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Swiss Trade Unions Federation to hold nationwide protests as MPs debate pension reforms

Switzerland’s Trade Unions Federation has called for a general strike next week over what it says are persistent inequalities faced by women in the workplace. The umbrella organisation, which represents about 20 trade unions with a cumulative membership of 370,000, is set to hold nationwide protests next week to draw attention to the issue. It […]

Draft Legislation Would Put Gig Workers Into Toothless ‘Unions’

Draft Legislation Would Put Gig Workers Into Toothless ‘Unions’ Above Photo: Spurekar. CC BY 2.0. New York – An effort backed by the New York State AFL-CIO would create a new bargaining scheme for app-based workers without addressing the question of whether or not these workers are legally “employees.” Labor Notes obtained a draft version of […]

The Variable Relationships Between Worker Centers And Unions

Above photo: Members of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network show their support for undocumented workers, December 10, 2005, in Glendale, California. Stefano Paltera/AP. In some cities, the two kinds of worker organizations frequently collaborate. In other cities, not so much. This article is part of our series The Alt-Labor Chronicles: America’s Worker Centers. Like many […]

Randi Weingarten has strong words for Jews who say unions are an obstacle

As president of the American Federation of Teachers since 2008, Randi Weingarten has become the public face of the messy politics of figuring out how to educate 50 million children during a pandemic.  It’s a familiar role for Weingarten, who often travels from her Manhattan home to her office in Washington, D.C., in order to […]

How employers punish workers for forming unions

Image Credit: Seth Perlman/AP This article was produced by the Independent Media Institute. Workers at Solvay’s Pasadena, Texas, plant voted overwhelmingly to join the United Steelworkers (USW) in 2017 and looked forward to sitting down with the company to quickly negotiate a fair contract. Solvay decided to play games instead. Company representatives canceled some bargaining […]

Vatican: Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions

The Vatican said on Monday that priests cannot bless same-sex unions and that such blessings are not valid, in a ruling that greatly disappointed gay Catholics who had hoped their Church was becoming more welcoming under Pope Francis. In some countries, such as the United States and Germany, parishes and ministers have begun blessing same-sex […]

‘God cannot bless sin’: Vatican firmly refuses to bless gay unions

The Vatican’s orthodoxy office has ruled out any possibility of same-sex couples receiving an ecclesial blessing, maintaining that the Church does not approve such unions as God “cannot bless sin.” A detailed explanation delving into the Catholic Church’s stance on same-sex unions was released by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the […]

Biden: Teachers’ Unions ‘Want to Go Back to School’ But Lack ‘Guidance’

During an interview aired on Monday’s “CBS Evening News,” President Joe Biden stated that teachers’ unions “want to go back to school.” But the unions “need some guidance.” Host Norah O’Donnell asked, “There are teachers’ unions across the country, though, that are resisting efforts to open classrooms. Mike Bloomberg…he has said, it’s time for Joe […]

60+ groups and unions to Senate Democrats: End harmful ‘gridlock and dysfunction’ by eliminating the filibuster

A diverse coalition of more than 60 progressive advocacy organizations and labor unions representing millions of people across the U.S. sent a letter Friday urging Senate Democrats to eliminate the legislative filibuster, a procedural relic that the groups describe as a “weapon of pure partisan gridlock” and a major obstacle to necessary change. Addressed to […]

Transit Unions Join Forces To Win Safety Protections And Beat Back Layoffs

Above photo: ATU Local 265. Transit workers have been hit hard by the pandemic. Last year at least 100 from the Amalgamated Transit Union and 131 from the Transport Workers lost their lives to Covid-19. Before Covid, transit unions in the Bay Area—six ATU locals, and one local each of TWU and the Teamsters—often faced […]

Unions Call For L.A. County Shutdown In January

Above photo: Teacher Lisa Bennett, shown outside her Glendale home, supports a strict stay-at-home order to contain the coronavirus and allow her to return sooner to her classroom at Van Gogh Elementary in Granada Hills. Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times. In a move that reflects the desperation of teachers, nurses, healthcare, grocery and hotel […]

Workers Need Immediate Relief and Wider Role for Trade Unions

Workers in India have suffered a lot in recent Covid times, particularly all the workers, migrants or others, who do not have security of employment and a regular salary. Nutrition levels for most of them were inadequate earlier too, but now these have suffered a further steep decline. Access to all other basic needs has […]

As Racism Plagues Health Care, Unions Offer A Treatment

Above photo: Members of SEIU 1199 New England marched last summer to demand new laws to protect long-term caregivers and consumers, July 23, 2020, in Hartford, Connecticut. Jessica Hill/AP. Health care workers of color are twice as likely as their white co-workers to catch COVID-19. Unions could be the answer to addressing these disparities. Like […]

Teachers’ Unions Gleeful: ‘Bye Betsy,’ End to School Choice

The national teachers’ unions are gleeful that a number of media outlets have called the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden. “We know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will stand with us as we work to reclaim public education as a common good, as the foundation of this democracy,” National Education Association (NEA) […]

Unions representing hundreds of thousands of workers prepare for general strike if Trump subverts election results

Image Credit: Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images Dozens of labor unions have resolved to consider a general strike after Nov. 3 should President Donald Trump refuse to accept the results of the election or sabotage the counting of ballots, with organizers calling a work stoppage “the most powerful tool the movement has” to protect […]

Pope Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions In New Documentary Made by Jew – “Homosexuals are Children of God”

Back before Europe accepted circumcised rabbi Yeshua as lord and savior, homosexual deviants used to end up in the bog. At least that is what Tacitus reported in Germania. For a long while, Christians maintained a unfavorable view of homosexuals, even while their priests were wearing gowns and raping boys, but times change and there […]

Labor Unions File UN Complaint Over ‘Outrageous’ Violations Of Workers’ Rights

Labor Unions File UN Complaint Over ‘Outrageous’ Violations Of Workers’ Rights Above photo: The U.S. Department of Labor building is pictured in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, April 2, 2020. Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images. Covid-19 “has demonstrated that not only is the U.S. violating workers’ rights, but those violations are resulting in people […]

Tenant Unions For The Future

Above photo: Tenant activists in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on July 31, 2020. Scott Heins for Getty Images. Calls to rent strike have yet to cohere into a national political movement. But as the economic crisis deepens, tenants’ fates will ultimately be decided by their level of collective organization. With the arrival of the pandemic, staying […]

Trump accepts endorsement from New York’s police unions

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How the war in Syria has affected education and the Trade Unions. — The Duran

Via The North Belfast Journal A View from Napoleons Nose by Fra Hughes… An interview with Dr Adnan Azzouz, Dean of The Faculty of Arts and Head of the English department of Qasyoun University in Damascus. 985 more words via How the war in Syria has affected education and the Trade Unions. — The Duran Share […]

Amazon Bows To The Unions: New Shifts And Higher Wages

Amazon Bows To The Unions: New Shifts And Higher Wages Above Photo: From Report. Amazon and the trade unions representing its employees in Italy reached a “historic” agreement, signed at the Castel San Giovanni, which was the hub of last year’s Black Friday strike. Seventy percent of workers approved in a referendum. For the first […]

From Brazil to Ecuador to US, Mexico’s Labor Unions Learn Lessons of Trusting “Progressive” Presidents

MEXICO CITY, —  With a presidential election approaching, the crowds assembling here Tuesday for International Workers’ Day — or May Day, as it’s know the world over — were more animated than usual, the floats and rallies resembling performance art. Thousands poured into Mexico City’s main square, the Zocalo, to hang in effigy the wage-killing […]

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers Above Photo: Teachers rally outside the Capitol on April 27, 2018, in Phoenix, on their second day of walkouts. (Matt York / AP) The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is collaborating with the Democratic-controlled state government to suppress the resistance of teachers in the state and prevent […]

Disney Unions’ Ballot Drive Seeks To Raise Wages Up To $18 An Hour For Hospitality Companies That Take Anaheim Subsidies

Disney Unions’ Ballot Drive Seeks To Raise Wages Up To $18 An Hour For Hospitality Companies That Take Anaheim Subsidies Above Photo: Hundreds of Disneyland workers came to a town hall sponsored by a coalition of Disney Resort labor unions at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018. (Photo by Kevin […]

Public Unions Under Attack Fight Back

Public Unions Under Attack Fight Back Above photo: Erik McGregor. The Supreme Court has entered the final phase in its deliberation of Janus vs AFSCME and is expected to announce its decision this June. If the decision is made against public sector unions, as is expected, it will be one more nail in the coffin […]

How Black Lives Matter Breathed New Life Into Unions

How Black Lives Matter Breathed New Life Into Unions Above photo:  United Auto Workers and Nissan employees in August 2017 after a failed unionization bid. High profile battles have put a spotlight on the links between economic and racial justice. Photograph: Rogelio V. Solis/AP Justice in the factory. As Black Lives Matter and other social justice […]

Workers Show How To Transform Unions And Rebuild Labor Movement

Workers Show How To Transform Unions And Rebuild Labor Movement Above Photo: Hilton workers and supporters after one of the workers’ daily actions inside the hotel. (Photo: Unite Here Local 217) It’s Saturday afternoon in December 2017 at the hotel workers’ union hall in Stamford, Connecticut, a mere two days before a scheduled union election at […]

Unions Winning Major Demands In Germany

Unions Winning Major Demands In Germany Above Photo: REUTERS. Image captionWorkers staged warning strikes last week as part of their dispute Industrial workers in south-western Germany have won the right to reduced working hours as part of a deal that could benefit millions of employees across the country. Workers will be able to reduce their weekly hours […]

Regeni murdered for researching Egyptian trade unions: Claims Italian prosecutor

Fahwad Al-Khadoumi (nsnbc) : Italian top-prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone claimed on Thursday that Italian PhD researcher Giulio Regeni whose mutilated body was found in Cairo two […]

Unions Widen Who They’re Fighting For

Unions Widen Who They’re Fighting For Above Photo: Many cite the 2012 strike by the Chicago Teachers Union as a seminal moment in bargaining for the common good’s evolution. (MCT/Chicago Tribune/E. Jason Wambsgans) Public-sector unions are becoming more altruistic. They may need to be. Historically, public-sector unions have focused their attention almost entirely on negotiating for […]

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