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Covid adds to woes of students in turmoil-hit Kashmir

In September 2019, a month after the Abrogation of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Bashir Yatoo , reached out to children  stuck at home in the midst  of a curfew and communication blockade. Bashir, who works as transport in-charge at the Dolphin International School in Pulwama, in south Kashmir, went around with a couple […]

No. 2 Capitol Police official resigns amid turmoil at department

Thomas would be “separating from the Department,” according to a memo from Capitol Police Chief of Staff Salley Wood obtained by POLITICO. Wood thanked him for his service and noted the department’s plans “to bring in additional resources to assist with the enhancement of its Uniformed Operations in the coming weeks.” Rank-and-file officers have expressed […]

Congo election in turmoil after opposition candidate hospitalised with COVID-19

The leading opposition presidential candidate in Republic of Congo was receiving oxygen at a private hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19, a family member said, casting Sunday’s election into doubt on the eve of the vote. Guy Brice Parfait Kolelas, 61, had skipped his final campaign event on Friday after telling some reporters a day […]

Italy’s fragile government will continue despite turmoil, says expert

Italy’s government has been weakened by recent turmoil but will survive until the end of the year, an expert has told Euronews. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has today been addressing senators ahead of a confidence vote in his government. On Monday, he won a crucial vote in parliament’s lower house securing a 321-to-259 victory. It […]

Israel’s Political Turmoil: Still Not Too Late for Compromise

Two days ago, I wrote a longer article on the Blue and White party and why they decided to vote against the government in favor of new elections. This piece is more of an update, as the vote is today, and its aftermath begins tomorrow. The Vote The Knesset is voting today on a bill […]

Post-Traumatic Creativity: How Psychological Turmoil Can Unlock Our Creative Potential

November 18th, 2020 By Steve Taylor, Ph.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World 2006 was a difficult year for me and my wife. In April our second child, Ted, was born. Ted was a lovely baby (and is a lovely boy now), but he seemed to be born without the need to sleep. At night it was difficult […]

UK Labour turmoil as Corbyn vows to fight suspension for anti-Semitism response

Britain’s main opposition Labour party was in turmoil on Friday, a day after it suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn following his response to a damning government watchdog report that said the party had broken equality laws in its handling of anti-Semitism complaints. After the decision to suspend Corbyn, the former leader’s allies lined up […]

Peru president survives impeachment vote amid virus turmoil

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra survived an impeachment vote Friday after opposition lawmakers failed to amass enough support to oust the leader as the country copes with one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks. The decision came after long hours of debate in which legislators blasted Vizcarra but also questioned whether a rushed impeachment process would […]

Turmoil in Belarus, Another US Color Revolution Attempt?

By Stephen Lendman Global Research, August 16, 2020 Time and again, the CIA, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute (NDI), and USAID have been involved in US schemes to replace independent governments with pro-Western puppet ones. Tactics include violent and non-violent labor strikes, mass street protests, major media propaganda, and […]

The Rohingya, Facing Turmoil in Exile, Welcomed Back to Myanmar With Words but Not Action

The English-language Bangkok Post reported on May 5 that the Rohingya refugees who return to Myanmar will be safe, according to the military there, as long as they stay confined to the camps being set up for them. Myanmar’s current commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, told a visiting delegation from the UN Security […]

The Jerusalem Decision: From Creative Chaos to Effective Turmoil

Dr Can Erimtan21st Century Wire Did Donald J. Trump have any idea about the impact his words would have across the world?!? Did he have any idea that the whole wide world, including the United Nations, would turn against him? On Wednesday, 6 December 2017, in the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room the President of […]

CrossTalking – Saudi Turmoil

CrossTalking – Saudi Turmoil By Recent events coming out of Saudi Arabia are truly stunning. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to be a reformer and on an anti-corruption drive. Others say differently. Saudi Arabia is experiencing a life threatening crisis that could ignite a region-wide conflict. And the Trump administration appears to […]

Mideast Turmoil: Follow the Oil, Follow the Money

By Charles Hugh Smith In this scenario, time is running out for Saudi Arabia’s free-spending royalty and state — and for all the other free-spending oil exporters. While there are numerous dynamics at work in the turmoil roiling Saudi Arabia and by extension, the Mideast, one way to cut to the chase is […]

Gold Prices To Spike On Middle East Turmoil

We are officially in the first innings of a 2017 gold rush, as gold demand threatens to outstrip supply for the first time in decades—but it’s not going to be costly underground mining that brings in the profits … And many will be turning to Canada… where the government is now welcoming open […]

Driven by US political turmoil global stocks follow Wall Street tailspin

     European and Asian markets are taking a battering on Thursday after the biggest Dow Jones selloff in eight months a day earlier. Investors fled riskier assets following accusations President Donald Trump was trying to stop the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. “With a growing chorus of Democrats accusing Trump of obstructing […]

New Zealand Population Surges Most Since World Turmoil of 1974

New Zealand Population Surges Most Since World Turmoil of 1974 May 12th, 2017 Via: Bloomberg: The last time New Zealand’s population grew this much, the world was reeling from an oil crisis and Richard Nixon’s resignation from the White House. The small nation at […]

At least 15 killed in hotel siege in Somali capital – police

“The operation has now ended but we are still combing the building for any possible militants who are hiding,” Major Ali Mohamed said, adding that the death toll included guards, civilians and militants, Reuters reported. According to an Al-Shabaab spokesman, the number of casualties stands at 30. The militants have been armed with grenades and […]

At Least Two Killed As Raging California Wildfire Destroys 100 Homes

At least two people have been killed as a fast moving California wildfire blazes through central parts of the US state, causing residents to flee and razing scores of homes. Hundreds of firefighters were struggling on Saturday to contain the massive so-called Erskine Fire that has burned at least 100 homes while ravaging lakeside communities […]

Belgium lets FBI in on Investigation into Terror Attacks

nsnbc : As a European first, Belgian authorities have formed a joint investigation team of Belgian investigators and the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the double terrorist attack in Brussels on March 22. Brussels Airport. Courtesy Jef Versele Facebook. Belgium’s Federal Public Prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw confirmed in parliament that the […]

JCPOA revocation by next president to undermine US credibility: American academic

“I think it is doubtful that a Republican president would abrogate the agreement because it would undermine US credibility in the world,” Robert F. Philip, Professor of International Studies in the University of Washington’s Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, told the Tasnim news agency in an interview. Following is the full text of […]

Watch This Frighteningly Life-Like Smart Robot “Joke” About Destroying Humans

Source:  ACTIVIST POST The evolution of humanoid robots is well into the concerning stage at this point. DARPA’s latest incarnation of its Atlas robot is seen in the following video beginning to walk at a pace with a sense of balance equal to most humans. Strangely, toward the end of the video, […]

To Refugee Or Not To Refugee – That Is The Question?

Via The Saker February 07, 2016 This comment was chosen by Mod TR from the post “Turkey’s Gates To Europe”.  The moderator believes this comment looks at another reason for the flood of refugees into Germany – cheap labour and political useage. There is a lack of concern by the elites/political classes about who they […]

UK: Corbyn’s Labour Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle, Political Accommodation with “New Labour” Blairites

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn never misses an opportunity to strengthen the right wing of his party by his political cowardice and overarching desire for compromise at all costs. His first cabinet reshuffle has proved to be no exception. Billed by his opponents as a “revenge reshuffle” and by his supporters as an occasion to deal […]

Elon Musk: Tesla already fixed Model S problems cited by Consumer Reports

VIDEO Elon Musk fired back at Consumer Reports, which this week yanked its designation of the Model S as a “top pick” for reliability. Musk said in a tweet that the problems cited by the magazine were mostly caused by issues with earlier versions of the car, not the version now in showrooms. […]

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