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Over 25% of Canadians Unable to Afford an Unexpected $500 Expense: StatCan

Over 25 percent of Canadians say they would be unable to afford an unexpected expense of $500 should it arise, says a recent report published by Statistics Canada (StatCan). “When asked whether their household had the resources to cover an unexpected expense of $500, 26% said that they would be unable to do so,” said StatCan report […]

China Records Unexpected First Fall In Population In Decades

The country has worried for years about an aging citizenry’s effect on its economy. Its population wasn’t expected to go into decline for almost a decade. Source

They Promised “Safe And Effective”; We Got “Sudden And Unexpected”

The tempo of sudden deaths and tragedies seems to be quantifiably increasing, but policy makers, pundits and the media are mostly doubling down on vaccinations. Source

Canada is advertising for ‘body removal agents’ to respond to ‘sudden and unexpected deaths’

From Mark Crispin Miller If you want to work, and don’t mind heavy lifting, Vancouver, B.C. has a job for you! READ FURTHER AT THE LINK: News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Image by […]

Nuclear Fusion Experiment Reveals Unexpected Physics Inside ‘Burning Plasma’

Scientists who are working toward the dream of nuclear fusion, a form of power that could potentially provide abundant clean energy in the future, have discovered surprising and unexplained behavior among particles in a government laboratory, reports a new study. The results hint at the mysterious fundamental physics that underlie nuclear fusion reactions, which fuel […]

Sophia Hadjipanteli: Her unexpected return to Greece’s Next Top Model – What will be her new role?

Sophia Hadjipanteli has returned to the studio and is ready to rejoin the Greece’s Next Top Model (GNTM) team. The “[email protected]” show met the model shortly after her return to Greece and spoke with her. The model revealed, among other things, which contestant should ideally be crowned the winner of the show. “I’m fine and… […]

‘It was sudden and it was unexpected’: Emotional Megyn Kelly announces death of 58-year-old sister from a Killer Jab Heart Attack

Those who could not see the scam were spiritually blind. Those who took the killer jab knowing it was bull s#it were spiritually weak. If they have not already, they will pay for their lack of trusting in God instead of trusting in man with their lives. The Ole Pure Blood Unjabbed Dog! Megyn Kelly […]

Jamie Dimon Delivers Unexpected Public Smackdown to Climate Change Zealot Rashida Tlaib (Video)


Autopsies Show Direct Causal Link Between Unexpected Deaths and COVID Vaccines

Above: Microscope image of lymphocyte attack of brain blood vessel presented by Dr. Arne Burkhardt Internationally recognized pathology professors in multiple countries have concluded that there is a direct link between the COVID vaccines and many sudden, unexpected deaths, especially in younger age people not near the end-of-life years. Two of these pathologists are Dr. […]

Betty White Reveals the Unexpected Secret to Living a Long, Healthy Life

Before Betty White’s death at the age of 99 on New Year’s Eve, she was regularly asked to reveal her secret to living a long, happy life. Her answers often came in the form of humor. In 2011, the Golden Girls actress appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman and shared her “Top 10 […]

Video points out unexpected spikes in COVID-19 deaths following vaccine uptake

If experimental COVID-19 gene-therapy vaccines are ‘97% effective in reducing COVID mortality,’ why are spikes in COVID deaths following vaccination campaigns a general trend around the world? A video published in May uses data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington to illustrate the spikes in COVID deaths in numerous countries […]

Stricken by Unexpected Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Is Taiwan Losing or Winning? 

News Analysis  After experiencing accelerating tensions and threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for months, Taiwan is now troubled with more unexpected emergent situations, namely its first significant local outbreak of COVID-19. While one commentator in Hong Kong said that the public in Taiwan should watch out for unrestricted warfare waged by the CCP, […]

The Unexpected Ruling of the Seoul Court

The issue of the lawsuits that South Korea is bringing against Japan has a long history.  When Japan and the ROK established diplomatic relations in 1965, Tokyo paid substantial compensation and provided interest-free loans to Seoul, which were not a determining but important part of the “miracle at Hangangan”. Although these sums were sent to […]

Jews in mourning are finding unexpected comfort in virtual minyans

As soon as New York state began recognizing same-sex marriages in 2011, Judith Trachtenberg married her partner of decades. They were the first such couple to be wed by a rabbi from their beloved synagogue, B’nai Jeshurun on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It was also around that time that Trachtenberg’s partner, Renie Rutchick, showed signs […]

Transgender Jews are finding a safe haven in an unexpected place: the farm

Alex Kohanski began using the gender-neutral they-them pronouns on their first day of the Jewish farming fellowship Adamah in the fall of 2019.Though they were assigned a male identity at birth, Kohanski had never felt fully at home in their body. As a child, they once looked at their naked body in a mirror and […]

Unexpected Iron Age Settlement and Roman Villa Found in Oxfordshire

In the vicinity of a hill fort site located at Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire, a team of archaeologists from DigVentures uncovered something unexpected and marvelous. While digging in anticipation of an upcoming construction project, unearthed a cornucopia of archaeological and historical treasures from two distinct eras, according to the DigVentures website . Amongst the find were […]

EU warns Serbia, Kosovo over unexpected Israel embassy move

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Federal Reserve: More Than 4 Out Of 10 Americans Do Not Even Have Enough Money To Cover An Unexpected $400 Expense

By Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse The U.S. economy is not doing nearly as well as the mainstream media would have you believe.  A few days ago I wrote about a new study that discovered that nearly 51 million U.S. households “can’t afford basics like rent and food”, and just yesterday I discussed the fact that […]

Mosquito saliva alone triggers unexpected immune response

     Mosquito season is around the corner, bringing with it a higher risk of catching potentially serious diseases transmitted by their bite. Mosquitoes also may increase the severity of the diseases they transmit, and researchers think that mosquito saliva plays an active role in this process. A team of researchers at Baylor College of Medicine […]

Putin’s envoy in an unexpected visit to Tehran

April 12 , The Iran Project – In a arare visit, Alexander Lavrentiev, Russian President Putin’s Envoy for Syria, arrived in Tehran on Tuesday (April 10). The visiting Russian official held talks with senior advisor to Iranian foreign minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari and Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC). Talking to […]

COMMENTARY: Israel And The Unexpected New World Order

In the new and surprising economic world order, Israel could gain a degree of wealth not seen since the days of King Solomon. For the Western world, strong new alliances between certain non-Western countries constitute something of a mystery. But while the West is distracted by political uprisings and remains enamored with the idea of […]

10 Unexpected Symptoms of Candida – and How to Beat It With Supplements

July 28th, 2017 By Elisha McFarland Guest Writer for Wake Up World According to this study at Rice University 70% of all people have candida colonies in their intestines, mouth or skin.  Candida albicans frequently causes superficial infections by invading and damaging epithelial cells, but may also cause systemic infections by penetrating through epithelial barriers. […]

QATAR: The Unexpected Consequences of Saudi ‘Muscle’ Flexing

Niraj Srivastava21st Century Wire The quarrel between Saudi Arabia and Qatar which began on 5th June is taking unexpected twists and turns. Events are moving so fast that it is becoming difficult to foresee what will happen next week, let alone next month. Even so, some equations in the Gulf and the wider Middle East […]

An Unexpected Way To Kill Pimples & Cure Acne Naturally

Despite being well into my late twenties, my body likes to occasionally thrust me back to my teenage years. But rather than doing something desirable, like un-receding my hairline, it pushes forth random pimples, at random times, no reason I can yet discern. Whether it be a lone red “honker” on the end of my […]

The Roots Of Today’s Tyranny: Total Information Awareness

Derrick Broze, ContributorWaking Times To understand the roots of the oppression, erosion of liberties, and invasion of privacy that has become the new norm for Americans, we must go back to the days following the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, President George W. […]

Fort McMurray wildfire update: State of emergency declared after 88,000 residents flee; 1,600 homes destroyed, airport threatened by raging blaze

     Canada’s western Alberta province declared a state of emergency as a massive fire in Fort McMurray forced 88,000 residents to flee, with two deaths reported due to an accident during evacuation. Hundreds of homes have already been consumed by the blaze. The latest update from Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee revealed that the fire […]

Israeli lobby targeting Germany-Iran ties: German analyst

“Often the Israel lobbyists in Germany present themselves as ´democratic activists´, ´human rights activists´ or even ´peace activists´. The last group is dominant when it comes to preventing Germany from establishing normal relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Manuel Ochsenreiter told the Tasnim News Agency. Following is the full text of Ochsenreiter’s comments. Foreign […]

Here’s What a Man Consumed and Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine

Four years ago a young men was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. Taking insulin and high blood pressure pills was inevitable. By consuming raw fruits and vegetables he succeeded in overcoming his illness! He discovered accidentally only 4 years ago that he had diabetes. Namely, he constantly felt thirst.  When he went to […]

Seriously, get Splenda OUT of your diet if you haven’t done so already

(NaturalNews) It’s official: Splenda is definitely bad for you. If you’ve already begun to avoid most or all processed foods, choose kale instead of cake, and have even flirted with ditching all dairy products, then you’re already well on your way to becoming healthier and better nourished than practically anyone else you know. […]

Security forces nab ISIS-linked militants, tons of explosives seized in southern Russia

     Three Islamic State-affiliated extremists who were plotting attacks in Russia have been arrested in southern republic of Dagestan, officials said, adding that police seized over 1 ton of explosives and 5 kg of TNT in homemade bombs.The fighters were detained in the village of Mutsalaul, 72 km from the republic’s capital, Makhachkala. All of […]

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