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‘Slap in face of Holocaust survivors’: World Jewish body slams Polish officials over WWII remarks

In comments made Wednesday the president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald Lauder, slammed the remarks made by the Polish Education Minister Anna Zalewska and the mayor of the town of Jedwabne, Michael Chajewski. Speaking to private broadcaster TVN24 last week, Zalewska refused to openly admit the involvement of Polish citizens in the massacres […]

Urban Farmers Targeted By City, Issued Multiple Threats After Their Property Was Vandalized

Though the Henrys complied with the code, albeit a bit late due to a prohibitive financial situation, an opportunistic code enforcer triggered a chain of events no law-abiding property owner should ever be subjected to — including the possibility their property may be raided by Oklahoma County Sheriffs under a blanket warrant in direct […]

Turkey may encounter economic war from the West following failed coup attempt

     The failed coup attempt in Turkey might result in a prolonged economic crisis, an outflow of foreign investments and a setback in the country’s financial sector; however much of the above will depend on President Erdogan and Turkish authorities, who still have a chance of avoiding the worst, according to Russian and foreign financial […]

Jesus has a Political Platform


Minister: Gov’t adopted strict measures to thwart financial corruption

Mashhad, Razavi Khorassan Prov., July 18, IRNA – Minister of Intelligence Hojjatoleslam Mahmoud Alavi said on Monday that the government adopted stricter measures to thwart financial corruption and President Hassan Rouhani assigned the intelligence ministry to carry out the mission. Hojjatoleslam Alavi told leadership representative in Razavi Khorassan Province in Mashhad that offense(s), if any, […]

CNN Cuts Off Reporter When She Mentions Hillary’s Role in Mass Incarceration

CNN Cuts Off Reporter When She Mentions Hillary’s Role in Mass Incarceration July 14th, 2016 Via: CNN: <!– –> […]

China Lashes Out At "Washington-led Conspiracy" After Hague Decision "Farce"

First, colluding with its allies to rubbish China. Regarding the South China Sea arbitration, U.S. government officials and media have expressed many negative opinions of China, so as to portray Beijing as a “violator” of international order. U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter used to say in public that China’s activity in the […]

13 people, including 3 foreigners, detained over Istanbul airport attack – reports

The police simultaneously raided 16 separate places in Istanbul, detaining 14 suspects, including three foreigners, Reuters cited a Turkish official as saying on Thursday. LIVE UPDATES: ISIS-suspected blasts rock Istanbul’s largest airport According to Reuters, Turkish security services believe that at least one of the suspected Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) suicide bombers may have been […]

‘A Partner We Can Trust’: Iran chooses Russia to build Bushehr nuke plant

Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, Rosatom, will start work on Iran’s Bushehr-2 nuclear power plant by the end of this year after the construction site preparations are completed. “We hope that the Iranian side will identify seismic parameters at the site so we could start work on several new blocks already before this year is out,” a source […]

Ketchup, glue gun, unicorns: Alberta fire evacuees share pics of bizarre items they packed in a rush

READ MORE: 7,000 airlifted out of Alberta inferno as officials warn blaze could double in size (VIDEOS) Created by wildfire evacuees, a Facebook group dubbed Fort McMurray’s Controversial Humour has been cheering fellow Albertans by sharing and discussing the somewhat questionable items that ended up being salvaged in the rush. Snow pants and snacks Jennifer […]

Belgian brewery builds 3km-long pipeline, investors get lifetime beer supply

Xavier Vanneste, heir to De Halve Maan brewery, got the idea when watching workmen laying cables under the streets’ cobblestones several years ago. Locals have requested taps in their homes before, but the plan was rejected by the brewery, with Vanneste claiming that the polyethylene tubes in the pipeline were “stronger than steel,” and any […]

US, Israel responsible for all crimes in ME

Referring to the occupation of Afghanistan, war on Iraq, and instability in the region, President Hassan Rouhani blamed Americans and Zionists for all the crimes happening in the Middle East. The Iranian president made the remarks addressing the meeting of officials, ambassadors of Islamic countries and the families of war veterans and martyrs with the […]

Do they know something we don’t?: Elite’s building luxury bombproof shelters

     Rising income inequality, heightened racial tensions, record distrust in government, rampant corruption, a burgeoning police and surveillance state—it’s a tinderbox that could be ignited by the smallest spark. On top of that, the U.S. is undergoing a presidential election that is perhaps the biggest farce in politics ever witnessed. It is becoming obvious to […]

‘Palmyra damage monstrous, but mendable’: Experts accept challenging task to restore ancient city

The destruction of ancient monuments in Palmyra became an irreparable loss to human civilization, the deputy director of Russia’s State Museum of Oriental Art Tigran Mkrtychev told RT, joining the call for the restoration of its heritage. He said that Palmyra is perceived by the world community as something more than just a monument of […]

‘Like Locust’ – Connecticut parents trample children, Black Friday-style, for Easter eggs

     Orange — Agoraphobia in modern day America could be considered more of a natural reaction than it is a disorder as a recent egg hunt in Connecticut illustrates. For the third year in a row, the Pez candy visitor’s center in Orange hosted its Easter Egg Hunt. The event was structured in a way […]

israel in danger of losing the plot over #BDS

Israel in danger of losing the plot Articles from the Financial Times and The National A BDS March from Greenwich Village to Union Square In New York. Photo courtesy of The All-Nite Images/cc/flickr Cabinet embroiled in battle over Israeli goods boycott By Henry Mance in London and John Reed in Jerusalem, Financial Times February 15, […]

West Springfield police had to give up their grenade launchers

Back in the summer of 2014, the ACLU of Massachusetts published a report about the militarization of the police. Based off of publicly available materials and documents obtained from government agencies through the public records process, the report found that Massachusetts police departments had acquired some highly unusual military equipment. The West Springfield police department, for […]

President Rouhani: Oil production from joint fields to hit 350 kb/d by mid-2017

TEHRAN, Feb. 12 (Shana) – President Hassan Rouhani said that crude oil production from Iran’s joint fields will increase from current 230,000 barrels a day to 350,000 b/d by mid 2017 when presidential elections are due to be held. Speaking to ralliers in Tehran on commemorate victory anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution on Thursday, […]

Hair-raising auction: Decades old tuft of John Lennon’s barnet to sell for $12k

Money can’t buy you love, the foursome once sang, but judging by the latest Heritage Auction, a whole heap of cash will get you a “substantial” wad of hair snipped from the scalp of a music icon.  In 1966, Klaus Baruck took the opportunity to squirrel away some of John Lennon’s hair as he was […]

Morocco unveils a massive solar thermal power plant in the Sahara

     Morocco has officially turned on a massive solar power plant in the Sahara Desert, kicking off the first phase of a planned project to provide renewable energy to more than a million Moroccans. The Noor I power plant is located near the town of Ouarzazate, on the edge of the Sahara. It’s capable of […]

10 new planes to be added to Iran’s air fleet in weeks: Official

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Mohammad Khodakarami, deputy head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO), highlighted the increasing demand for flights during Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) holidays and said 10 new airplanes will be imported to the country by year-end to meet the demand. He further touched upon the CAO’s plans to renovate the […]

Latest ISIS Atrocity in Syria. “Moderate Terrorists” Trained by the CIA

CIA operatives, US special forces and their rogue state counterparts train ISIS recruits in the fine art of committing gruesome atrocities, including beheadings, use of chemical and other toxic agents, as well as mass slaughtering civilians. US-led Western imperial ruthlessness bears full responsibility for the latest horrific incident. Dier Ezzor is Syria’s seventh largest city, […]

US Senator: Saudi Arabia and Turkey are greatest threats to world peace

     Republican Virginia state Senator Dick Black said Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the greatest threats to world peace in an interview with RT, adding that Saudi Arabia’s “absolute barbarity” is overlooked because of its long-standing relationship with the US. “I believe that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the two greatest dangers to world peace,” […]

Donald Trump’s Triumph in Glitter City

Source Article from 00

Dozens of dead birds found on Mississippi beaches

     It’s a frightening sight along the coastline. First fish, now dozens of birds found dead on beaches in several coast cities. “We got reports of several birds in the Gulfport area and after speaking with DEQ they got several more birds in the Biloxi area,” said Missy Dubuisson with Wild at Heart Rescue. Even […]

New Moon In Sagittarius: Meaning, Purpose and Creation – Humanity’s New Story

12th December 2015 By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone Contributing Writers for Wake Up World As the Sun and Moon move into another formation, we are starting to write the story of the new paradigm. Seeding humanity’s awareness with the potential of new empowering directions, the archetype of Sagittarius shows us the way to higher consciousness — […]

Venezuela’s MUD gains Super Majority in National Assembly Elections

Z.C. Dutka (VA) : Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has published the final results of the Dec 6 electoral race for the National Assembly. The opposition holds a super majority of 112 seats, including three indigenous seats, of the 167-seat legislative body. The country’s opposition alliance Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) now holds 109 seats while the […]

Russia Demolishes Over 600 ISIS Targets In Just 3 Days

Russia have confirmed that as part of their campaign against ISIS in Syria, Russian warplanes have hit over 600 targets in Syria over the last three days.  Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Putin, “We carried out more than 300 combat missions in Syria in the past three days, hitting over 600 various targets“. […]

Strong winds knock out traffic lights & trees, cause flooding in St. Pete (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The storm has been wreaking havoc since Friday, when the St. Petersburg dam gates were shut. The dam helps protect the city from floods by holding back water from the Baltic coming into the Neva Bay. Истинный джентльмен! #мчс #мчсроссии #наводнение #наводнение2015 #невавышлаизберегов #санкт_петербург #типичныйпитер #стихия #зиманебудет #декабрь #воттакаязима Видео опубликовано Mikhail N (@mnagaev) Дек […]


An excerpt from a very good documentary re: the reshaping of the world, & the Jesuits intricate involvement in the New World Order. To watch, and circulate the documentary, click on the link below.… NWO 2016 [DOCUMENTARY] OBAMA VS PUTIN ISIS FINAL WARNING WORLD WAR III POPE FRANCIS…  Russia and the Islamic sect […]

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