally, Truckers Begin Trek to D.C.

02/24/22 ‘The People’s Convoy’ Kicks Off at California Rally, Truckers Begin Trek to D.C. Children’s Health Defense is providing live coverage of “The People’s Convoy,” as truckers and peaceful protesters make their way across the U.S. to protest COVID-related mandates and loss of freedoms.By   Children’s Health Defense Team   Link copied Miss a day, miss […]

Early Truckers’ Win: Quebec Scraps Tax on “Unvaccinated,” Are Canadian Politicians More Responsive Because Elections are Hand-Counted?

Above image: Left, #Freedom2022; Right, Justin Trudeau in black face, one of of at least 3 separate instances. Corona News Editors Weigh In: Observers have remarked that Canadian politicians may be more responsive to the public will than American ones because Canada uses hand-counted paper ballots in all elections, and it is difficult to cheat on […]

Trudeau claims truckers only hate him because he’s black

A “freedom convoy” of Canadian truckers is on its way to Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pushing back at accusations of tyrannical government overreach by claiming the truckers just hate him because he’s black. “As a proud black man, this is the kind of discrimination I have faced my […]

Truckers Strike in Canada

Demanding an end to mandatory vaccines FREEDOM CONVOY CANADA “Trudeau in hiding!” | Irnieracing News – YouTube The Convoy arrives in Ottawa ‘Freedom convoy’ truck drivers approach Ottawa ahead of protest – YouTube Please share this post! Share this: Source

Farmers, Truckers Stopped as Mainstream Food Supply Collapses

Farmers, Truckers Stopped as Mainstream Food Supply Collapsesby Christian Westbrook, Ice Age FarmerDecember 27, 2021 As the unv’d are locked out of farmers markets and grocery stores, so too are unv’d farmers precluded from selling their grains. Ministers who warn of impending food shortages are promptly removed from office. The mainstream food supply is now in […]

GOP Prosecutor Threatens Felony Arrest Against Truckers Protesting Vaccine Mandates

GOP Prosecutor Threatens Felony Arrest Against Truckers Protesting Vaccine MandatesDate: September 28, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: NworeportA GOP prosecutor has threatened to charge truck drivers with felonies if they shut down a Cincinnati, Ohio, highway in protest of employer vaccine mandates.Hamilton Co. Prosecutor Joseph Deters was unusually stern in his warning, especially given that Black Lives […]

South Australia drops vaccine requirement for truckers in wake of protests, freight delays

Via CDLife The state of South Australia has dropped the upcoming vaccine requirement for truckers in the wake of protests and freight delays. about:blank The regulation was set to go into effect on September 24th, and would have required truck drivers entering the state of South Australia to have received at least one COVID vaccine shot. […]

REPORTS: Truckers Strike Actually BEGINNING

Hal Turner Radio Show There are as yet UNCONFIRMED reports coming in from several areas around the USA that truckers have BEGUN a STRIKE. Initial efforts called for a strike to begin TODAY, 19 November 2020. Yet according to widely published reports, the organizers allegedly gave up and called-off their efforts. Now, it seems the […]

Why British politicians find it so hard to vote against nuclear weapons

Nick Ritchie (TC) : In 1982, Robert Lifton and Richard Falk wrote about the condition of “nuclearism” – the idea that nuclear weapons can solve our political, strategic and social problems and that they are an essential means of ensuring peace. Courtesy PA, Danny Lawson (derived) This ideology is based on a series of illusions. […]

Happily disgusted or sadly angered: Can Microsoft guess what you feel – by your photo?

The new Microsoft tool can ‘look’ at photos, identify people’s faces in them and then rate their feelings by giving them different scores on a number of emotions. ‘Emotional options’ of the new program include anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and a neutral emotional stance. Part of a new series of updates for […]

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