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America Unhinged: Supposedly pro-free speech alternative platforms still beholden to Big Tech, says Jeff Dornik – Brighteon.TV

(NaturalNews) So-called alternative social media platforms that espouse free speech are still indebted to Big Tech, according to podcaster Jeff Dornik.During… Source

Unhinged Joe Biden’s Unhinged Appointee Sitting in Men’s Jail

Report: ‘Genderfluid’ Former Biden Official Sam Brinton to Be Held in Men’s Jail Comment:  He probably sucked joe Biden off to get his position.  That is the degenerate way our gov’t works including ALL the Alphabet Agencies including the DEA…yup they have to suck D__ks to get promoted.  Not kidding! 447 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images […]

Anthony Weiner Suffers Unhinged Meltdown After Being Asked About Clinton Body Count

Disgraced former Democratic New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who remains a close friend of Hillary Clinton, suffered an unhinged meltdown when was asked Thursday about rumors that the Clinton family has a “body count.” Weiner, […] The post Anthony Weiner Suffers Unhinged Meltdown After Being Asked About Clinton Body Count appeared first on The People's […]

America Unhinged: “First Landing 1607” organizers want to bring America back to God – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Texas resident Robert Agee and author Donica Hudson are organizing the “First Landing 1607” event, which aims to bring America back to God as was declared in the “Covenant of Dedication” by the Church of England clergyman Rev. Robert Hunt. Hunt is the chaplain of the expedition that founded Jamestown, Virginia on April 1607. The organizers… […]

Unhinged East Bay Doctor Contacts Stewart Rhodes’ Attorneys – Says He Wants Rhodes Exterminated

EXCLUSIVE: Unhinged East Bay Doctor Calls and Leaves Harassing Message with Stewart Rhodes’ Attorneys – Says He Wants Rhodes Exterminated – Then Confirms the Call to Gateway Pundit (AUDIO) Source

Unhinged Against Russia

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Unhinged Against Russia March 2 2022 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________More +BN Vids! Bloody Passover In Ukraine Here! If Putin’s A Killer-America’s A Butcher Here! The Lie Of The US Dollar Here! +BN Classics! Is Putin Controlling US Elections? Here! Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down Here! How Putin Celebrates Christmas Here! +BN Vids […]

“Disgusting” Blackface Trudeau Keeps Up Unhinged Rant Against Anti-Mandate Convoy

Above image: Left, #Freedom2022; Right, Justin Trudeau in black face, one of of at least 3 separate instances. Defending his policies which force all Canadians, on pain of loss of livelihood, to submit to still experimental injections which pathologists are now reporting are directly responsible for high numbers of deaths and horrific injuries, Justin Trudeau has […]

Unhinged Mastriano Repeatedly Lies, Smears Breitbart Reporter in Meltdown Interview

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano repeatedly lied about Breitbart News and questioned the religious faith of a Breitbart reporter in an unhinged interview Wednesday morning then refused to answer any questions about the statements. Mastriano, a Republican and retired U.S. Army Colonel, has publicly floated a possible gubernatorial bid in Pennsylvania next year—and is expected to formally […]

Unhinged Trump-Hating Alec Baldwin Shoots and Kills Woman on Set of New Movie

Trump-hating actor Alec Baldwin on Thursday shot dead a crew member whilst filing his new movie “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to reports, the unhinged star “accidentally” discharged a prop gun that killed one member and seriously injured another. The deadly shooting is currently under criminal investigation by authorities. Deadline reports: Director of Photography […]

Unhinged Leftist Bette Middler Threatens To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

“Entertainer” Bette Middler has called for KILLING children who have not had COVID shots. In a completely mental tweet aimed at ‘anti-vaxxers’, the unhinged Middler advocated using peanut butter on kids with allergies if they haven’t been vaccinated against coronavirus. Normally anything coming out of her mouth is easily ignored, but this mind to keyboard […]

Gates Unhinged: Dystopian Vision for the Future of Food

Of course, those involved in this portray what they are doing as some kind of humanitarian endeavour – saving the planet with ‘climate-friendly solutions’, helping farmers or feeding the world. This is how many of them probably do genuinely regard their role inside their corporate echo chamber. But what they are really doing is repackaging […]

Rand Paul: Dems Are ‘Angry, Unhinged, Deranged By Their Hatred’ Of Trump

During his broadcast Thursday night, Tucker Carlson declared that President Trump has reached the end of his ‘shelf life’, that it is unhealthy for America to be focusing so relentlessly on one man, and that Trump acted ‘recklessly’ in encouraging supporters to march on the Capitol. Carlson opined that Trump has an “expiration date” and […]

EVIL Pelosi’s Unhinged Rant; She is a Direct Attack on Trump’s 75 Million Supporters-Her Extreme Wealth is From Prostituting Her Position

< Older written by robert wenzelfriday january 8, 2021 This is off the wall. They really want to paint Trump as a total lunatic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke to the nation’s top military officer about “available precautions” that would keep President Donald Trump from ordering a nuclear strike, reports Politico. “The situation of this unhinged president could […]

Trump Is ‘Deranged, Unhinged, Dangerous’ & Must Be Prosecuted Says Pelosi

In part of an interview due to air on Sunday’s broadcast of CBS’ “60 Minutes”, House speaker Nancy Pelosi took the opportunity to blast President Trump…again. Pelosi said the country needed protecting from Donald Trump who she declared was a “deranged, unhinged, dangerous” president of the United States. “Sadly”, she said “the person who’s running […]

Democrats want nuclear codes away from ‘unhinged’ Trump as they seek to remove him from office early

US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said on Friday she had talked to top military officials about preventing an “unhinged” President Donald Trump from ordering a nuclear strike. “This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating […]

OTI Condemns ‘Unhinged’ FCC, Urges Restoration Of Net Neutrality

Above photo: Protesters, like these in Chicago, came out in force to support Obama-era net neutrality regulations. But the Republican-­majority FCC repealed the rules on December 14. Scott Olson/Getty Images. Washington, DC – On October 27, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to reaffirm its 2017 repeal of net neutrality. The vote is a response […]

Unhinged Femoid Has Anxiety Attack After Learning Filthy Jew Ginsburg Died

Femoids should not have rights. Most likely this is another jewish wench but you could probably find thousands of white women acting in the same erratic way after learning their favorite demonic jew judge died. All women care about these days is having unlimited freedums and “body autonomy” so they can be sluts and whores […]

Unhinged Liberal Kid Wants to Be the Slave of Blacks

Liberal shithead wants to be enslaved by blacks. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo!

Unhinged: Nancy Pelosi Now Campaigning to Have Devin Nunes Removed

As 21WIRE predicted in the New Year, 2018 would see the complete implosion of the establishment’s Russiagate conspiracy theory. What we didn’t realise is how quickly this prediction would come to pass. As zero hour approaches with the imminent release of the infamous Memo, Democrats and the mainstream media have descended into a collective fit […]

Shmuley Boteach’s unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel

In a full-page ad in the Washington Post, “America’s Rabbi” Shmuley Boteach has printed an all-out verbal assault on Lorde, the New Zealand singer who recently cancelled a show in Tel Aviv out of concern that she would be legitimating Israel’s occupation. Lorde cancelled her show after reading a letter from two Palestinian and Jewish […]

GOP Mocks Unhinged Former African Slave Master Obama on His Birthday

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer August 5, 2017 I guess Trump’s people, rather than your standard cucks, are running the GOP Twitter account. Yesterday was the former slave-master Obama’s birthday, and they sent him message rubbing his own weaselly lies in his disgusting dirt-colored face. 1 million new jobs in 6 months209k new jobs […]

The David Duke Show: The Foiled Assassination Attempt and Jewish Media Hate Torrent on Trump

David Duke June 22, 2016 Today Dr. Duke talked about the intensification of the Jewish attacks on Donald Trump. He pointed out the massive infusion of Jewish money into the Hillary campaign and the seemingly impossible intensification of anti-Trump propaganda in the Zio-media. Dr. Slattery presented an optimistic view that the Trump train is still […]

Week 21 of Russia’s campaign in Syria: Is a Turkish-Saudi invasion on its way?

     The ceasefire in Syria (which is not really a ceasefire, but rather a “focusing of combat operations”) is holding surprisingly well. This is primarily due to the brilliant tactic of forcing each fighting group in Syria to define itself either as a “good moderate”, and be guaranteed safety, or as as en “evil terrorist” […]

His Name is Mike Gilotti: Two Black Teens Murder White Iraq War Veteran in Hoover, Alabama

Stuff Black People Don’t Like February 5, 2016 Sons of Obama: A picture the two black murderers of Mike Gilotti gleefully posed for to be added to their social media pages… Yet another white person murdered by blacks. [2nd teen charged in murder of Hoover father, Iraq veteran,, 2-4-16]: A second teen is now charged […]

TalkNetwork radio hosts to hold mock mass shooting at anti-gun UT campus to protest disarmament and victimization of Americans

(NaturalNews) A radio host with TalkNetwork plans to drive the point home about how vulnerable disarmed American students on college campuses are, by staging […]

Who’s unhinged now?

  Attytood November 28, 2006 You could have seen this coming a mile away. With Democrats poised to take control of Congress, Iraq now officially a “civil war” (in most quarters), and George W. Bush becoming the lamest duck to waddle through the Oval Office in recent memory, the right-wing blogosphere is more hard-up for […]

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