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Rise of the machines: 47% of U.S. workforce at risk of losing their jobs to robots

     A senior economic adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama has issued a warning to lower-wage earners: You risk losing your job to a machine. “Technological advances in recent decades have brought tremendous benefits but have also contributed to increasing inequality and falling [workforce] participation,” said Jason Furman, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, […]

WWII Bomber Found In The Pacific Ocean After 72 Years

In July of 1944, an American TBM-1C Avenger bomber went down in the Pacific Ocean. The crew and the plane were never found. 72 years later, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego has announced that they’ve found the remains of the plane. According to Eric Terrill, an oceanographer at […]

Ancient Giants and the Underground Hyperborean Gallery Unearthed in Romania

Stories of giants living peacefully in complete harmony with nature have touched our ears from the earliest of ages. But who knew those stories were based on real events with ancient giants that once ruled over the lands surrounding the Carpathian Mountains? by Ufoholic Around 3500 BC, an enigmatic civilization called the Agathyr, belonging to […]

Genes Linked to Education? Researchers Say Take It with a Grain of Salt

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   Researchers from around the world have come together to figure out how certain people get more out of school than others and whether or not there is a correlation in our DNA with completing schooling. And the answer is […]

The Science Of Pornography Addiction & What It Can Do To Your Brain

Did you know that pornography constitutes approximately 25% of all search engine requests? Pornography websites rank among the top in the world, and since the internet’s inception, few have paused to consider whether it’s a normal, natural, or healthy indulgence. I’m not arguing against masturbation or sexual play, but the fact remains a large percentage of people visit pornography […]

Want to quickly learn a new skill? Make slight changes in each repeat practice session

     When practicing and learning a new skill, making slight changes during repeat practice sessions may help people master the skill faster than practicing the task in precisely the same way, Johns Hopkins researchers report. In a study of 86 healthy volunteers asked to learn a computer-based motor skill, those who quickly adjusted to a […]

Fukushima Radiation Causing Mutation In U.S. Animals

A mountain lion with a second set of teeth growing out of its head was found in Idaho, which scientists are saying may have been caused by Fukushima nuclear radiation arriving from across the Pacific ocean.  While experts have not been able to agree on the cause for the weird mutation, they fear that radiation […]

Are These Remnants Of A 9,000 Year Old Stonehenge At The Bottom Of Lake Michigan?

Have scientists stumbled across a structure similar to Stonehenge at the bottom of Lake Michigan? Insanely this story is not new, it’s actually old but it went so under reported that nobody knows about it. In 2007, 40 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan where the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve is, Mark Holley, a […]

4 Short Video Clips That Will Completely Change Your Perspective Of The World

Film is sometimes worth more than just silly entertainment. Sometimes they can strike a deep cultural nerve, particularly with Charlie Chaplin’s cathartic monologue at the end of The Great Dictator. It reads in full: “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer […]

The Celtic Library: Samhain Download link This short audio delves in the captivating Irish figure of the Morrigan and the holiday of Samhain. This is part 2 in the series. Listen to Part 1 Source Article from 00

New Israeli execution of school girl in West Bank

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation troops executed on Sunday afternoon Palestinian school girl in West Bank city of Al-Khalil. Conformed accounts of eyewitnesses stressed that the Israeli occupation troops opened fire at the Palestinian school girl Dania Irshayyid, 17, near Al-Ibrahimi Mosque just to kill her without even any suspicion. A woman, who […]

The Super Heavyweight Of Antioxidants We Must Be Healthy To Produce

L-Glutathione is the master molecule that should be present in our bodies and minds. Over 75,000 research papers and medical articles (1) have been published documenting this precious antioxidant, which our bodies produce on their own. Well, healthy bodies, that is. L-glutathione and its composite parts, Glutamate, L-cysteine, and L-glycine, are known to expunge free radicals.(2) Free radicals […]

Disclosure: Confirmations on UFOs

CONFIRMED: Top NASA astronaut discloses shuttle encounter with disc UFO while in orbit It’s a bombshell story, a former SCO of NASA’s space shuttle fleet announced that he and NASA know that ETs are real. Clark C. McClelland, a senior member of MUFON from 1958 to 1992, has revealed in the Canadian press that secret […]

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