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Roman Sarcophagus Containing Two Skeletons Unearthed in Bath

Bath is the largest city in the county of Somerset and, as the name suggests, it is renowned for its Roman-built baths which were used until the end of Roman rule in Britain in the 5th century AD. The Romans dedicated the Aquae Sulis geo-thermal springs located in Bath to the goddess Sulis, identified as  […]

Medieval Wales: 200 Skeletons Unearthed At Forgotten Coastal Chapel

Archaeologists from the University of Sheffield and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust are currently working on a dig in southwest Wales that is literally a race against time. On Whitesands Bay beach in the county of Pembrokeshire, they are searching for the skeletal remains of men, women, and children who were buried in  an ancient medieval […]

2,000-Year-Old Shoe Unearthed in German Bog

Bogs have been home to some of the weirdest items and artifacts, some that were buried or stored intentionally, and others that were inadvertently lost in the mud. The archaeological record is full of bizarre finds including barrels full of butter to well-preserved human bodies , murder weapons, wheels, or tools. Archaeologists have now made […]

Signature of a Great Sicilian Unearthed at Segesta

It was long thought that the Segesta Archaeological Park, in  Sicily, had given up most of her secrets to Victorian-era archaeologists and  treasure hunters . However, it now appears it hadn’t. A team of archaeologists studying what is described as a “monumental building” in Segesta located near the portico at the end of the ancient […]

Over 1,000 Amazing Relics Unearthed at China’s Sanxingdui Ruins

Archaeologists exploring sacrifice pits in a 3,000-year-old ruin have unveiled a Chinese treasure hoard consisting of over 1000 relics of supreme cultural importance. However, the most important artifact in this Chinese treasure hoard is a singular, and massive bronze figure. It has been deemed important enough that the site is applying for UNESCO World Cultural […]

Elite Gold Pendants Unearthed in Norway Were ‘Sacrifices’ to the Gods

In separate discoveries  that occurred in 2019 and 2020, searchers found seven ancient gold pendants buried in a field near the Norwegian municipality of Råde in Østfold County. The first four gold pendants were found by a metal detectorist, and the last three by archaeologists from the University of Oslo who performed a follow-up excavation.  These highly-detailed, thinly-cast […]

Daraa: Weapons Unearthed Left Behind by NATO’s ‘Peaceful Protesters’

 ARABI SOURI MAY 6, 2021 Daraa, Syrian law enforcement authorities unearthed one more warehouse loaded with weapons and advanced munition left behind by NATO-sponsored terrorists in the southern Syrian province. With the help of the locals, the law enforcement authorities busted a number of hideouts used by Al Qaeda ‘peaceful protesters’ in the al-Lajat Badia and […]

1,600-Year-Old Mosaic Pavement Unearthed in Central Israel to Be Placed on Display

The Israeli flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – A 1,600-year-old mosaic pavement that was uncovered recently in Yavne in central Israel will be placed on display at the city’s cultural center, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced on Monday. The project is a joint initiative of the IAA, the Yavne Municipality and the Israel Land […]

Roman Villa Unearthed in Northern Yorkshire is First of its Kind

Excavations at a proposed construction site in suburban Scarborough in northern Yorkshire, England have revealed the remains of a grand and stately Roman villa, which would have been constructed sometime in the first three centuries AD. The site is covered with an expansive complex of buildings, including a large, circular central room with auxiliary chambers […]

Bronze Mirrors Unearthed in China Still Reflect After 2,000 Years

More than 80 exquisite bronze mirrors in excellent condition have been discovered in a large Han Dynasty tomb in China, after being hidden underground for over two millennia. Not only do some of them still have their original reflective quality, but experts are learning from the 2,000-year-old inscriptions and symbols that adorn them. Bronze Mirror […]

Skeletons in Giant Jars Unearthed at Corsica Necropolis

French archaeologists digging in the commune of Île-Rousse on the Mediterranean island of Corsica have unearthed more than 40 tombs that have been dated to the mid-first millennium AD. The skeletal remains of these individuals were interred in an ancient Corsica necropolis located right behind the town’s parish church. The exploratory excavations that led to […]

Megaliths Covered with Mysterious Engravings Unearthed in France

In 2018, archaeologists working for the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research, or INRAP, uncovered an expansive and unusually well-preserved megalithic site near the municipality of Massogny in France. INRAP’s ongoing analysis of the stone megaliths and adjacent village found at the site called Chemin des Bels has revealed in-depth information about the beliefs […]

Historic Roman Monastery and Stunning Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey

Recently, two unidentified men, conducting an illegal excavation, stumbled upon an invaluable piece of history in western Turkey. The robbers had inadvertently unearthed a rare mosaic that was once part of a Roman monastery, built nearly 1,500 years ago during the Byzantine era of the Roman Empire. As reported by the Anadolu Agency , a […]

Carmelite Skeletons Unearthed in Polish Tunnel of Bones

Jasło is a town in south-eastern Poland that is located in the heartland of the Doły (Pits). It was here that builders uncovered bones in 2013, and again during renovation work last year. A team of archaeologists have now discovered a medieval cemetery  underneath a car park  that was once the site of a 14th century monastery, and […]

Female Ruler Sporting Rare Diadem Unearthed at Bronze Age Palace

Archaeologists from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have discovered Western Europe’s first Bronze Age palace in Murcia, Spain. The site also holds a unique burial including a probable female ruler who sported her rare silver crown-like object, a diadem, all the way to her grave. The Bronze Age site was uncovered at La Almoloya in […]

Rare Treasure Hoard Unearthed On Viking Island

A hoard of Viking Age artifacts that was discovered on the Isle of Man has officially been declared a national treasure. This latest Viking treasure hoard was buried around 950 AD and discovered in November 2020 by metal detectorist Kath Giles. Comprising three valuable items of jewelry: a gold arm-ring, a silver armband and a […]

‘World’s oldest known beer factory’ unearthed in Egypt

American and Egyptian archaeologists working at one of the most prominent historic sites of ancient Egypt have unearthed the oldest known beer factory in the world. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of Egypt’s supreme council of antiquities, said the factory was found in Abydos, an ancient burial ground located in the desert west of the Nile River, […]

Powerhouse Breakfasting Platform Unearthed At Hadrian’s Villa

Archaeologists excavating at Emperor Hadrian´s villa, a super-famous 1,900-year-old Roman countryside retreat, have discovered his lush breakfasting room. On a semi-circular platform amidst fountains, pools of water and beams of light, the legendary ruler breakfasted daily, displaying his power, and reasserting his semi-divine status. Hadrian’s villa, known as Villa Adriana, was built at the foot […]

Ruins of majestic historical gateway unearthed near Persepolis

TEHRAN – The ruins of a majestic historical gateway, built upon the order of Cyrus the Great, who was the founder of the mighty Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550 – 330 BC), have been unearthed near the UNESCO-registered Persepolis in southern Iran, Iranian researchers said on Monday. Supervised by a joint mission of Iranian and Italian […]

Magnificent Elizabethan-era Garden Unearthed At Coleshill Manor

Archaeologists performing exploratory excavations for the HS2 high-speed rail project in Coleshill, Warwickshire have unearthed the foundations of a spectacular  Elizabethan-era ornamental garden  at the Coleshill Manor site. Measuring approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters) long at its farthest extension, the garden was found adjacent to the remains of 16 th-century Coleshill Manor, which was discovered […]

Christ Inscription Unearthed in Israeli Village

A 1,500-year-old Greek Christ inscription bearing the words “Christ born of Mary” has been discovered at an excavation at the ancient village of Taibe, in northern  Israel. This finding has not only revealed the first Byzantine church in the ancient settlement of Taibe, but it represents early evidence of  Christianity in the region. The Israel Antiquities Authority […]

‘Giant’ Jurassic shark fossil unearthed in Germany was ‘most impressive’ fish of its time

The spectacular discovery of an almost complete skeleton of a Jurassic-period shark has given researchers incredible new insight into life on Earth 150-million-years ago. The exceptionally well-preserved fossil was found in the Solnhofen Limestone formation in Bavaria, Germany, which had a tropical lagoon landscape when the shark was in its pomp in Earth’s distant past. […]

Ancient Temple of Aphrodite Unearthed in Modern Turkey

Archaeologists performing excavations in the Urla-Cesme Peninsula in western Turkey recently found something remarkable. They uncovered the remains of a 2,500-year-old temple dedicated to the worship of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. For several years, revolving teams of archaeologists have been surveying and digging at a specially selected 17,220 square-foot (1,600 […]

First Century A.D. House With Church Unearthed in Laodicea

(Hurriyet Daily News) — In Laodicea, which was a metropolitan city in ancient times and was home to one of the seven churches mentioned in the Bible, a church was unearthed inside a house, located adjacent to the northern theater. Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Professor Celal Şimşek said that works have been continuing […]

Tzompantli, A Morbid Aztec Skull Rack, Unearthed In Mexico City

A tzompantli was a wooden rack developed by several Mesoamerican civilizations to publicly display the skulls of war captives. According to Joel W. Palka’s 2007 book  Historical Dictionary of Mesoamerica, the tzompantli was a scaffold-like construction of poles on which heads and skulls were placed, and many similar skull towers have been discovered across Mesoamerica dating between 600–1250 AD. In 2017 […]

Calligraphy of Tang Master Yan Zhenqing Unearthed in Ancient Tomb

Following the Sui dynasty, the Tang dynasty, or Tang Empire, was an imperial dynasty that ruled  China from 618 to 907 AD, and was followed by the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Now, archeologists in  China have announced the rare discovery of works from an “iconic calligraphy master of the Tang Dynasty” in a hitherto unexplored  […]

400+ Ancient Muslim Graves Unearthed in Spain

Roadworkers in northeastern Spain unexpectedly came across an Islamic burial ground in use from the 8th-11th century. Archaeologists have unearthed more than 400 ancient Muslim graves at the site. The lucky find is challenging previous beliefs about Muslim settlements in the area and has revealed one of the oldest and best-preserved Islamic-era graveyards in the […]

Burial Statues Add to Death Treasures Unearthed in Saqqara Necropolis

The Saqqara royal burial necropolis south of Cairo, Egypt, is perhaps 2020’s most revealing ancient site. It seems that every month new treasures are presented from this deeply-sacred burial complex. Now, Egyptian antiquities officials have announced the discovery of a collection of around 40 gilded burial statues to add to the trove of the site’s […]

Closing in on the Jacobite Gold? Jacobite Stash Unearthed in Scotland

On the 16th April 1746, the  Battle of Culloden was Charles Edward Stuart’s final stand in his Jacobite uprising of 1745. Pitted against British government forces led by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, son of king George II of England, the carnage that unfolded that day on Drummossie Moor to the east of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands was […]

The 18th Century Sex Toy Unearthed in a Polish Latrine

Archaeologists excavating an ancient latrine in the Baltic city of Gdańsk in Poland made an unexpected discovery when they unearthed a 250-year-old sex toy. The construction of the object and the location in which it was found suggests the phallus shaped artifact was used for personal pleasure rather than for religious ritual. The Regional Office […]

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