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Learning From Earlier Sudden  Outbreaks of Diseases May Be Very Useful Today

At a time when the entire world is focused on COVID-19, it is important to recall some important lessons which emerged from the response to previous sudden outbreaks  like Ebola infectious disease and other diseases in recent times. Of course no two diseases are the same but lessons can be learnt in terms of  policy […]

“CCP’s Useful Idiots”: U.S. Rep Slams WHO COVID Origin Whitewash Report

More than 2 weeks after the media predicted catastrophe due to Texas lifting its mask mandate and Joe Biden labeled the move “neanderthal thinking,” COVID cases in Texas have dropped to a record low while hospitalizations are at their lowest since October. Oh. Earlier this month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced an end to mask […]

Eviction Moratorium Is A Useful Lesson In How Reform Happens

Ray Valentine describes how collective disruption “outside the political process” won tenants significant concessions. It didn’t make a lot of headlines, but in the recent stimulus and government funding deal, Congress extended what is probably the most significant federal housing policy in a generation: the nationwide eviction moratorium. We should study how it came to […]

Are NBA Players Useful Idiots For The Marxist, Anti-American “Black Lives Matter” Hate Group?

August 30, 2020 By Patrick J. McShay “If you vote Democrat in November, you’re voting for & violence, nihilism, and hate.” — Denise McCallister, Bestselling Co-Author of “Spygate” “The number one cause of death of young Black men 15 to 34 — is murder. Who’s committing the murder? Not police. Other black men!” — Juan […]

Useful idiot: Donald Trump and the right’s project to destroy the U.S.P.S.

As the weeks in lockdown turned into months (and sadly, in many places have been reimposed or never ended) many of us on both sides of the U.S./Canada border came to rely on the mail as a lifeline. Postal services in democracies inevitably serve an egalitarian function. In the U.S. from the 1890s to 1960s, […]

13Th Century Writing Paper. Marketing itself as having ‘the most useful native English-speaking writers’

 13Th Century Writing Paper. Marketing itself as having ‘the most useful native English-speaking writers’ it’s easy to realise why students across the world would be tempted to use as their go-to custom essay writing service. Pick the right website though, and you also can get an exemplary little bit of writing for less […]

Top 5 Useful Tips for Building Your First Business Website

Every business owner wants their company to blossom and to have a lot of customers. If you don’t focus on marketing, people will not be able to learn about your brand and visit your store. To make sure you sell a lot of items, you need to create your own website as soon as you […]

The History Of Hemp: America’s Love-Hate Relationship With One of The Planet’s Most Useful Plants

Renegade Editor’s Note: This is an interesting story, but one has to wonder why people like Mitch McConnell are pushing the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. Since we know people like this are not really looking out for American interests, there could be another agenda at play here. Regardless, replacing many of our products with […]

Without Changing a Stripe, ISIS Morphs from US’s Deadly Enemy to Useful Weapon to Perfect Target

EUPHRATES RIVER VALLEY, SYRIA (Analysis) — While President Trump has recently hailed the defeat of ISIS, the group has been able to stave-off a complete defeat by retreating to a few, small remaining pockets in Syria. One of these pockets, located east of the Euphrates along Syria’s border with Iraq, is surrounded by the Syrian […]

US Applies Useful Double Standard to Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

AFRIN, SYRIA — On Saturday, Syrian news agency SANA reported that six men had been hospitalized after an alleged Turkish chemical weapons attack on a small town near the city of Afrin in Northern Syria. Jiwan Mohammad, the director of the Afrin Hospital, told SANA that the men’s symptoms were indicative of those experienced after contact […]

The Useful Idiocy Of Donald Trump

The Useful Idiocy Of Donald Trump Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig The problem with Donald Trump is not that he is imbecilic and inept—it is that he has surrendered total power to the oligarchic and military elites. They get what they want. They do what they want. Although the president is a one-man wrecking […]

NGO publishes names of 2,300+ RT guests, labels them ‘useful idiots who undermine Western democracy’

The report, claiming to be an “overview of RT’s editorial strategy and evidence of impact,”  comes with an Excel list of 2,327 people who have appeared on RT over the last four years. The names are carefully arranged in seven categories, including US politicians, UK politicians, European politicians and so on, and are arranged in […]

The counterfeit culture – useful observations for understanding why collapse is inevitable

  Mike AdamsNatural News Friday, September 2, 2011 (NaturalNews) Through a devolving web of greed, self-serving power and a departure from fundamental ethics, Western culture has, over the last hundred years, become the counterfeit culture. Nothing is real anymore — not the food, not the money, and certainly not the evening news. And because it’s […]

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